Michelle Obama for Tom Wolf as next Governor of Pennsylvania

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

You may notice some differences in my Blog over the next few weeks  - where possible, I will be allowing political candidates that I support to share the landscape with other relevant ECLECTICALLY BLACK NEWS and information.

Pennsylvania went overwhelmingly for President Obama in 2012 - despite all the conjecture about it being a "battle ground state."  Now it's time to help make it official by electing TOM WOLF as next governor of Pennsylvania - giving Philly the moxy it needs to get out from under some pretty oppressive oppositional policies that has seen the forced closing of 30 schools; teachers robbed of their insurance; students robbed of the right to a positive educational environment, and so many more issues.  

Below is a card endorsing Tom Wolf, who is wholeheartedly supported by the First Lady (and the President).  If you are in the Philly/PENNA area, make sure you sign it.  If you've not, but have relatives or friends who are, make sure they sign it.  We cannot allow territorial differences to prevent us from winning across the board. 


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Without the important partnership between the governor and the mayor of the fifth largest city in the US, we will continue to face stagnation - of course Mayor Nutter is doing all he can to prevent that  from being the situation; but things work more smoothly if they are working in concert, as opposed to Nutter always having to operate from damage control. 

Make yourselves a committee of one to get out the vote  - help those who have no transportation get to the polls - contact your fellow church members.  This is serious.

Oh, yes - also SIGN THE CARD and Pass it on.

Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson 


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