Who I am, What I Write, Why I Write, and Why Some People Are Blocked from the Blog

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson:

Hello All: I recently had occasion to respond to an individual who is a "self-styled activist" who had invited me to participate in a protest demonstration against President Barack Obama, which would have taken place in Harlem in front of the Apollo while the President participated in a fund raising concert held in his honor.

The email which I received on January 17,2012 was so hostile that I immediately shot back an email to the author, Nellie Hester Bailey, informing her that I was blocking her from my blog, and that her info would no longer be welcome. I also put her on blast as a warning to others that, as I have so often stated, if you have negative things to say about President Obama, "I ain't the one - I'm on his side."

Ms. Bailey retaliated by trying to "call me out" castigating me in the BlackList. However, I have largely ignored her tirade. Until today, when I received an email from a brother, Curtis Moore, who basically stated: "I have a new saying you can lead a human to knowledge. But you can't make think. Gloria has sent a lot of email with I don't agree with. There are people who you send email to that don't agree with what you send them. Just think how the world would be if all people are thinking the same thing at the same time. There may be peace of earth but I feel it would be a dull place. I don't feel that we should ban a person because they don't think the way we." Curtis Moore

And I wanted to set the record straight in reference to who I am, what I write, why I write, who I write for, and why I felt it necessary block this individual from my blog:

Hi Curtis: For you I'll make a response.

I did not ban the Nellie because she did not think the way I did. I banned her for the attack dog, disrespectful attitude she has and continues to make against President Obama.

Now, quiet as it's kept, I certainly don't agree with everything the President says or does - only 97%. And I don't expect anyone else to agree with anyone all the time. What I did say, and I've reiterated it several times during the course of writing my blog, gloriadulanwilson.blogspot.com/Eclectically Black News is that I will not be the purveyor of hostilities against the President, or overtly negative attitudes or statements against him. She crossed the line.

Now, me being me - Black feature writer - not just a journalist, but a member of the Partisan Press (meaning, I live here just like you do. I vote, I have concerns and an opinion, and I tend to write from that standpoint), I reserve the right to not be objective when it comes to certain things, issues. When I am writing for the regular Black press or for the meanstream news, then of course I have to speak from that "middle of the road objective tone."

These are some of the things I am for:

1) Black people. I am openly and unabashedly pro Black people
2) African People - I am openly and unabashedly pro African people, except for dictators and those who are killing other African people
3) Japanese People - I am openly and unabashed pro-Japanese people - but their leaders are brainwashed, so they are fair game
4) American Indians (a/k/a"Native Americans"): I am openly and unabashedly pro-American Indians, especially, Cherokee (except for Chad), Creeks, Crowes, Apaches - My family is at least 1/3 Indian
5) President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, the Obama Kids - I am openly and unabashedly pro OBAMAS - except for the 3% of the decisions he makes I don't agree with.
6) Popcorn and Peanut butter: I absolutely and unabashedly love Popcorn
- home popped not that theatre or microwave crap - without butter. I love Peanut butter on practically everything - especially the fresh ground organic peanut butter from the health food store. I think a monument should be raised to George Washington Carver (who invented peanut butter); and all American Indians should be receiving royalties everytime anyone anywhere in the world buy popcorn - whether it be from Orville Redenbacher or the theatres - since they had Popcorn first!!

7. Affordable, desirable homes: I absolutely, unabashedly and totally believe that every body in the world deserves a decent place to live, regardless of who, what, and where they are. Or how much or little money they have. It's why I support NACA. I think when you live in the richest country in the land they can at least provide you with a decent home - not a shelter.

I am an Eclectic Black Woman. I know and love my people, my lineage, appreciate and respect my heritage. And that includes Nellie, as well as some other brothers and sisters I disagree with. That does not mean that I have to post everything they say on my blog. I am not going to allow the denigration of President Obama space in my writing. It's my policy. I put my own people first, of course, but Obama takes precedence. I also try to disagree without being disagreeable - if people let me. Some times they do, sometimes they don't.

I don't do "tit for tat" in the media, because it give the mean stream ammo to use against us. So as far as I'm concerned the ranting and raving and foaming at the mouth like some kind of rabid animal really gets them no where with me. I don't rise to that bait, because there are so many more important things going on right now that I am focused on.

So, just for the sake of balance, here are the things that I am solidly against:
1. Drugs, their users, their abusers, their pushers, and their transporters (we all know who they are and why they're doing it) and those who try to call it an "illness" - I am openly and unabashedly against drugs.
2. Anything and anyone from any part of the Bush family regardless of where in the world they are, how nice they are - if they got one tenth of one per cent of Bush blood in them, they're a Bush - and Bushes are bad - From George I who headed in the CIA, to George II who bankrupted the planet, to all his administration.
3. Newt Gingrich - read statement #2
4. Flies, snakes, waterbugs, roaches, - read statement #2 again - actually I like them more than the Bushes, but not much.
5. Parents who neglect their kids (there is no excuse - sorry, poverty and ignorance are not reasons either).
6. Poverty and being poor (or not having enough money); I openly unabashedly hate not having enough money - and I'm trying very hard to get out of that situation (and I know millions of people who totally agree with me on this); and people who put me in a position to not have access to money are really on my list - review #2, again.
7. Fanatics of any kind - I don't care who you are, what your cause is, where you came from - if you are a foaming at the mouth religious or political or even a social fanatic - you're out! Not going to deal with you. What ever that malevolent force that is driving your mania to a frenzy, I want none of it, will not endorse it or write about it. Fanaticism is just two inches away from insanity.
8. People who talk too loud on their cell phones, as though there was no one else in the room, or as though they're trying to let us in on their business. Cut it out. No one wants to hear it. It's stupid and rude.
9. Educated fools - who know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. Who can speak $50.00 dialectically intellectual words that mean absolutely nothing; and can communicate with the rest of the world.

