Saturday, DECEMBER 31ST 2016 - Kuumba - 6th Day of Kwanzaa- New Years Eve - Watch Night - 3 Great Ways to Bring in the New Year

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Habari Gani!

Today is Day 6 of Kwanzaa - Kuumba  (Koo-oom-bah) which means Creativity - so this blog edition is three in one!  To wish you a wonderful day of creative, innovative, activity; to tell you about Kwanzaa Activites celebrating Kuumba.

I also want to share a comprehensive overview of WATCH NIGHT, which gives everything you ever wanted to know about Watch Night, but  didn't know who to ask written by Ron Brown - long, but worth the read..

And finally, I want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous NEW YEAR!

This is my final Blog of the year!
I wish to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to all of you for your love, friendship, loyalty and support - through the good times and the tough times.
We will make 2017 our finest year ever, because we are ONE! 

SEE YOU IN 2017!!

Stay Blessed &

Kuumba/Creativity- Day Six of Kwanzaa

December 30, 2010
A Celebration of Family, Community and the Common Good
To aspire daily toward continuously improvement, focusing on personal achievement, family development and neighborhood well-being and advancement
Perspective on Creativity
The Kwanzaa principle “Creativity” demands of us that we strive for continuous improvement. This principle pushes us to achieve at our highest potential. At the family level, each member strives to improve home life (e.g., chores, relationships). At the neighbor level, the push is to improve the quality of relationship and the quality of life.
Focus: What Creativity Day is about?
Creativity Day focuses on activities which reinforce the Kwanzaa principle of doing as much as we can in the way we can to leave our families, neighborhoods, and people better off as a result of our life’s work. Some activities may include, but are not mandatory:
  • Make the celebration focus on your family
  • Make the celebration festive and joyous
  • Try to have a special meal- at home or away
Creativity Day Activities: 

  • Family improvement project
  • Neighborhood improvement project
  • School improvement project
Creativity Expressed in your family or in Black History

Black Scientific Inventors 
Despite a history of being shut out of professional occupations and confined to working in industries deemed acceptable for them, such as domestic services, some manual trades, and agriculture there was no total loss of black ingenuity and technological innovation.  African Americans made and continue to make significant contributions to science and humanity.
To be sure, few Americans are aware of the major contributions of African Americans to modern technology.  In 1913 alone, Van Sertima asserts, “as many as on thousand inventions were patented by African Americans, and those were the fortunate few who got as far as the patent office. In the 19th century, several African Americans invented labor-saving devices but were not allowed to patent them in their own names.” From the Colonial Period until the present, African Americans have put their mark on science. 


How will you go into the New Year?

Allow me the pleasure of constructing a vision of African History in Philadelphia prior to, leading up to, in the mist of the original Watch Night Service, Freedom Eve; December 31st 1862. I will then bring you up to Watch Night Service 2016-2017. My purpose, I want to bring you into the New Year degrees freer, knowing your history. I also wish to paint a vision of the possibilities angry white America have position you to face in the New Year.

I want to first remind you of this fact, Rev. Richard Allen & Rev. Absalom Jones; Founders of Africans in America Freedom, are directly responsible for the degrees of Freedom all Africans in America, Africans in Philadelphia enjoy today. Observe the facts

