The other side of the news of the RNC Comedy Show 2016

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

Of course there are those of us who have been mesmerized by the clown show that is the Repuglycon National Convention taking place in Cleveland, OH.  

I personally am only watching snippets - after the joke that took place in 2012, I have developed a very protective attitude when it comes to what I allow to pollute my mind - LOL.  Of course, as a journalist I have to keep up with what's going on - but since this is my BLOG, I reserve the right to be very partisan and maintain my own independent point of view. 

And since you've already been inundated with all the media hype including T-Rump's eurotrash wife, Melania lying about having written her own speech, and getting busted for lifting it 100% from First Lady Michelle Obama's speech; as well as the various miscreants who have proven themselves to be who we already knew they are - low lives  who are coming together to drag the US down into the sewers from which they came;  I am sharing some alternate info with you.

These were culled from newspapers across the country - via Hillary Clinton's campaign organization - information that may have not made it to the meanstream TV media - since they appear to be stuck on stupid in their coverage of the events.  

However, before I post these, I just want to give a lot of praise to Brooklyn Congressman, HAKEEM JEFFRIES, who made the lunatic fringe sheriff David Clarke look like the fool he truly is.  He and Stacey Douche should be brought together - it would probably be a relationship made in negro "heaven" since when they each look in the mirror they see themselves as not Black, they would be a perfect match.  Stuck on stupid meets dumber than a box of rocks.  

I am so proud of our Congressman taking Clarke down to the slime he really is; considering that when he was on with Geraldo Rivera, it was more of a love fest, than any creditable journalism going on.  Rivera more or less co-signed his crap, as opposed to asking key questions.  So much for Geraldo.  But if he can be partisan on the negative side in supporting the RNC, I can most certainly be partisan on the positive side supporting the DNC - and so I am.

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The following are some of the clippings culled from around the nation: (note there will be no postings of images of T-rump's wife's bony behind on my blog)

In Key States, Day One Dysfunction of Trump's Convention Dominates

As Republicans descended on Cleveland to begin its four-day convention to formally nominate Donald Trump as the party's standard-bearer in November, chaos ensued -- demonstrating the disunity, dysfunction and disillusion even among Republicans with Trump's dangerous candidacy. Trump isn't just suffering on cable TV; the Republican convention is already weighing down Trump's candidacy among the voters he needs the most -- critical voters in battleground states across the country, where coverage of the convention's disastrous day one dominated.

Take a look at the torrent of negative coverage Trump's convention is receiving across the country...


Cleveland Plain Dealer: Donald Trump's campaign shows how not to kick off a convention: Analysis
Here is how not to open your Republican National Convention if you are a presidential hopeful who desperately needs a unifying moment this week. You don't insult the popular host governor, the Ohio delegates pledged to him, or the many other voters who have given him robust job-approval ratings in a must-win battleground state. But that is precisely what Donald Trump did.

Unity can be an elusive thing. It's harder work to make peace than to make war, harder to reconcile a troubled marriage than to divorce. It requires discipline and skill and selflessness – and yesterday at the RNC, it didn't go particularly well.

Columbus Dispatch: Excited about Trump? Not the Ohio delegation
Even as they prepare to attend the first Republican National Convention the state has held in 80 years, many of Ohio’s delegates say they are underwhelmed by presumptive nominee Donald Trump and unsure what he’ll do to his party’s chances this fall. More than one in five — 22 percent — said in a Dispatch survey they will not vote for Trump. Another 44 percent said they would vote for Trump “but not actively work on behalf of his campaign.” About 34 percent of the delegates, made up of party leaders and activists, said they were prepared to vote for him and campaign on his behalf. Fewer than three-fourths of Ohio GOP delegates say Trump will win in November. Perhaps more stunning, 85 percent said Trump was “not the best possible” candidate to head the GOP ticket.

Dayton Daily News: Chaos at RNC as anti-Trump forces make final push
In the first consequential action of the Republican National Convention, supporters of Donald Trump and ranking GOP members rolled over anti-Trump forces seeking a roll call vote on the rules that govern the gathering. Kendel Unruh, leader of the Colorado delegation and the anti-Trump movement, walked out after the convention floor erupted, with protests of “Roll call vote! Roll call vote!” The Ohio delegation has not walked out, despite all of the state’s delegates set to vote for Ohio Gov. John Kasich. 

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was like the antagonist in Harry Potter: He who shall not be named. Noticeably absent from Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel’s breakfast with Republican leaders Monday was any mention of “Donald Trump.” The breakfast kicked off right after Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort told MSNBC that Kasich was “embarrassing” his state. That didn’t sit well with many from the Ohio delegation.

