Happy Birthday to My Handsome Son Rais "One Sun Lion RA" Wilson

by Gloria Dulan-Wilson


Rais & Big Sister Kira

   You know I had to do this - this is a milestone birthday, and I just couldn't let it pass without paying homage to my handsome son, Rais Enaharo Wilson (his name is both East and West African).  Based on the fact that he's a Leo, Rais means Ruler; Enaharo means Like the Sun (since Leo is a Sun King).  He later amended it to a stage name of his chosing:  The One Sun Lion RA. 

    Spoken word artist, musician in his own right, and the pride and joy of his late father, Lou Wilson (Mandrill), Rais has stepped out in his own right and begun blazing his own trail in the world of entertainment.

    As a kid, sandwiched in between two sisters, Kira and Adiya, Ra made it plain that he was definitely the "boss" in the family - that is until his big sister shut him down, or his little sister put on a pouty face.  There was the usual amount of sibling rivalry, but for the most part, these three were each other's support system, and continue to be so to this day.  A lot of love in our family for each other.  I am so proud of that fact. 

    Now that they are all grown up, mature adults, and RA is the father of three beautiful chocolate drops of his own, it's a pleasure to see him with his kids, telling them the exact thing I told him when he was little:  "Don't sit with your mouth open;" " say please," "say thank you," "say excuse me," "take your elbows off the table," "don't talk with your mouth full" "Black is Beautiful and so are you," "I love you."

    A consummate musician, writer, poet, and artist, Rais often appeared with his dad's group, Mandrill, on tour, performing some of his own original work.  He's also appeared with Roy Ayers in the past. 

    As a child it was easy to see he had a lot of talent, because he drove his teachers crazy.  As a result of being frequently called to the school because he was always cracking jokes or imitating (perfectly) characters he had seen on TV or his teachers;  I finally told him the only way he could do that and it not be a problem, was if he was getting paid.  So I made it mandatory for him to audition for plays and roles, got him an agent, Sassie Gehrhardt, who got him on two Cosby Shows, and nearly landed him a role as Vanessa's love interest.  In addition, he performed in two plays at the Harlem School of the Arts, one in which Susan Taylor's daughter, Shauna (?) danced (Wings Over Harlem, and We Don't Mean Chicken Honey). 

    My Handsome Son - I do love saying that - is his own person, but he shares so many traits from both the Dulan and Wilson family lines.  I've taken to calling my children Jamaica/Baja/Manian/Indians - because of their family lineages of Jamaica, Barbados, Panama and Cherokee nations.  It's beautiful to see the blends in his talent, temperament, expression, and genetic code. 

    As an artist, his work has been displayed at Yale University, Danny Simmons Studio, and in Paris.  Being multitalented has its blessings, and its frustrations; but the dedication with which he's followed his dream is beginning to bear fruit. 

RA Black in the Day at North Carolina A&T
      And on this milestone of Birthdays, August 5, 2013, I am speaking power over my son and his life, and declaring that he will have many more wonderful days ahead of him.  He is blessed and highly favored.  And very much loved by us all. 

Stay Blessed &


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