My Open Love Letter to Bill Cosby

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

Open Letter to Brother Bill Cosby:

Dear Bill:

Just wanted to reach out to you and Camille and your entire family to let you know that I, and so many others, love you, support you, and know that you have been victimized by the most racist and egregious of all systems - the US Meanstream media.

The very system you have helped realize billions of dollars because of your talent, genius, and intelligence; the same system that you pulled out of the toilet with your landmark, wonderful television show - THE BILL COSBY SHOW; and the spin off DIFFERENT WORLD - was the same racist system that turned on you when you made overtures to purchase a network so that Black people would have a relevant TV system of their own.  We know who they are all too well.  

And we know who you are as well Bill:

You're the brother who grew up on the streets of Philadelphia, but who did not let the streets of Philadelphia keep you from rising and coming back with your largesse to help those who could not make it out. 

You're the brother who had his own comedy show, and when it "tanked" didn't roll over and play dead, but went to Amherst University and got a PhD in Education so that you could come back and develop programming that was relevant and educational as well as entertaining for African American children.  My kids grew up on Electric Company and Fat Albert.  And they raised their kids on the 
shows that I videotaped so they can continue to watch them long after the so-called ratings had dropped.

You're the brother who made those wonderful recordings that had us all rolling on the floor at Lincoln University when I was a homesick student and needed a little levity to see me through - remember  "I Started Out as a Child?" It's still my favorite - and "Noah," keeps me rolling on the floor laughing myself silly.

You're the brother who used his money - earned from the shows and the many endorsements for products who don't have the backbone to back you up now  - to help Black colleges that were struggling to keep their doors open when the Federal government, and many of their own alumni had turned their backs and closed their wallets.  

You and Camille are the power couple who have helped countless numbers of people and organizations over the decades, who had no place else to turn.  

You're the brother who tried to wake Black parents up who were spending hundreds of dollars for sneakers for their children, while not spending a dime for books or to further their education - you got slammed for it then, and it's proving to be the case now - even Michael Jordan is admitting it and "dropping" the prices of his sneakers.

You're the brother who performed at the Apollo in Harlem for free in order to raise funds for charitable organizations.

You are the brother who took a principled stance when it came to stand up comedy and decided to not use profanity as a pseudo form of entertainment, but to keep it clean so that your mom and your children and other children could watch you without having to have a censor bleep out part of your message.

You are the perfect father image on the Cosby show - and that is who you always are. 

We over understand the way the meanstream white racist media - and the so called illuminati - work - when they can't corrupt a Black man who has power and influence in the world, they do their best to vilify him to his people and use their media propaganda to do so.  

We over understand how they are able to buy those sell outs  - like Buruss - ersatz comedian - to be the judas-vehicle to plant the message among those who are gullible -

Their modus operendii is not new - they've been doing it for centuries.  They did it to Paul Robeson - another great Philadelphian and a Fine Black Man like you - when they denied him the right to perform.

These are evil vicious people 

So this is my prayer for you, Bill:

That while they meant it for evil, God will turn it into good; that you 
will get double for your trouble; that he will bring beauty from the ashes.  
That no weapon formed against you will prosper, and that you are 
stronger, mightier and more blessed than these miscreants ever 
That God The Living Spirit Almighty will restore unto you 
all that the locusts have eaten and you will stand taller, stronger, 
and more erudite than ever before.  

Please be of courage, my brother, and maintain your health 
and dignity - we want you to be here at age 90 so you can 
look back and laugh at your detectors and transducers 
and be able to say:  "I'M STILL STANDING, BUT BY THE 
GRACE OF GOD" (by the way that's 
a favorite song of mine by Israel Houghton - you might 
enjoy listening to it).

As I said at the beginning and I reiterate now - I love you &
believe in you! And so does God - AMEN

Stay Blessed & 

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