By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:


 Just had to make this known - Israel Houghton:  my favorite praise and spiritual entertainer will be in Philadelphia at the Dell on Thursday, August 1.

I missed him in Brooklyn on Monday, July 29, but you can best believe that I will definitely be front and center at the Dell.

If I haven't told you lately how much I admire and respect this brother for his body of work, for what he's gone through to become who he is, and for the fact that he is true to who he is, then let me go on record and say so now.  

Israel Houghton is truly gifted and talented.  His messages, via his music, lyrics, phrasing, and expression have been known to lift yours truly, and I'm sure countless thousands of others, out of the very pit of despair.  

 I am an unabashed fan, from the first time I heard him on Joel Osteen, at Lakewood Church nearly 10 years ago.  He serves as their praise and worship leader in one of the largest congregations in the United States. Based in Houston, TX, in the converted Compact Arena, the church averages approximately 16,000 people per service, from Saturday night service to  two Sunday morning services, an afternoon Spanish language service, and an evening young adult service.  

I watch the service online on most Sundays, and, to me, the Sunday Service would not be complete without Israel Houghton's songs and music, and the assistance of the ensemble of Da'dra Crawford Greathouse, Cindy Cruze Ratcliffe, Steve Crawford, and that kicking band that plays in the background.  You feel the spirit and energy expressed through the talents of these people.   Top that off with Joel and Victoria Osteen's message, and you can go out and conquer the world, both inner and outer.

New Breed, his band, has traveled with him to South Africa, England, and other major parts of the world.  They augment to his distinctive sound, and are each great musicians in their own right.  (By the way, if you haven't already, make sure you check out his South African album - fantastic!)  And it appears that he's not the only talented one in his family.  He and his daughter Mariah Houghton did a duet together entitled, "So You Can Feel My Love," that is so moving and beautiful, I had to play it over and over several times.

Of course in addition to the time honored songs that so many millions of us listen to, such as, "I Am a Friend of God," "Moving Forward," "The Power of One," "Alpha and Omega," "If Not For Your Grace," my new all time favorite is "It's Not Over!" which I  sometimes play at least six or seven times before getting out of bed. 

Israel has a way of energizing an audience that is pure magic.  I attended a concert at Brooklyn Tabernacle and the entire audience stood and sang along with him throughout the show.  

The Dell Music Center is at Ridge and Huntingdon Drive in Philly.  The concert begins at 7:00pm.  For additional information, log on to Israel & New Breed, or look up Israel Houghton online.
Like I said, this is a short alert, but it's an important one.  Make it your business to make it to the Dell Music Center and check out brother Israel Houghton.  Get lifted.   
Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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