In 1684, 1st 150 enslaved Africans to land on Philadelphia shores, by way of the ship, Isabella.
In 1700 their were 1,000 enslaved Africans in Philadelphia
In 1721 their were 5,000 enslaved Africans in Philadelphia
In 1746 Absalom Jones the Father of Africans degrees of Freedom enjoyed today was born
Prior to 1751 70% of the enslaved Africans were imported from the West Indies
After 1751 70% of the enslaved Africans were imported from Africa
In 1754 their were 11,000 enslaved Africans in Philadelphia
In 1760 Richard Allen, Co-Founder of African’s degrees of freedom enjoyed today was born
In 1760 Africans slaves constituted 2/3 of the servant population in Philadelphia.
In 1766 Absalom attends Abolitionist Anthony Benezet's school in the evenings.
In 1766 their were 30,000 enslaved Africans in Philadelphia
In 1768 Absalom Jones began evangelizing in Phila. Streets, about the cruelty of slavery
March 5, 1770, Crispus Attucks, became the 1st casualty of the American Revolution
In 1774 Richard Allen attends Abolitionist Anthony Benezet's school
In 1774 Pennsylvania Abolitionist Society was founded by Anthony Benezet,
In 1775, Society of Friends vowed to disown Quakers if they didn’t free their slaves
In 1775, Revolutionaries seized control of each of the thirteen colonial governments
On April 19 1775, the Revolutionary War began
January 1776, George Washington lift ban on African’s enlistment, 5,000 fought in the war
On July 4, 1776, Continental Congress adopts the Declaration of Independence, in Phila.
Sept. 26, 1777 British Forces capture Phila; many African slaves escape after the evasion
In 1777, Rev. Allen began evangelizing in the streets of Phila., NY, and Delaware
June 18, 1778 British soldiers left Philadelphia; many slaves escape during the war
In 1780 Gradual Emancipation Act passed by PA Legislators, 1808 Africans legally free?
In 1780 Rev. Allen bought his freedom, he drove a wagon during the war, for a living.
In 1783, British Army evacuate New York & America, many slaves escape after the war
In 1784, Absalom Jones at the age of 38 brought his freedom
May 1, 1784, Rev. Allen meets Rev. Jones at 1st organizing conference of Am. Methodism
In 1787, The Free African Society was founded by Rev. Allen, Rev. Jones and Quakers
In 1788 the Gradual Emancipation Act amended by PA Legislators
In 1790 there were 3,737 enslaved Africans in Phila. - 26,263 enslaved Africans in 24 yrs
In 1791, the First Bank of the United States, build by slaves, founded in Philadelphia PA
In 1791 to 1800, United States Supreme Court, housed in Philadelphia PA
In1792-1800, 1st White House built by enslaved & free African-Americans, in Phila.
In 1792, Philadelphia is America's largest city, capital, and its busiest port.
In 1792, Rev. Jones founded St Thomas African Episcopal Church
In 1792. Rev. Jones and Allen helped Dr Rush resolve Phila. Yellow Fever Epidemic
July 1793, Rev. Richard Allen founded Mother Bethel AME Church
July 17, 1794. Mother Bethel AME Church opened its doors for public worship
July 17, 1794. St Thomas African Episcopal Church opened its doors for public worship
In 1797, Philadelphia's first African-American Masonic Lodge was founded
Dec. 30, 1799, Rev. Jones petition the House of Representatives to free all Africans
In 1800, their were 1,706 enslaved Africans in Philadelphia
Jan 1st 1808 Rev. Jones gives Thanksgiving Sermon, establishing a New Year Holiday
In 1810, Nearly 10,000 Africans resides in Philadelphia
1818-1824, Second Bank in the United States was built by free & slave labor, in Phila.
In 1818, Ancestor, Rev. Absalom Jones had his last breath on planet earth
In 1820, their were 211 enslaved Africans in Philadelphia
In 1820, 2 yrs after Rev Jones transition; white Philadelphians start attacking Africans
In 1830, their were 403 enslaved Africans in Philadelphia, note the rise after Jones death
In 1839, their were 70 enslaved Africans in Philadelphia
In 1839, Rev. Richard Allen had his last breath on planet earth, note the decline in slaves.
1n 1839 White Philadelphians notably decrease in violent attack on Africans & property
In 1850, their were 0 enslaved Africans in Philadelphia or Pennsylvania
September 1862, President Abraham Lincoln temporary issue his Emancipation Proclamation
December 31, 1862, Watch Night Service held in 23 Philadelphia Churches
January 1st 1863, President Abraham Lincoln Legally Enforce his Emancipation Proclamation

Philadelphia’s Africans in America Family Life and Community

In 1862, at the time of the original Watch Night Service (Freedom Eve) there were approximately 23,000 African Americans living in Philadelphia, about 4.1% of the total population of the city. The center of African-American settlement in the city of Philadelphia was 7th Street between South and Spruce Street and extended west as far as the Schuylkill River. The African-American population in this area numbered approximately 4,000. About 60% of African-Americans lived in the area which bordered Race Street in the north, South Street in the south, and the Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers on the west and east sides. About 15% lived in the area south of South Street, west of Broad Street, and east of the Schuylkill River. About 8% of the city’s African American population lived in the area south of South Street, east of Broad, and west of the Delaware River. About 2% of the population lived in West Philadelphia, the area west of the Schuylkill and beyond University of Penn. The remainder of African-American residents resided in the northern areas, Northern Liberties, Spring Garden, Kensington, and Germantown.

Africans in the 1820’s to 1850’s left their life in the South for hope and aspiration in the North. In the years between 1820 and 1850 the African American population in Philadelphia nearly doubled in size, growing from about 12,000 to about 22,000. These numbers dipped below 5% of the city’s total population in the 1860. Philadelphia’s African American population saw their strongest numbers in the years between 1800 and 1840, in which they never dropped below 7% of the population and maintained a citizenry of between 8% and 10% of the total population of Philadelphia. The reason for the drop in population growth, Philadelphia’s predominantly white population especially those in the slums of Moyamensing and south of, met this dramatic African population growth with marked resistance and frequent violence.