Cincinnati Enquirer: Donald Trump campaign chief: John Kasich 'embarrassing' Ohio
Donald Trump's campaign chairman Monday charged that Ohio Gov. John Kasich – who doesn't plan to attend or speak at the Republican National Convention in his home state – is "embarrassing" Ohio. Kasich political strategist John Weaver struck back, mocking Paul Manafort for his political consulting work in the Ukraine and for the rocky leak and announcement of Trump's vice presidential pick, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. And the response from Ohio Republican chairman and Kasich ally Matt Borges: Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort "has a lot to learn." The war of words highlighted the awkward situation facing the Republican party. Even as it prepares to nominate the New York City real estate tycoon here, many mainstream Republicans have still not warmed to Trump – and the Trump campaign's first instinct has often been to attack any perceived enemies.
The opening day of the Republican National Convention was marked by comments from a top Donald Trump official against former presidential candidate John Kasich, who’s also the governor of the state hosting the convention.
The Independent: Local GOP leaders cool on Trump
For the first time in 80 years, Ohio is home to the Republican National Convention. But excitement for the bash hasn't transcended fully to the party's presumptive nominee for president — at least not among a few local Republicans. Some GOP leaders and office holders in western Stark County are underwhelmed by their likely nominee, Donald Trump, and unsure what he'll do — if anything — to the GOP's chances in other races this fall.

Columbus Dispatch: Trump's camp calls Kasich 'embarrassing,' causing Ohio Republicans to fire back
A couple of minutes after Donald Trump's campaign chief waxed about a convention building party unity, he tore down Ohio Gov. John Kasich and the Bush family...The issue of party unity has long dogged Trump, and is crucial in his campaign against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. All the attacks caused Ohio political leaders to blast away at Trump — with many questioning a strategy of criticizing a popular governor from the state hosting the convention.

Some delegates at the convention have already made their feelings known about being bound to Donald Trump. What about Ohio's delegates? NBC 4's Colleen Marshall spoke with some of them about their support level for the presumptive nominee, Donald Trump. Reporter: everywhere you look inside this arena, you will find enthusiastic Donald Trump supporters. There are "pro Trump" signs every where except in the Ohio delegation. I was at their kickoff event, and it was hard to find a Donald Trump cheerleader.

WKYC: Trump adviser slams Kasich's convention boycott
Call it a sign that Donald Trump's campaign is not extending an olive branch to critics or those Republicans still withholding their support of them.  So much for unifying he party. His campaign's chief adviser, Paul Manafort used Tuesday to attack Ohio Governor John Kasich for failing to endorse Trump and accused Kasich of damaging U.S. Sen. Rob Portman's (R-OH) re-election bid. On MSNBC';s Morning Joe TV show, and speaking to reporters at a breakfast Monday, Manafort called Kasich "petulant" for refusing to back Trump following Kasich's ending of his presidential campaign.
Toledo Blade: Trump campaign manager says governor's distance from billionaire a 'mistake'
On the MSNBC Morning Joe, Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort said Mr. Kasich’s continued distancing of himself from the convention and from Mr. Trump is a “mistake.”“He’s hurting his state and embarrassing his state, frankly,” Mr. Manafort said. “But most of the Republicans who aren’t coming are people who have been part of the past. And people who are part of the future of the Republican Party are, frankly, going to be here participating in the program.”On NBC’s Today, Mr. Manafort said, “there were 16 candidates running, most of them are going to have a presence at the convention including all the finalists except for Kasich who, frankly, was invited to participate — I can’t answer, it makes no sense — he’s embarrassing the state, frankly.”
It may be in Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s state, but the Republican National Convention is Donald Trump’s show and his team is not happy with the governor. You can watch the comments here. Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort said Kasich is “making a big mistake” by not backing Trump and being a part of convention events inside Quicken Loans Arena. Manafort made the comments Monday morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Kasich was Trump’s last primary challenger and has not endorsed the presumptive nominee. “He’s hurting his state and embarrassing his state, frankly,” Manafort said.
Canton Repository: RNC notebook: Creighton sees Ohio's seating as 'punishment'
Does the seating location for the Ohio delegation to the Republican National Convention — not center stage and not in the front at Quicken Loans Arena — signify less clout for Ohio Republicans within the party?  Stark County Commissioner Janet Weir Creighton, a delegate to the Republican National Convention and five-time veteran of the GOP's biggest meeting, expressed disappointment with the seating arrangements — especially since Ohio is hosting the convention. “Not good. Disappointed. Unhappy. Punishment for the state of Ohio,” she said. “But the good news is we’re in the convention center and we have a seat.”

