Louisiana gets a second chance to get it right: Senate Run Off in Louisiana -

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

Well there's a silver lining in some of these clouds, thank goodness!  It appears that the margins were so close in Louisiana that they will have to hold a run off to determine who wins the senate seat there.  So all you down there in Louisiana, roll up your sleeves and let's pull the fat out of the fire.  Mary Landrieu needs you and, guess what, you need her.  So for all those who thought it was all over, for all the civil rights organizations who didn't mobilize their bases, etc., let's rally the people and get the job done. 

Below is a communique I received from her campaign headquarters.  I'm passing this press release on to you - share it with your friends and their friends as well.  Don't let it be known that they outfoxed or out voted you in this crucial midterm.  

By the way, if you know of any other close races that are requiring a run off where Democrats can emerge victorious with just a little "get out and vote muscle" behind them, let me know - we'll put them on the blog and on face book to encourage the voters to take advantage of the second time around opportunities.  We can leave nothing to chance - if there is a way to narrow the margin of the majority repuglycons in Congress, I'm for it!


On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 11:18 AM, Senator Jeff Merkley <campaign@jeffmerkley.com> wrote:
You worked hard this election season and you deserve a rest, but we aren't done yet. The fight continues for our friend Mary Landrieu in Louisiana, and she needs our help.
The race for Louisiana’s Senate seat is headed to a runoff, and it’s a chance for us to hold on to one more critical seat. I’m stepping up to support Mary’s “Off and Running" moneybomb, and I’m asking you to join me. Chip in and help us win this one!
If we’re going to hold the line against the far right, then every vote will count. Bottom line: We need Mary Landrieu back in the Senate.
Karl Rove’s Super PAC already spent over $2 million and the Koch Brothers ran nearly 5,000 television advertisements to defeat Mary Landrieu.
This is nothing new for Mary. She’s a fighter. She’s been through three runoffs in her career already, and each time she’s come out on top.
We had a tough night on Tuesday, but it’s time to get up off the mat. Our comeback starts right now, and Louisiana is our first big opportunity.
Let’s do this!
Paid for by Jeff Merkley for Oregon.
This email was sent by Jeff Merkley for Oregon
PO Box 14172, Portland, OR 97293.

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