Angry White Philadelphians Violently Attacked Africans and their property
The years between the 1830’s and1850’s were full of race riots and violent attacks on African American’s and their establishments, from which even churches were not spared. During this period at least 3 churches were burned down, some others defaced. In 1838, the newly build PA Abolitionist Society, the oldest Abolitionist Society in America was burned down. Abolitionist societies aiding Africans were viewed by whites as the cause for African-American freedom and population growth. In public Abolitionist members were threaten and attacked. In fear of their family and their lives, Abolitionist societies like the Vigilant Committee, an abolitionist and fugitive aid group founded by some of Philadelphia’s most prominent black leaders, Robert Purvis, William Still and James Forten; were forced to close its doors, and cease aiding African Americans. Racial hatred was so intense, when Africans in Philadelphia tried to celebrate the Fourth of July festivities, race riots would break out. The message to the African you are not an American. The Race Riots of the 1840’s and 1850’s forced many African Americans to flee their homes in the city. In the years & days in Philadelphia leading up to 1863, Freedom Eve, Africans in America were fearful of their life, afraid of being violently attacked by Angry White Men.
Slavery’s Destructive Impact on African-American Families in Philadelphia

Under slavery Africans were unable to make a dollar. Most emancipated Africans left the South and arrived in Philadelphia, with very little money. Africans struggled under emancipation in Philadelphia, many Africans were denied jobs. Many of the Africans given jobs received limited wages, too limited to support himself and his family. Africans found their self unable to accumulate money or property. African families after arriving in Philadelphia were subjected to the poorest commodities; many were forced to live in the slums around 7th & Bainbridge and south of South Street, the Moyamensing area. Africans living in Philadelphia rate of illiteracy was 1.8 per cent, compare to perhaps 20 per cent for the city. Prior to 1863, Freedom Eve, the majority of Africans in Philadelphia had only a partial common school education from the country schools of the South or the primary grade schools in the city. A considerable number entered grammar schools; a small amount entered high school; and a very few, less than fifty, graduated from college or professional schools. With very little education and very little dollars to feed self and family, many African men turned to stealing, committing petty larceny, committing crimes. In homes where fathers were unable to obtain employment or make enough dollars for the survival of their families, mothers had to work, thus leaving their children without guidance or restrain for the better part of the day. Property owners, slum lords, only concern the dollar bill, put into the slums all kind unscrupulous characters. African families living under such satanic conditions, found itself, idle and sinking in the scale of morals manners and religion; this disastrous situation left the children wide open to elements of danger and demoralization. Africans composing less than 5% of the population committed 55% of petty larceny crimes compared to 48.8% of whites for the same criminal offence. Africans was responsible for a third of the serious crimes committed in Philadelphia. To feed their family and keep a roof over their children head, many Africans were forced to have to take on borders. This reality left daughters subjected to rape and sexual predators, the likes of “whites”, “Blacks” and family members.

Africans living in Philadelphia on the one hand had to contend with racial violence and hatred from white residence who believed Africans were the cause of white’s poor financial and poor living conditions; while on the other hand Africans had to contend with being discriminated against by white employers, who chose not to hire Africans because of the color of their skin. If this wasn’t bad enough, Africans had to contend with being discriminated by the white criminal justices system. White America used its political criminal justices system to remove African men from their family and community. Members of the white justices system including its Police force, was angry over Africans (who were denied jobs) hanging out in the streets. Some whites were afraid to walk through the streets Africans were hanging out on. In 1837 of 737 Africans committed for trial in 6 months of the year only 123 were actually brought to trial. Africans were arrested for less cause and received longer sentences. In 1850 5% of African population composed 32% of the prisoners in the county prison. Of the prisoners in the Eastern Penitentiary in 1846, 14% of the whites were pardon and 2% of the Africans were pardon. In law free, in reality, the color of one skin exposes one to being treated like a criminal, a modern day slave. Whites took advantage of the law to move Africans right back into slavery, modern day slavery. Laws like the 13th Amendment declared the modern slave, those prisoners in the prison system. As you can see from the statistics, African fathers, men were being put in jail for no reason, at an alarming rate just for being “Black” at the wrong place at the wrong time. When African men got out of prison, in many cases he found himself a ruin man. With African fathers being put in prisons, mothers sought the help of spiritual intervention to save their children, save their family.

The African American churches in Philadelphia followed the population trends of the African American community. On 1862, at the Watch Service hour there were at least 23 African American churches in Philadelphia. Of the 23,000 African-Americans living in Philadelphia approximately 7,000 were affiliated with one of following churches, at the below Watch Night Service locations.

