Twas The Night Before Election 2012

Hello All: Thought I'd inject just a little light humor over a very serious subject. So please indulge me, and enjoy - if you like it, pass it on. Stay Blessed & ECLECTICALLY BLACK Gloria Dulan-Wilson
'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE ELECTION 2012 (based loosely on the rhythm & rhyme of Twas The Night Before Christmas by Clement Moore) PoeticLicenseTM BY GLORIA DULAN-WILSON (c) NOVEMBER 5, 2012 Twas the night bfore the Election And in every house The people were shouting Keep Obama in the White House!! * He helped us when the economy tanked and we were in despair The Bushes were laughing and didn't give a care * Wall Street was pampered while Main Street was dead Visions of homes, jobs and auto workers were all ripped to shreds * People bought homes that were part of a trap And now were losing them in a mortgage security gap * The first Presidential debate was full of Romney chatter The President seemed quiet, but that didn't matter * The mendacity of Mitt-Twit was salacious and brash Cause he was not for WE THE PEOPLE, just partisan cash * The anger of the people was beginning to grow Cause his on-camera "caring" was all just for show * And what to our wondering eyes did appear But the puppet master strings so blatant and clear * And a conniver named Rove so sneaky and slick That he, the Kochs and Bushes had tried every underhanded trick * They tried to stop votes with bogus I.D. scams to reduce the amout, They own vote counting machines so they can miscount * They lied in Wisconsin, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania The media, newspapers, television all carried Romneymania * And he said he'd cut out the 47% and make sure they didn't get one red cent Romneysia is a recurring condition; he lies about lying, with no truth admission * He'd cancel FEMA, PBS, Big Bird, Medicaid & Obamacare Let the the Elders eat vouchers; what does he care? * He'll send all the jobs to cheap Chinese & Latin Americans for hire You think unemployment's high now, he'll make it even higher! * He's torn down more companies than he's ever built He's run businesses into the ground without any guilt * He's running on a record he never attained The UAW is suing him for outrageous profits he obtained * More rapid than eagles Obama's forces they came He counterd aend shouted and made Romney/Ryan look lame * Now Michelle! Now Hillary! Now Eric! Now Clinton!! On Nutter! On Jesse! On Kerry! on Colin and too many to mention * To the top of world respect! to the top of the wall! Now dash away, rep-ughblican delays, job blockages and all! * As dry leaves before hurricane Sandy did fly He and Chris Christie and took to the Jersey sky * So over the submerged houses with FEMA they flew And he made sure Jersey & New York had aid that day before he was through * And there in a twinkling we all saw the proof Romney/Ryan was fallacy - Obama/Biden is truth!!! * As the independents vacillated and waited around Obama's leadership in education, health & foreign affairs still abound * He's clothed in vision & purpose from his head to his foot He's brought the soldiers home and our jobs back to boot! * A bundle of aid for Americans he did not hold back Like the leader he is, he protects us from lack & attack * His eyes, how they twinkle, his smile reassuring His vision is keen, is strength so alluring * He has a strong friendly smile at least a mile wide He looks you in the eye - he has nothing to hide * He has a mellow way of talking He makes you feel calm He takes responsiblity; protects the country from harm * He looks out for women, disenfranchised, the middle class and the poor He's done more in two years than most have done in four * He's taken lemons and given us lemonade He takes responsibility and isn't afraid * When he speaks his words, you know it will work To not vote for Obama, you'd have to be a jerk * He's for All Americans, not just for those The rich, right wing rep-ugh-blicans chose * So as we get up to slay the ones who don't give a whistle Just remember to vote Nov.6, because this will * Be the most important thing you do When you cast your vote for the country & WE, THE PEOPLE - that's YOU!! * So let me exclaim before you turn out the light Re-Elect Barack Obama by Tomorrow Night * STAY BLESSED & ECLECTICALLY AMERICAN Gloria Dulan-Wilson (c) November 5, 2012

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