Time to start marshaling your support for KATIE McGINTY - TOOMEY MUST GO

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

In case you were not aware, there is a battle raging here in the US.  And no, I'm not talking about the unfortunate situation that we are faced with in our streets and communities vis a vis police brutality and the upsurge in retaliation  - although that's of concern to us all as well.

I'm now talking about the battle for the US, and who gets to run it.  By now we should all be well aware that the US in the hands of a repuglycon majority is hazardous to your health - to all of our health - and that every man, woman and child is the target of their insanity.

By now we should all realize as well, that we cannot afford to sit on the side lines and act as if we don't have a dog in this fight.  We can't just get out and vote for a presidential candidate without making sure that we bring in all that is necessary to support that president and his or her administration.  If nothing else, we should have learned that from the fact that we dropped the ball during President Obama's administration - so that all that he could have and should have been able to do was blocked by racist, greedy, feckless repuglycons (not to be confused with the original Republicans of Lincoln - they died in the 60s).  

Concomittant with that is the fact that Pennsylvania voted Tom Wolf in as their governor to get rid of Corbett, but also failed to give him the Democratic majority he needed to carry out his plans.  

Are you getting the picture here?  You can't do half the job - you have to make a clean sweep.  When you take out the trash, you can't leave remnants for the roaches - because then they begin to proliferate and infest your home.

This is why I'm posting this message from Katie McGinty - and will post any and all messages from Democrats running for office - we've got to be a lot smarter about how we vote and who we vote for.  And if I'm not making myself perfectly clear, let me say it as plainly as I can make it:  I AM NOT NON-PARTISAN.  I HAVE AS MUCH OF A VESTED INTEREST IN WHO GETS INTO OFFICE AS ANY OTHER PERSON -BECAUSE I LIVE HERE - AND SINCE THIS IS MY BLOG, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE VERY VOCAL,  AND SUPPORT THOSE WHO I THINK WILL DO US THE MOST GOOD.  CALL IT ENLIGHTENED SELF INTEREST. 

Many of our non-profit organizations have had their rights ripped away from them, so that they are not able to stand for, or endorse, or even discuss a political candidate - while  corporations under  Citizens United are not only allowed to endorse candidates, but are allowed to make major contributions to them as well.  Don't you find that amazingly disgusting?  Well, when you realize that this was passed under a repuglycon packed subprime court, it should really raise your hackles.  It's the same people who refuse to even do the job they were elected to do and hold hearings for a replacement for a justice that has been nominated by  President Obama.  The same people who won't vote for gun control; the same people who sent manufacturing and jobs outside the US to other countries, depriving Americans of employment; the same people who don't want you to have universal health insurance; the same people who cut funds for food stamps and lunches in the schools; the same people who shut down the government to thwart President Obama.   This is why we have to take any and all messages from Democrats running for any and all offices seriously - and stop playing territorial and divide and conquer games.  And Support them!!

We have the power and responsibility to change things - and we'd better be making sure that our neighbors, families and friends are all on the same page - or we may be goose-stepping under one of the most repressive, backwards regimes ever - nationally and locally.

We cannot afford it.  You can't afford it.  Your children don't deserve to have their futures squandered by parents who didn't get up, get out, and get it done.  Want to do something for your son or daughter on their 18th birthday?  Give them a voter registration card and make sure they fill it out - then you take it to the Bureau of Voter Registration in your town and make sure they get their card - then when they vote for the first time, reward them.  Start a family tradition.  

It's up to you and me and all of us to make this work.  The alternatives are way too dire to do otherwise.

Now that you know, what are you going to do about it?



Read this message from Katie McGinty, running for the US SENATE in PENNSYLVANIA:

 Katie McGinty <info@katiemcginty.com> wrote:

GLORIA: Pat Toomey just doesn’t get it.

Bad trade deals — like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) — that cater to China are devastating for our hardworking families here in Pennsylvania. They take away jobs, lower wages, and destroy livelihoods.

But, shockingly, Pat Toomey is STILL an enthusiastic supporter of the TPP. He’s voted for 7 free trade agreements — and pushed for even more as the President of the Wall Street-backed Club for Growth.

Pat Toomey should be protecting American workers — not sending their jobs overseas. Add your name now to demand that Toomey STOP supporting bad trade deals now.

This past week, I spoke with working families in Scranton — a city with a proud history of manufacturing quality American-made products. But Pat Toomey’s trade policies have left their mark on places like Scranton: today, thousands of good-paying jobs have been eliminated, factories are shuttered, and wages have stagnated.

Pat Toomey spent his career on Wall Street, living in Hong Kong working for a Chinese billionaire, and in Washington where he was the frontman for a leading Wall Street advocacy group. It’s no wonder he sides with special interests over American workers.

Sign your name now. Tell Toomey to stop supporting the bad trade deals that hurt American workers:


Thank you,

Katie McGinty
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