Founded in 1794, St. Thomas Episcopal: 5th & Adelphi; Members 337
Founded in 1794, Mother Bethel AME: 6th & Lombard; Members 1,100
Founded in 1796, Mother Zoar Methodist; 4th & Brown; Members 150
Founded in 1807, First African Presbyterian: 7th & Shippen (Bainbridge) St.; Members 180
Founded in 1807, Campbell AME
Founded in 1809 First African Baptist Church 10th Vine; Members 200
Founded in 1816, Union AME; 5th & Coates St. (Fairmont): Members 297 (1827)
Founded in 1820, Wesley AME Zion (later Mt. Olive AME): 6th & Lombard Members; 500 (1817)
Founded in 1824, Second African Presbyterian: 7th & St. Mary; Members 75
Founded in 1827, Oak Street Baptist: 41st Oak St.
Founded in 1830, Grace African Union Methodist Episcopal
Founded in 1832, Union Baptist: 7th & Little Pine; Members 260
Founded in 1833 Mt. Pisgah AME (1811)
Founded in 1834, AME Wesley: 6th & Hurst; Members 300 (1821)
Founded in 1837, Union Methodist 7th & Little Pine; Members 100
Founded in 1842, Shiloh Baptist: Clifton (8th) & South; Members 225
Founded in 1844, Central Presbyterian Lombard; Members 260
Founded in 1844, John Wesley Methodist: 8th & Shippen (Bainbridge): Members 100
Founded in 1850, Israel Congregational: 5th & Gaskill (near South St.); Members 200
Founded in 1850, Church of the Crucifixion: 8th & Shippen (Bainbridge); Members 50
Founded in 1852, Zion Chapel AME Mission: 7th & Dickerson; Members 120 (1858)
Founded in Allen Chapel AME: 2nd & Christian; Members 30
Founded in Murray Chapel A.M.E.

Watch Night Service (Freedom Eve) December 31st 1862

The news that President Lincoln was about to make a major decision on Jan. 1st 1863, New Years Day., were buzzing all over the African-American community. The news subject was said to be about emancipating enslaved Africans. Upon hearing the news, Faith-based leaders in the Philadelphia Community called for Africans-Americans to, on Freedom Eve (New Years Eve), go into the house of the lord to reaffirm one’s covenant with God and to pray that Lincoln will do the right thing on New Years Day. In Philadelphia, Africans of all faith and denominations responded to their faith-based leaders calling and went into African-American churches to reaffirm their covenant with God, and pray that President Lincoln will free all Africans.

It was a spiritual redemption calling, by the above 23 independent African in America churches, in Philadelphia, which lead to the first Watch Night Service, in the nation. This service was the first African-American Ecumenical Revival in the nation. The services focus centered improving the spiritual and physical conditions of African families, African Communities. The revival consisted of 23 or more African faith-based institutions of different denominations, 4 Baptist, 2 Episcopal, 9 A.M.E, 3 Presbyterian, and 4 Methodist and 1 Jewish. During the revival the faith-based members would pledge to purify one’s temple, rid oneself of those elements that were enslaving one’s inner spirit. During the revival the attendees prayed in unison that President Lincoln would do the right thing the next day, and they would do the right thing the next day. On Freedom Eve, Africans would begin their New Year resolutions, in preparation for the beginning of a new day (New Year) of Freedom. The Watch Night Services holi-day was born.

Those who were present on that historic Watch Night Service Day listened to sermons recited by their faith based leaders. Africans danced around the church; they sang and prayed all night, into the early morning. In their songs, they would sing, “we are going to dance dance dance all night long; our voices are going to go up to thy lord, and we be free”. As they would sing and dance, they would customary (keeping with African tradition), become processed with the holy-spirit. They would on cue shout out loud, and some would begin jumping up and down. Today, in a few African-American churches you can see live, a person become processed with this form of holy-spirit. Most observers, including African-Americans, when they observe someone with the holy spirit, they know not of it’s history; some think oh, that is so and so, going through her or his thing; first time observers of the behavior, would become taken-back by the experience.

The Philadelphia African-American Holiness movement was composed of African-Americans who believe and propagate the belief that the carnal nature of man and women can be cleansed through faith and by the power of the Holy Spirit if one has had his sins forgiven through faith in Jesus. The benefits of such act include spiritual power and an ability to maintain purity of heart with the grace of thy savior. The original Watch Night Service movement were, Africans seeking "Christian perfection.

Africans attending the original Watch Night Services were waiting for the news of President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.

