EVENT ALERT 1/22/12: Assembly Woman Annette M. Robinson & Bridge Street AWME Church Emergency Preparedness Workshop

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Anyone who lived through the great blizzard of 2010 will immediately recognize the necessity for an emergency preparedness workshop. We had show drifts 6 feet high; buses and trains were shut down for days, and the regular shops were closed. There were many individuals facing life threatening conditions who could not reach their doctors or the hospital because the streets were impassable. The city was paralyzed, literally. Some individuals perished, or suffered life threatening situations. How might those incidents been handled differently had they, or a loved one, had taken an emergency preparedness training course?

On Sunday, January 22, Assemblywoman Annette Robinson and Bridge Street A.W.M.E. Church's Affiliated Community Corporations and Programs (BSACCAP) will provide vital information, equipment, material, supplies and training in emergency preparedness, at Bridge Street Church, 227 Stuyvesant Ave, between Jefferson and Handcock Streets; from 1:30 to 3:30.

Of course, we in New York can consider ourselves pretty lucky in most instances, because nothing of a major catastrophe has hit us since 9/11. But - hey! You never know! As Assemblywoman Robinson said, at a recent presentation at Jazz 966, "It's better to be safe, than sorry. We all think we'd know what to do in an emergency, but you can never know too much. You might save someone's life, or your family."

This is open to all ages and all levels. They will deal with how to prepare for such emergencies as: Hurricanes (remember Irene?); Heavy Show (Blizzard of 2010); Tornadoes; Floods (or extensive rain); Medical Emergencies, etc.

It's free and open to the public. If you require any additional information, Contact, Dr. Robert J. Williams, Chairperson at (718) 452-3936; or robe7775@aol.com.

Remember, the life you save may be your own, or that of a loved one; so come out and learn how.

Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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