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Virginian-Pilot: Cuccinelli throws fit on GOP convention floor in Cleveland
Virginia delegates to the Republican National Convention began the first day Monday with a quiet breakfast at their hotel in Strongsville, Ohio. By afternoon, on the convention floor at Quicken Loans Arena in downtown Cleveland, things had heated up considerably as the state delegates placed themselves in the middle of a fuss over rules. Reporters chatted with delegates before breakfast but weren’t allowed inside. “It’s convention business,” said Garren Shipley, the Virginia communications director for the Republican National Committee. Delegates then boarded a bus for downtown, and the 2016 convention kicked off at 1 p.m...Virginia delegation Chairman Ken Cuccinelli made a futile effort to be recognized by the chair. Video on CNN showed Cuccinelli taking off his delegate credentials and throwing them on the convention floor in protest. After they lost in a bid for a roll call vote of states on the rules, Morton Blackwell, Virginia’s Republican National Committeeman, tweeted that the GOP establishment was “crooked.” Cuccinelli said it’s clear the “Trump RNC team” is not following their own rules.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Virginia delegation joins short-lived convention revolt over RNC rules
Virginia was among a handful of states that tried to upend the first day of the Republican National Convention on Monday only to be overruled by the combined forces of Donald Trump and national party officials amid chaos on the convention floor. Former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the chairman of Virginia’s group of 49 delegates who became a public face of the short-lived insurgency, was seen throwing his credentials in disgust amid raucous shouting on the convention floor. A mix of die-hard Trump opponents and grass-roots activists worked much of the day to build support to force a roll-call vote on convention rules, which some saw as a final chance to stop Trump’s nomination. 

WUSA 9: Chaos on GOP Convention Floor, Keeping Calm on Cleveland Streets
Day one in Cleveland the convention which will formally nominate Donald Trump to lead the Republican party is underway.  And it begins with lingering distaste from some in the party towards the nominee, and security concerns in the wake of police officers being murdered in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

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Reading Eagle: Divisions still apparent at Republican National Convention
Lingering divisions in the GOP were on display Monday as the Republican National Convention opened with a clash over an effort to complicate Donald Trump's presidential nomination. The convention floor erupted into chaos as anti-Trump delegates tried unsuccessfully to force a lengthy vote on the rules by each of the 2,472 delegates. They chanted "roll call vote" as opponents of the move sought to drown them out with chants of "U.S.A."

Lancaster Online: 'Unity' a tough sell on day 1 of the Republican National Convention
“Chaos at the RNC.” That was the headline many of us half-expected, whether we wanted it or not, to pop up at some point this week. Turn’s out it only took until about 4 p.m. Monday to get it. On the opening day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, the last remnants of the “Never Trump” delegates caused a few moments of mayhem on the Quicken Loans Arena floor as they tried to force a full floor vote that could’ve made it only slightly less certain Donald Trump would get the nomination later this week. They shouted “Roll call vote! Roll call vote!” at the chairman who signified the anti-Trump group didn’t have enough support to force anything other than a voice vote. Throughout the arena, others responded with “USA!” and “We want Trump! We want Trump!”

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Colorado delegates led an insurrection against Donald Trump on the opening day of the Republican National Convention, seeking to block his nomination in a last-ditch move that led to chaos in Cleveland.

KUSA-TV Denver: Colorado delegates walk out at RNC
The chaotic scene played out in mid-afternoon, long before network television stations were set to go live with Melania Trump's maiden turn on the national stage in support of her husband, who planned to attend his wife's address. The theme of the day, ironically, was law and order. […] At one point, the podium of the convention was empty, leading Lee to say the convention had fallen into disarray on its first day, which was scheduled to emphasize law and order. ‘I've never seen the chair vacated like that,’ Lee said, calling the situation ‘surreal.’

Denverite: Reports: The Colorado delegation walked out of the Republican National Convention in protest
Well, the Republican National Convention in Cleveland seems to be off to a wild, Colorado-flavored start. It started this afternoon, when the Never Trump movement tried to delay the proceedings by forcing a roll-call vote of almost 2,500 delegates on a procedural item, as the New York Times reported.

Durango Herald: Colorado delegation at center of convention chaos
The Republican National Convention devolved into chaos Monday in Cleveland, in part fueled by a last-ditch anti-Donald Trump effort led by the Colorado delegation. Many of Colorado’s delegates appeared to walk out in protest on what was the first day of the convention, after party leaders denied a recorded vote that sought to ‘dump Trump.’ […] Colorado delegates left empty seats on the convention floor, after party leaders refused to poll all 2,472 convention delegates.

