PUSH BUTTON 48 FOR Jacque Whaumbush for Philadelphia Register of Wills MAY 21

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

Hey Philly - Tuesday May 21 is primary day - and there are some pivotal candidates you must vote for that are life altering.  One such candidate is Jacque Whaumbush, who is running for Philadelphia Register of Wills.


Now, for those of you who are not aware, his position is pivotal in the disposition of properties and real estate.  Many Black people don't understand how serious this is until a family member passes on and you suddenly find yourself losing the home your parents or grandparents worked so hard to purchase and provide for you is suddenly in probate - that means being auctioned off because it was never properly registered, and you and your family are out in the street.  Or gentrifiers use their slick lawyers and a stack of documents  or trumped up fees that give them the right to take your properties for pennies on the dollar. 

In addressing a community group in Philadelphia, Whaumbush explained how easy it is to rip estates off - while the family is grieving, they are thieving - and the original owners have never put the legal documents in place to prevent this from happening - and Black people are the biggest victims.  "While you are in lala land, they are deciding what will and won't be paid out of the proceeds from your family property - and once that's done, they give you what's left - probably 20% while they pocket 80%, and then they put your property for auction.

Most Philadelphians - especially Black Philadelphians - don't know the name of the game or the rules; and the information and rules are being controlled by a cadre of lawyers and officials.  The same issue can often arise within relationships, where couples are living together for long periods of time; may even have children together, but have never formalized the dispensation of their properties should the unforeseen demise happen?  One of you could find yourself on the street with no rights or benefits. 

It's time to elect someone who will teach you the game and the rules, and make sure that your interests are protected.  It's time to elect someone who will educate you so that you are no longer on the losing end of the equation.
Democratic Candidate for Philadelphia Register of Wills Jacque Whambush Jr. has over 30 years of experience in law enforcement, government administration, training, creating and running successful businesses in our great city of Philadelphia. Jacque Whaumbush Jr. will work diligently to provide accountable transparent representation and protect the welfare of residents (living and deceased) of Philadelphia. To better serve communities, as Register of Wills, Jacque will create checks and balances to provide an equitable workforce, implement Satellite offices throughout the city of Philadelphia, provide Sunday office hours for outreach with ecumenical and community organizations to provide information and assistance (particularly for seniors and other residents) regarding navigating the will process and protecting property, as well as, initiating a fraud hotline.  
Jacques Whaumbush, Jr has a history of leadership, dedication to public service, and ample experience in implantation of policy and proceedures. The former Chief Deputy Sheriffpracticed responsible fiscal government, formulated polices, oversaw a budget of over $12,000,000, secured, negotiated, and reviewed government contracts and bid processes, and administrated over 263 employees; Jacque Whaumbush Jr. is uniquely qualified to implement a positive change of culture and improve services in the Register of Will office. 
He is an active member of the National Black Police Association, NAACP, Pennsylvania African American Chamber of Commerce, National Press Club, Pennsylvania Society, Martin Luther King Trustee Board, Masonic Ledge – Mount Lebanon #9 and Pyramid Temple #1 Shriner. As a Civic leader, community activist, and alliance builder, Jacque Whaumbush Jr. is dedicated to public service and making equality a reality in the lives of the underserved.
A legacy democrat with a 30+ year commitment to active membership in the Democratic Party, Jacque has a strong history of demonstrating and perpetuating Democratic values. Jacque is the National Co-Chair of the Democratic National Committee’s African American Leadership Council, former president of the Philadelphia Young Democrats. As an elected member of the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee, Jacque was privileged to Chair the Black Caucus which provided programs and forums for Delegates during the 2016 Democratic Presidential Convention in Philadelphia.


 VOTE MAY 21, 2019
Stay Blessed
Gloria Dulan-Wilson