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As promised, I am keeping you updated - to the extent possible - on the issues and concerns, as well as actions, surrounding the ersatz presidency of the OFF (orange faced fool). There are petitions swirling around the nation. I'm sharing one that I recently received from the Daily KOS in reference to Comey and the FBI investigation into possible collusion and conspiracy between T-rump and the Russians.   I think inevitably they will have to impeach his sorry behind - but let me warn  you right now - that buck does not stop at T-rump.  So don't let the media hype fool you into a false sense of security that once he goes, things are going to be OKAY - because they're not.  T-rump is a figurehead.  He has several co-conspirators and henchmen - start with Mitch McConnell.  Then follow the trial of slime to Pence, Giuliani, Bannon, Spicer and so on- 

So, when T-rump goes, they all have to go -along with the bogus, engineered election results - in fact -there should be a conspiracy to overthrow the government leveled at these perpetraitors

Now, in reference to the petition which I'm posting below, we have to share it, sign it, post it, and keep the pressure on.  We have to make sure that we are not the ones to be victimized twice - first by him, then by his cronies.  It's up to us to get it done and KEEP THE PRESSURE ON.  Make our voices heard  - SIGN THE PETITION AND PASS IT ON

Per the Daily Kos:
Donald Trump is laughing in all our faces. After top White House aides denied that he shared classified information with the Russian government, he brazenly tweeted that he did and had every right to.

Congressional Republicans are too power-drunk to rein in their leader. We need Democrats to take radical action to protect us from wannabe dictator Donald Trump. Demand that they grind the Senate to a halt until we get an independent special prosecutor to investigate Trump's collusion with Russia to tank our democracy.

Sign the petition to Senate Democrats: Special prosecutor or shut it down.

Sign the petition

Trump is not even trying to hide his collusion with Russia anymore! We cannot go on with business as usual until he is held to account for this criminal collaboration.

the evidence is mounting: Donald Trump may have fired FBI Director James Comey to obstruct a federal investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and a foreign power.

Sign the petition to Senate Democrats: Special prosecutor or shut it down.
Sign the petition

By all accounts, Comey did seem to be escalating the investigation into the Trump administration's ties to Russia.

In March, Comey testified that the FBI was continuing its investigation. Last week, he requested a significant increase in resources for the investigation. And finally, on the day Trump dismissed Comey, the FBI issued grand jury subpeonas for witnesses in the Trump Russia hearing.

White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated the Comey firing may hasten the agency's investigation into Russian meddling. Trump later confirmed that he was going to fire Comey "regardless" of recommendations. This all suggests that Comey's termination had little if anything to do with Hillary's emails and everything to do with him failing Trump's loyalty test by pursuing the Trump-Russia investigation.

Sign the petition to Senate Democrats: Special prosecutor or shut it down.
Sign the petition

Even by Trump standards, firing Comey is an incredible abuse of power. Still, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republicans are standing behind the would-be despot, and ruling out a special prosecutor to put their hateful, amoral agenda ahead of democracy. With Republicans compromised, we need bold leadership from Democrats to force the issue. 

Senate Democrats can refuse to consider the nomination of a new FBI director or block funding for Justice Department programs. They can ago even further to slow Senate business down to a crawl—continue blocking every unanimous consent request, refusing cooperation on any legislation and anything and everything else until an independent prosecutor is appointed.

That is why we are joining our allies at CREDO Action to urge Senate Democrats into effectively grinding the Senate to a halt until a fully independent special prosecutor is investigating Trump.

We need an independent prosecutor—someone who doesn't answer to and cannot be fired by Donald Trump—to lead this investigation and finally provide the American people with answers. Will you join us in calling on Democrats to halt the work of the Senate until a special prosecutor has been appointed?

Sign the petition to Senate Democrats: Special prosecutor or shut it down.
Sign the petition


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Daily Kos via sg.actionnetwork.org 

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