Colorado Springs Gazette: Colorado delegation fails in another bid to replace Trump as Republican Presidential nominee
Colorado's delegation to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Monday was in the thick of a last-ditch effort to usurp Donald Trump as the party's nominee. The floor of the Quicken Loans Arena erupted into boos and chants of ‘roll-call vote’ when the chairman of the convention ruled that the ‘ayes’ had it in a critical vote to adopt rules for the convention.

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Miami Herald: Political unrest marks first day of Republican convention
It was supposed to be law-and-order night at the Republican National Convention. But the day leading up to it was political chaos. Monday’s remarkable unrest, on the convention’s inaugural day, peaked when a small but committed group of rebellious delegates tried one last time to prevent Donald Trump from winning the GOP’s presidential nomination. They amassed enough support to force a full vote of convention rules many of the anti-Trump delegates opposed. But three of the nine states that initially backed the brief insurrection withdrew — apparently pressured by party leaders who didn’t want to be embarrassed. The maneuver led to raucous protests on the convention floor.

Against an unsettling backdrop of terrorism abroad and police killings at home, an awkward Republican National Convention opened Monday in Cleveland with muted enthusiasm for presumptive nominee Donald Trump. The party faithful have good reason to be anxious even if they publicly applaud. Trump has yet to show he is temperamentally fit to be president or capable of providing a steady hand in an uncertain world. There was no reassurance Monday, despite the anticipated cameo by Trump with his wife.

Miami Herald: Richard Corcoran is still not gung ho about Trump
Ask incoming Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran, who famously said earlier this year that Donald Trump ‘has offended every other possible group known to mankind,’ how to describe his attitude toward Trump now that he's about to get the GOP's presidential nomination, and Corcoran hesitates and smiles wryly. "I don't -- I don't --" stammers Corcoran, who first backed Jeb Bush, then Marco Rubio, then Ted Cruz. "Um." He finally settles on a word: “‘Encouraged.’

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Radio Iowa: Iowa delegate calls GOP’s National Convention ‘a farce,’ walks out
An Iowa delegate at the Republican National Convention has walked out in protest over what he calls the “strong arm tactics” of party leaders. Cecil Stinemetz of Urbandale was among the Ted Cruz backers pushing for convention votes to change some party rules. “It’s a farce. Everybody knows what they’re doing,” Stinemetz told Radio Iowa late this afternoon. “We stood up and screamed: ‘Roll call vote!’ They had to go back stage for 10 minutes to figure out what they were going to do with it. So what’d they do? They just ignored it and went on.”

Cedar Rapids Gazette: Chaos erupts as anti-Trump effort fails
An effort by those hostile to Donald Trump failed in an effort to force a roll call vote on the convention rules here Monday afternoon, prompting chaos on the floor and reports on social media, declared false by Iowa party leaders, that the state delegation had walked off the floor. Never Trump forces have been pushing for weeks to allow delegates to vote for somebody other than him to be the party’s nominee. But after efforts failed in the rules committee last week, the anti-Trump forces pushed for a floor vote, a fight that came to a head Monday.


The Republican National Convention kicked off in Cleveland Monday, with much of the early attention focusing on the long list of prominent Republicans who won't be attending. Among the Republicans reportedly skipping the event are six sitting governors, 21 current U.S. senators and about a dozen House members. The list includes high-profile Republicans Arizona Sen. John McCain and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, as well as former presidential candidates Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush. Previous GOP nominee Mitt Romney and former presidents George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush have also opted out of going. Trump's coronation is putting the GOP's fracture on full display, said Oren Cass, a senior fellow at conservative think tank the Manhattan Institute and former domestic policy director of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.  

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The News and Observer: GOP chiefs block move to alter rules, slow Trump
Republican leaders Monday thwarted a push by delegates opposed to Donald Trump’s nomination for president – including several from NorthCarolina – to change the rules of the Republican National Convention. The convention delegates sought a roll call vote instead of a voice vote on the convention rules. Action at the Quicken Loans Arena was briefly disrupted by chanting and shouting.
Winston-Salem Journal: N.C. delegates in the thick of the fight at GOP convention
Some voices from the North Carolina delegation were among the full-throated roar that marked dissent Monday at the Republican National Convention, though most of the state’s delegates sided with the convention majority who wanted to stick to rules that would ensure the nomination of Donald Trump. It took two voice votes from the convention floor to defeat the anti-Trump forces, but the losing side didn’t go down quietly. 

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