The Emancipation Proclamation reads, “That on the first day of January, in the year of our Lord 1863, all persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a state the person whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States shall be then, henceforward, and forever free”. “ I declare that such persons (Africans) be received in the armed services of the United States to garrison forts, position stations, and other places, and to man vessels of all sorts in said service”.

Why Watch Night Service (Freedom Eve) 2016-2017
(Make America White (Great) Again)

With the election of Donald Trump Black America is about to transition from degrees of light (President Barack Obama Era) to degrees of darkness (President Donald Trump Era). “Black America” starting in 2017, Africans in America are about to experience degrees of what their Ancestors experienced 130 years ago, in 1887, with the abolishment of the reconstruction era and the establishment of Jim Crow Laws. Admit it, accept it, own it, you, I, we, were fooled once again into thinking we were progressing in time, we were moving forward, and then the art of the deal, comes along to make America White Again.

“Black America” we have been here before. Our ancestor fought for and died for the freedom we enjoy today. After our Ancestors experienced the Jubilee, June 19th 1865, Freedom Day, and after a brief experience with the Reconstruction Era (1865-1877). Our African in America Ancestors were pushed backwards to modern day degrees of slavery, backwards into Jim Crow Laws; Black Codes, the KKK, extreme racism, tree hangings, race riots, street assassinations (the bombing of 4 young girls in a Birmingham Alabama Church, the assassination of Martin Luther King, Emmitt Till, Octavos Cato, President John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Medger Evers, etc.). Elements of those dark days, years of darkness awaits us again, different name, instead of Jim Crow, Donald Trump; same party name, same angry white men mythology.

Frederick Douglas in his 1876 Emancipation Day speech said: From the ramparts of the Solid south, with their 153 electoral votes in the Electoral College, they have dared to defy the nation to put a Republican in the Presidential chair for the next four years. With the grip on the presidential chair, with the House of Representatives in their hands, with the Supreme Court deciding every question in favor of the states, denying the government the right to protect the elective franchise of its own citizens, they may well feel themselves masters, not only of their former slaves but the whole situation. With these facts before us, tell me not that the Negro is safe in procession of his own liberty. Tell me not that power will not assert itself. What followed the year after Frederick Douglas 1876 Emancipation Day speech, 1877 Jim Crow Laws? Jim Crow Laws came about with the 1877 election, the election of the 19th President, Rutherford Hayes. It was a compromise which awarded Rutherford Hayes a Republican the White House over Democrat Samuel J. Tiden. The deal was made possible, by way of the compromise which pulled the last federal troops out of the south, and formally ended the Reconstruction Era. The compromise made possible, Republican President Rutherford Hayes to be the 19th President of the United States in exchange for the 20 electoral college votes needed from Florida South Carolina, and Louisiana. To seal the deal, to win the Presidency, Rutherford Hayes pulled the last federal troops out of the above three states. The compromise enabled ex-confederate conservatives, slave lords, and Democrats, to be allowed back into politics; form a Redeemer Coalition, and oust all Republican governments in the south. From 1877 until the 1970s, Southern racist Democrats largely controlled every Southern state. In each of the Southern state the Redeemer governments reversed many of the civil rights gains that African Americans had made during Reconstruction. The Redeemer government passed Jim Crow laws between 1876 and 1965 that mandated discrimination by both local governments and by private citizens.

Fast forward 130 years latter Republican Trump needed 46 electoral college votes from three states Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, to win the presidency. All the Donald had to do to win the Presidency was to make a deal with angry white Americans and flip the blue states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin, who have since 2010 voted for Republican Governors. The one exception is PA who voted for a democratic governor in 2014.

State 2008 gov 2010 gov. winner share loser share winning margin change of party
Michigan D R 58.1 39.9 18.21 Y
Ohio D R 49.04 46.7 2.0 Y
PA D R 54.9 45.5 8.9 Y
Wisconsin D R 52.25 46.6 5.77 Y

State 2014 gov. winner share looser share winning margin change of party
Michigan R 51.0 47.0 4.0 N
Ohio R 63.08 33.03 30.03 N
PA D 54.9 45.7 9.2 Y
Wisconsin R 52.3 46.6 5.7 N

The Donald understood if the voters of the above states are angry enough to vote for a Republican governor, they are angry enough to vote for a Republican President. Especially one who is not trying to be politically correct, one who has tapped into their anger, one who is saying what they want to hear, one who will give them what they want the most, their America back. Donald Trump has promised white angry voters in these United States, he will make America White (great) Again. To win the presidency all Donald Trump had to do was convince angry white voters to vote for him and he would give them their America back. Donald Trump with the advice of Steve Bannon understood this basic fact Europeans outnumbers Minorities in the United States. Europeans are loyal to the Prince who they think understands them and have their back. There are more white backs than minorities, backs.