Of course, these lists are not exhaustive. I keep adding stuff. Some days my likes are longer than my dislikes, and some days they are shorter. But these thus far are the tops.

Okay, some of that was a little tongue in cheek - but if we don't learn to take some of the things we confront with a little levity, we'll always be frowning, always be in an attack mode, and always be expecting others to attack us. That's not where I'm coming from. We are in the midst of one of the greatest times and the greatest phenomenons in history; we have an opportunity to really make a difference. I am not going to squander it arguing with people who think it still okay to play crabs in a barrel divide and conquer games.

That said, I really want us as people to understand that there are times when we have to draw the line and say "this far and no further". I have an obligation to my readers to maintain a certain standard of quality when it comes to gloriadulanwilson.blogspot.com/Eclectically Black News. I told them there would be no profanity, porn, ignorance involved. I am somewhat 'Old School,' but I do try to be up to date with new info and technology.

I totally embrace the Eclectically Black Community. However, for me "Eclectic" means taking it from the highest and best standpoint of who we are as Black people. And there are some things that we are doing, that just don't make the cut for me.
There area some things that we ourselves are materially responsible for making happen in our community - and we are not going to get it done by picketing President Obama or Mayor Bloomberg. There are some things that we have to take the responsibility for making happen using our own ingenuity, resources and intelligence. If 100 people can waste the time trying to make the President look bad (yeah! I said it!!!), through pickets and signs, they can use that time and energy to put together a real case for resolving the issues.

I don't have all the answers; I'm not even going to try to find all the answers - but certain principles I was raised with when it comes to Black people - loyalty, unity and things Black - were violated, and I will not give it space on my Blog.

I will not openly fight with my Black brothers and sisters - It's against my personal religion. I will not get into spit fights in public no matter how much I dislike you. The best thing I can do is just block you. So, I said what I had to say, and that was the last word on it for me in reference to the issue.

If you have something positive to write or report about President Obama, or anyone else of our Eclectically Black Community, that you would like me to feature on my Blog, feel free to send it to me, and I will be most happy to include it.

President Obama (as well as the rest of the Eclectically Black Community) has enough redneck, racist, rep-ugh-blicans, tea baggers, Uncle Toms and Tomasinas, negroes, and the mean stream press try to bring him down, thwart what he's trying to accomplish, and prevent him from being re-elected so that he continue doing the great work he has started out doing. The man has accomplished more in the 3 short years he's been in office, than any of the other past presidents combined over the last 20 years. You need to recognize!!!

My job is to present the most positive empowering, uplifting reports about him and other Black people that I can find. I am the anti-mean-stream press. I am not just a journalist (and make no mistake I am a journalist) I -as I stated before - represent THE BLACK PRESS. Not the negro who wants to be white press. Not the press who wants to appease the white readers to "cross over".

I only write for Black people, about Black people. I am the one, when someone says some insipid thing about Black men or women, will take them on and at the same time wake other Black people up so that they can likewise deal with it as well. I am not now, nor have I ever been politically correct. I am politically astute, however.

While I am not the voice of Black people, I am a Voice For Black People. It's what I do. Not going to change that.

Again, thanks for your comments, interests and concern.

Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

PS: by the way, "Black" is a state of mind, not just our complexion; so don't get it twisted - I only deal with consciously Eclectic Black people.


Hi Nellie:

You are hereby blocked from sending me any more emails. As I have warned you and all others in the past, I will not countenance any anti-Obama mail - period.


You wanna occupy Harlem you need to deal with those individuals within Harlem that have sold Harlem out - long before Obama even considered running for president.
You have your sites set in the wrong direction on the wrong target, and while you're doing that, Harlem is being stolen from right under our very noses, and going to hell in a handbasket.

You need Obama to back you up; so stop trying to tear him down. Deal with those characters who are right there within arms reach that you appear to be afraid to confront. President Obama is a "safe" target and a scapegoat for those who are not willing to really take a stand for the gentrification and ethnic cleansing that is happening in your community.

Ask yourself who owns Harlem? and if cannot see your name on a condo, co-op, Newsbrownstone, or house - ask yourself why? Ask yourself what is happening to the BLACK businesses in Harlem?

Get Real - Get to the heart of the issue Get off Obama's back and back him up, before all Harlem is back on someone's plantation somewhere, because we're too focused on divide and conquer b.s. issues to deal with who's really back of all this crap.
Stay Blessed & ECLECTICALLY BLACK Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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  1. GLORIA!!
    Better late than never(they say). Regretfully, I just became aware of this site via Walter Thompson. I've been scanning through your postings and decided that I'm going to take my time and read you from your first blog. Love your most of your electic views, but I must say that what I find most fascinating are your recollections of your growing up years and family. Although informative for your other readers, for me it's more. It's like being in a time machine: I SEE the neighborhood we lived in and the people that were a part of our Black northeast Oklahoma City lives. I SMELL the meals your mom cooked for you(same ones I ate). I FEEL the excitement from the games we loved to play. Didn't realize back then that all of our upbringings were basically the same. Additionally I share and completely agree with your views regarding Black Indians. We are Choctaw/Chickasaw freedmen. I've become the "genealogist/historian" for my huge extended family. Perhaps most fascinating of all, Gloria, is that by reading you I will get some insight as to how the quiet,reserved girl at Dunbar Elementary School morphed into the worldly, self-assured,"eclectic" woman you've become. Keep up the good work.
    Love, Stanford White


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