Rick Weiland for Senate in South Dakota shows how to run a campaign for the people

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

Well, we're getting down to the wire - and my emails (all five of them) have been inundated with messages from all over the candidates throughout the US, as well as locally.  But I came across something that so defines the campaign and the struggle between the greedy fat cats of the repuglycon party and the Democratic party that I had to share it - I hope the video comes through so you'll get as much  kick and an inspiration out of this as I did.

Rick Weiland, Democrat from South Dakota, is running for Senate.  This is his campaign:


On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 9:19 AM, Jim Dean <info@democracyforamerica.com> wrote:
Gloria --

“Can you win a seat in the United States Senate by driving around in a minivan, strumming a guitar and singing about the evils of money in politics?”

That’s the opening line of a Huffington Post piece about an insurgent Democrat whose bolt-from-the-blue campaign for U.S. Senate is now the hottest race in the country and could be the tipping point that saves the Senate from GOP control.

Wait, what? Some dude driving a people-powered minivan around the back roads of South Dakota is about to shock the world?

Yep. And get a load of this semi-viral music video he just released. Yes, MUSIC VIDEO. Once you see it, you won’t be able to get his catchy chorus out of your head.

Just click here to watch this Elizabeth Warren Democrat’s unforgettable song -- and try not to be charmed by it (like Rachel Maddow was a few days ago).
That’s Rick Weiland. Name ring a bell?

As Rachel Maddow highlighted on her Thursday show, Democracy for America endorsed Rick waaaaaaaaay back in March when no one outside of South Dakota knew who the heck he was -- and when the establishment didn’t think he had a snowball’s chance in hell. Since March, DFA members have been contacting thousands of voters across South Dakota -- and the polls are now tighter than a tick.

Rick Weiland is an excellent example of why my brother Howard launched the 50 State Strategy ten years ago with the birth of Democracy for America. And that’s why Gov. Dean just announced that Rick is being elevated into the “Dean Dozen” -- DFA’s short list of top priority campaigns.

Because of DFA members like you who got Rick’s back months ago, now he has the momentum to WIN -- and help Elizabeth Warren build the “no one’s bought me” Senate caucus the moment his boots hit the floors of Capitol Hill.

Do you want to elect another Elizabeth Warren Democrat and save the Senate from the grip of the GOP and Mitch McConnell? Then chip in $3 right now to Rick Weiland and let’s get this done.

Thank you for stepping up for Rick. Together, we’re unstoppable.

- Jim

Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America

P.S. Remember that quote at the top of this email -- where the Huffington Post asked if someone can win a U.S. Senate seat by "driving around in a minivan, strumming a guitar and singing about the evils of money in politics?” Let’s make sure the answer is YES! Chip in $3 now to Rick’s people-powered campaign.

Donate today
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He totally sums it up in a song.  And what a song!!

I think we can come up with some really great concepts to piggy back off of in order to get the rest of the fence sitters on board vis a vis the other republycon incumbents who are clogging up the democratic process, don't you?  What say you HipHop artists out there?  Can you write something without using profanity or the "b" or "n" words to engage your peers?  You have three weeks and counting.

"It's so simple it's profound; it's profoundly simple and simply profound." - Rev. Ike




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