According to the 2110 Census the population total in the United States is 308,745,538, with 63.7%, 196,817,552 of the population being white; the total Minorities Population is 111,445,460; with 16.3% Hispanic 50,477,594, 12.2% Blacks 37,685,848, 4.7% Asian 14,465,124, 0.15% Native Americans 2,247,098, 1.9% two or more races 5,966,481, .2% Some other race 604,245.

Shall we observe the racial make up of the states the Donald needed to win the Presidency?

Total Population in PA 2015 Total Population in Wis 2015 Total Population in Mi 2016
White 82.6% White 89.9% White 80.2%
White not Hispanic 77.4% Blacks 5.7% Blacks 14.2 %
Blacks 11.7% Hispanic 0.1% Hispanic 6.8% Hispanic 3% Asian 1.7% Asian 1.8%
Asian 3.4% Native Americans 0.9% Native Americans 0.6% Native Americans 0.4% Two or more races 1.2% Two or more races 1.9%
Two or more races 1.9% Some Other Race 1.3%
Native Hawaiian and other 0.1% Some Other Race 1.2% Some Other Race

Total Population in Ohio 2016 Total Population in Florida 2016
White 82.9% White 77.7%
Blacks 12.0% Blacks 16.8%
Hispanic 0.2% Hispanic 24.5%
Asian 2.0% Asian 2.8%
Native Americans 1.0% Native Americans 0.5%
Two or more races 2% Two or more races 2%
Some Other Race 1% Some Other Race 1%
Native Hawaiian and other 1% White not Hispanic 55.3

The facts are White America with its majority took advantage of its chance to make America White again. On January 20th 2017 the Republican party will control the House and Presidency for at least 4 years, the Senate for at least 2 yrs; and the Supreme Court for at least 8 years.

Shall we observe what angry White America looks like? A Republican Presidential victory count of 306-232 despite Hillary 2.5 million poplar vote victory; Republicans control the U.S Senate 52-46-2; Republican control the U.S House of Representatives 242-193; Republicans control state Governors 34-15-1; Republicans will in 2017 select a Supreme Court Justice tipping the scale 5-4.

Many Americans are asking the question, “how did the Donald pull off what appeared to be an incredible Presidential election feat no one saw coming”. Let me tell you he did so with the help of angry white men, their angry wife or girlfriend, family members, and neighbors. While the Hilary Democrat Coalition was asleep, angry white men strategized, made a deal with Donald Trump to win the Presidency, Supreme Court, Senate, and House, all 4 political bodies; this Coalition is going to repeal Obamacare, gay marriage, transgender going the bathrooms of their chose; deport immigrants, Muslims, Mexicans; bring back Jim Crow stop and frisk of “Blacks”; check that Black Lives Matter “B.S”; bring back aspects of Jim Crow and the Black Codes.

To win the Presidency, Trump made a deal with angry white America, the Donald promised to put all power in the hands of the state. I ask who control the states. With the grip on the presidential chair, with majority of Governors, House of Representatives and Senators, in their hands, with the Supreme Court soon to be deciding every question in favor of the states, helping the government to deny or lessen minorities their civil right protection, and civil liberties. Republicans, white America, feel themselves masters of their former slaves and the whole situation. With these facts before us, tell me not that the African in America is safe in procession of his own liberty. Tell me not, power, Racist White Angry America, will not assert itself again.

Join me as we observe components of the deal of 1877, 130 years ago.


Africans in America must I remind you of the Black codes laws passed on the state and local level in the United States to restrict the civil rights and civil liberties of African-Americans.
Black-codes foundation lies in the period following the American Civil War. During and after the period of Reconstruction; they were used to regulate the freedoms of African-Americans.

African-Americans had to make annual contracts for their labor. They were not to be allowed in public without his papers in writing. They must at all time present licenses (from the mayor; or from a member of the board of police of the beat), citing their places of residence and authorizing them to work (Today this document is called an I.D.), fugitives from labor were to be arrested and carried back to their employers. It was made a misdemeanor, punishable with fine, body abuse, or imprisonment. Five dollars a head and mileage would be allowed such “negro” catchers. A bonus afforded the slave catcher to be able to inflict physical punishment upon the slave. Black Codes were corporal punishment, vicious whippings, specifically applied to African-Americans. Black codes legally allowed slave holders to be able to administer physical abuse, including death. The un-written law, allowed a master to murder his slave.

