Get Out The Vote - Ramp Up Your Support: Re-Elect Tom Wolf for Governor

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

Well we're now in the 8th month - and are on a 3 month, 90 day count down to the general election.  We are on a count down to turn red states blue, take back the Senate and Congress, and reverse the curse that has pervaded the US for the past two years under T-rump.  Expect to see more and more articles and info from me - and if you've not already done so, make sure you follow up on the info I am providing you.  Also make a vow to never, ever allow ourselves to be caught in a situation like this again.

This is a solicitation for a contribution of $5.00 - something we can all afford - and if you think you can sit by and not contribute to a campaign, you are totally naive - or just cheap.  When we each pitch in, while at the same time getting our friends, neighbors, and associates - and our 18 year olds - registered to vote - we are taking charge of our future, instead of just sitting on the sidelines and treating the T-rump administration as an ongoing comedy show instead of  tragedy and travesty it truly is.


From: [HUGE UPDATE] - WolfForPa.com
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 We are completely speechless!

Since we told you Donald Trump was coming to Pennsylvania, THOUSANDS of supporters have stepped up to fight back against Trump by chipping in to help Democratic Governor Tom Wolf!

But Gloria, we realized you haven’t made a donation to help us hit our $5,000 goal before Trump takes the stage tonight.


Just $2,102 to go! Chip in $5 or $10 now to help us hit this goal before Trump takes the stage in a few hours →


Trump just barely won Pennsylvania in 2016.

That makes Tom Wolf the ONLY incumbent Democratic governor running in a state that Trump won.

So this race is going to be close -- and Trump knows it.

That’s why he’s going ALL-OUT to help Republicans win big in Pennsylvania this November. And that’s why we’re relying on your support to take them on.

Please, pitch in $5 or $10 to Democratic Governor Tom Wolf’s re-election campaign. Every dollar makes a difference:



Wolf for PA

Paid for by Tom Wolf for Governor
Contributions or gifts to Tom Wolf for Governor are not tax deductible.



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