Open Letter to Yahoo - GIVE ME BACK MY YAHOO CLASSIC EMAIL FORMAT NOW!! If It Ain't Broke, Don't Mess It Up

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

This is a letter of protest to Yahoo from a long time Yahooligan - Me!

It is amazing to me how you can get the finest, most creative minds in one room, and they can still get things wrong. Yahoo has to be convicted of the most egregious crime of throwing out the baby with the bath water in this latest so called "improvement" of their browser.

It is a class-a disaster. Not only does the stupid new format have glitches on top of glitches; but it's slow as molasses in January.

I WANT MY YAHOO CLASSIC EMAIL FORMAT BACK. I think I - as a human being, and a consumer - am entitled to have a say in this matter. And I have put up with this nonsense long enough. It is my pererogative to choose to use the classic version. Not only is it more efficient and easy to read, it actually is more people friendly.

You may say I'll get used to the new way; but how does one go from quality to mediocrity. Your new format is poorly executed and annoying in the extreme. I was content to put up with it though, as long as you left the rest of my email accounts alone. But now you've invaded my other accounts, and this insipid format is spreading like a bad case of herpes. STOP IT!

Your Classic Email Format was the best of all those online to date. I like being able to look at the "TO" line and actually see who I'm emailing to. I think the fact that I have to select "draft" and then hit an additional button to send my copy to "draft" is stupidly redundant. It's amazing to me how some people never know when they have something good. I do not like the color scheme, nor the tabs that don't close when you click on them.


I have also noticed that you no longer offer customer service anymore, either, so an individual who has an actual concern has no way of communicating them to you or any of your staff.

It is for this reason that I am going to the open forum and putting you on blast. Stop messing around with the format. If it ain't broke don't mess it up - of course there was another word that I would have used in this space, but I have a policy about profanity, and I am bound to uphold it.

What I am certain of, is that if I am one person who thinks your new format sucks, there are thousands of others who feel the same way.

We, who by the way are loyal Yahooligans, deserve better treatment than this. We deserve a choice. And I CHOOSE YAHOO CLASSIC - for all my email addresses. I don't know where you did the test market for this stuff; they obviously weren't writers or researchers; probably gamers who wouldn't know the difference anyway.


Stop messing with it.

We love you just the way you are. Don't do anything except continue to be great.

Sincerely & Vehemently
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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