The African-American living in White America had to be squeaky clean; he was not even allowed to spit on the side walk. Black codes legally allowed for punishment to be administered to a slave by his master. Black codes were enacted to forbid African-American from being able to roam the roads, or congregate in public. This is why the Donald promised the States, Stop and Fisk. Black codes allowed for a European to be able to stop an African-American in public. If the African-American did not have his papers, he or she could be arrested and carried back to their master, or be put in prison.


The Jim Crow Laws were state and local laws enacted in the Southern and Border States of the United States and enforced between 1876 and 1965, to separate the races. They mandated "separate but equal" status for black Americans. Jim Crow laws were enacted to support racial segregation in everyday life. They required black and white people to use separate water fountains, public schools, public bath houses, restaurants, public libraries, buses and rail cars—
In each Southern state the Redeemer governments passed Jim Crow laws. In the Progressive Era the restrictions were formalized, and segregation was extended to the federal government by President Woodrow Wilson in 1913. In the first stage of Presidential Reconstruction, all white Southern legislatures overwhelmingly dominated by ex-Confederates, passed the black codes. Between 1890 and 1920, many state governments prevented most blacks from voting by various techniques, such as poll taxes and literacy tests. It is estimated that of 181,000 African-American males of voting age in Alabama in 1900, only 3,000 were registered to vote. Does this sound familiar, the Republicans have been trying to make it harder for Africans in America and prisoners to be able to vote in America?
The Supreme Court of the United States held in the Civil Rights Cases 109 US 3 (1883) that the Fourteenth Amendment did not give the federal government the power to outlaw private discrimination, and then held in Plessy v. Ferguson 163 US 537 (1896) that Jim Crow laws were constitutional as long as they allowed for "separate but equal" facilities. In the years that followed, the court made this "separate but equal" requirement a hollow phrase by approving discrimination even in the face of evidence of profound inequalities in practice.
Jim Crow laws were a product of the solidly Democratic South. As the party which supported the Confederacy, the Democrats quickly dominated all aspects of local, state, and federal political life in the post-Civil War South, right up through the 1970s. As late as 1956, a resolution called Southern Manifesto, condemning the Supreme Court's ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, was read into the Congressional Record and supported by 96 southern congressmen and senators, each one a Democrat.
In addition to Jim Crow laws, in which the state compelled segregation of the races, businesses, political parties, unions and other private parties created their own Jim Crow arrangements. They barred African-Americans from buying homes in certain neighborhoods, from shopping or working in certain stores, from working at certain trades, etc. The Supreme Court outlawed some forms of private discrimination in Shelley v. Kraemer 334 US 1 (1948), in which it held that "restrictive covenants" that barred sale of homes to blacks or Jews or Asians were unconstitutional, on the grounds that they represented state-sponsored discrimination, in that they were only effective if the courts enforced them. The Supreme Court was unwilling, however, to attack other forms of private discrimination; it reasoned that private parties did not violate the Equal Protection clause of the Constitution when they discriminated, because they were not "state actors" covered by that clause. Need I remind you in 2017, the Donald will select the next Supreme Court Justice, tipping the scale for the Republicans to control the Supreme Court for at least the next 8 years? If a Democratic Supreme Court Justice appointee was to resign or die within the next eight years, this will open the door for the Republican led Supreme Court to decide in favor of angry white men for a period longer than 8 years.
Jim Crow laws, in the state controlled by angry white men, compelled segregation of the races, businesses, political parties, unions and other private parties. It opens the door to the creation and enforcement of their own Jim Crow arrangements, stop and frisk Africans in America, bar Africans-Americans from buying homes in certain neighborhoods (shall I remind you of Donald Trump and his father history of barring Africans-Americans from renting his units), from shopping or working in certain stores, from working at certain trades, etc.

Steve Bannon and Angry White Men

Say what you want about Steve Bannon. I wish to say this to you. Steve Bannon is in tune with angry white America, the alt-right racist xenophobic, misogynist, movement. He understands them and speaks their language. Bannon understandd this fact, the core of white America love darkness rather than the light, because the core of white America deeds is evil. Angry white Americans love Donald Trump, because his deeds are evil. Those who hate the light, does not come to the light, because their deeds are exposed. The facts speak for itself White Americans who left the light (Obama coalition) to join darkness (Angry white ultra-conservative Americans), clearly understand the big picture, what was at stake, more so than the Uncle Tom sell-outs, or fence climbers who go the way of how the wind is blowing them on a given day.

Who Are the Angry White Men? Machiavelli in his book “The Qualities of the Prince” (i.e., ruler) describes his angry white kin-folks, as ungrateful, fickle, simulators and deceivers, avoiders of danger, greedy for gain; they are a sorry lot, broken on every occasion in which their own self-interest is concerned; they are hypocrites, liars, and they never keep their promises. A ruler who bases his power entirely on their words finds himself ruin. Since angry white men are a sorry lot and will not keep their promise to you, rulers like wise need not keep their promise to them. The ruler must care little for keeping his promises and he must know how to manipulate the minds of men by shrewdness. This is why the Donald changes thoughts often, opening the door for some to speculate he’s a hypocrite and liar.

