SIGN THE PETITION - Tell the Repuglycons Hands off John Lewis!!

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

I'm posting a petition that you need to repost and sign immediately.

The vultures are at it again - if you thought that the brutality of the Civil Rights Era was behind us, guess again! It's big as life, twice as ugly and living in the repuglycon dominated congress.

Their target is brother John Lewis - a icon, legend and hero from the Civil Rights era who serves as Congressman from Atlanta, GA.

They are trying to "punish" him for his stance on gun control, and other issues that directly impact and affect Black people.  

I posting this petition which was sent to me, and asking that you first forward blank copies to your contacts, then sign the original and send it in.  

The fact that even during an election year these cretins are still pushing their racist agenda should be more than enough incentive for all Black voters and voters of consciousness to make sure that they don't just vote for the president, but make sure that they vote for every Democrat running against any Repuglycon - regardless of what the office is. More significantly, there must be a clean sweep of Repuglycons  out of Congress - once and for all - and keep them out from this point forward.  There are 61 + days til the November 8 election. 

Start your strategies now for how people will get to the polls.  Stand up in your church or place of worship and make sure people are registered to vote and make doubly sure they have transport to the polls.

We have to move throughout this country as a unified front - VOTING HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT and ALL DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES - even if you have to do coordinated write ins - FOR CONGRESSIONAL AND US SENATORIAL OFFICES.

Time to take out all the trash and the garbage that goes with it.

We're backing brother JOHN LEWIS - and all of our members of the CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS - this is our time to put our muscles behind it.

Stay Blessed & 


Stand with John Lewis TODAY 

Karen, this is a CRITICAL moment:
FIRST: In the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting in history, Congress REFUSED to take action against gun violence.

THEN: John Lewis led his Democratic colleagues in an HISTORIC 25-hour sit-in to demand a vote on gun safety measures.

NOW: Republican leaders in Congress want to PUNISH John Lewis for his heroic leadership.

Congress comes back into session in a matter of hours -- and they could hand down a punishment at a moment’s notice.

Please sign our urgent petition and stand with John Lewis in the fight to end gun violence >>
John Lewis knows that gun violence is one of the most critical problems facing our country today. And he knows we can’t wait any longer for action.
Karen, we need to let him know that we have his back.
Will you stand with John Lewis to urge Congress to take action against gun violence?

-Alliance For Gun Responsibility

Paid for by Alliance for Gun Responsibility ERP Committee
PO Box 21712 Seattle, WA 98111
Top five contributors: Nick Hanauer, Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, Steven Ballmer, Paul Allen, Ann Wyckoff

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