A ruler must be prudent enough to know how to escape the bad reputation of those vices that would lose the presidency for him. He need not worry about incurring the bad reputation. Those things that seem to be a vice, if pursued, will result in his safety and his well being. One must study the works of great men, to prepare oneself to act out their advise as need be. The Donald, on the advice of Steve Bannon, masterfully executed Machiavelli’s advice in how to escape the bad reputation vices that surfaced during his presidential run that could have lost the presidency for him. Those things that seem to be a vice, taxes, groping women, discriminating against Africans-Americans, etc., when they were pursued by democrats and the media, resulted in his safety and his well being, with angry white voters. Steve Bannon advised Donald Trump to study and act out “Qualities of the Prince” (i.e., ruler).

Steve Bannon offered Donald Trump principles, guidelines of what he has to do to size power and maintain power. Steve Bannon specific action plans/specific specified behavior covered all the bases, it covered what, when, where, against who, and why.

Steve Bannon advises Trump to know how to make good use of the nature of the “beast”, especially, the fox and the lion. It is necessary for him, as the ruler to be a fox in order to recognize traps and a lion in order to frighten the wolves. Men are so simpleminded and so controlled by the present necessities, that one who deceives will always find another who will allow him self to be deceived. The ruler must know how to use wisely the natures of the beast and what’s proper to man. He must be able to employ the nature of one and the other.

Angry white men are a sorry lot of people, if you worked for their good they are completely loyal to you, they will offer you their blood, their property, their lives and their sons. The confederate army of angry white men was very loyal to Jefferson Davis, for they believed he worked for there good, by maintaining slavery. In return the confederate army of angry white men offered Jefferson Davis, their blood, their lives and their sons.

Though the Confederate Flag was taken down in public. The confederates are alive, and are still completely loyal to the South and confederate flag in their heart and spirit; they continue to offer their blood, their property, their lives and the lives of their sons and their daughters. The 13 southern states that succeeded from the Union in 1861 all voted for Trump except Virginia, only because Hillary’s Vice President running mate was Virginia’s Governor and Senator.
The Confederates in the North, South, Mid West, throughout the United States still works for the good of the Confederate Flag, they have been murdering African-Americans with or without a badge i.e. Black lives Matter, or the murdering of the African-American Rev Clementa Pinckney and members of his congregation while praying in a Christian church. The racist saved one women to tell the world what she had witnessed. The murderer told the young man before he was going to kill him, because Africans in America are taking over our country and raping our women. Armies under the command of a ruler need not worry about being considered cruel. Given the fact that angry white men have unscrupulous characters; Steve Bannon advice the Donald, his character must be as unscrupulous as theirs. It is necessary that you have a mind ready to turn itself according to the way the winds of fortune. Steve Bannon told the Donald he must be able to enter upon evil when necessity commands. Rulers with armies under his command need not worry about being considered cruel, for without that reputation you will never keep an army, loyal, united or prepared for any combat. Your inhuman cruelty will always make you respected and terrified in the eyes of your soldiers. Your soldiers, inhuman cruelty will always be pleasing to you, for it instills fear in, internal and external foes.

Africans in America what else do you need to see, what else do you need to experience. I must confess to you, while I was watching the election results come in, I steering at the television as if I saw a ghost. I was in shock until I researched history, studied the facts. More so now than anytime in my lifetime I am clear Why Watch Night Service (Freedom Eve), Why Juneteenth Jubilee?

I am clearer than ever before, why we need to go into our faith-based institutions, Freedom Eve, to cleanse thy spirit, thy temple, thy ways in the world which are foreign to us and are hurtful to our family, and our tribes. I understand why it is important to begin a new day of wholistic freedom. Russians, Chinese, United States, Big Brother hacking into emails, family you are not safe to communicate via technology, the Tec-systems, is totally controlled by angry white men. I understand why it is important to return every person of African descent to his own land that he inherited. Likewise return every person to his tribe. Brothers, sisters we are not in the land of our ancestors. We are living in, taking up space in White America, White America can do what ever it wants to us; primary example 2016 elections.. I ask of you while you are occupying space in white America. I ask of you to cease the oppression of one by another; say to all those you have hurt, did wrong to, offended, Forgive me, I am sorry, Thank-you, I love you. Clear the way for being open to receiving the spiritual blessings of a new day of freedom.

Ron Brown


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