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As promised, periodically I will be posting articles relevant to the ECLECTICALLY BLACK COMMUNITY.  

This is the 20th anniversary of Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Push Wall Street Project.  Additionally, Rev. Jackson has spent over 50 years of  his adult life as an activist dedicated to the self-liberation of Black people.  As I have reiterated, he is one of my personal heroes.   We find ourselves, as Black people, facing perilous times - as the result of following propagandistic media hype that passed as news, we lost a stellar opportunity to elect a presidential candidate that would have continued to expand programs and policies that would have enhanced our quality of life.

We now, instead, have a megalomaniac in office - who has no compunction about jeopardizing the lives, health, welfare and sanity of this country.  It has a direct impact on us and cannot be taken lightly.   I have  made it known that I would not give T-Rump free publicity.  The only time his name is mentioned is in the context of what it is e need to know or be doing for our own information and empowerment.  Too much time was spent on giving him free publicity by writing up all the "shocking" things he said or did - all part of  his hype.  This served to work in his favor and against us.  

Voices like Rev. Jackson and others who tried to give us a head's up were largely overridden by sensationalistic headlines,  who dominated the media without posting the real truth - information cogent to what the consequences would be if he was able to carry out his "promises," were squelched by editors bent on selling papers as opposed to informing or warning their readership. 

Hindsight is always 20-20, isn't it?  We are not in reactionary mode - which is just where T-rump wants us to be.  Reacting to everything he says or does.  And, while we are doing that, keeping everyone off balance, protesting, an freaking out, we are much too off balance to fully deal with what must be done going forward to prevent him from taking our country down the toilet.  

Whenever possible, I will be posting guest articles that are proactive about the T-rump administration.  There is no ONE way to stop this onslaught - but there is ONE thing that we all should realize by now and that it is that it will take the concerted efforts of all of us to resist and reverse the madness and chaos we find ourselves confronted with today.  

This is Rev. Jackson's Commentary, followed by the information and link to registering for his upcoming 20th Anniversary RainbowPUSH Wall Street Project which takes place in New York City, February 15-17.

Stay Blessed 


Trump shows he revels in dangerous chaos
January 31, 2017

President Donald Trump’s most recent provocation — suddenly issuing an order banning the admission into the United States of refugees and immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries — created chaos and fury that had to be expected.

Airports across the world were engulfed with demonstrators. Judges issued emergency orders staying enforcement of parts of the order. Families found their children studying abroad unable to return home, or their loved ones attending a funeral stranded in an airport. Translators who had risked their lives for American soldiers in Iraq suddenly found their green cards useless and their lives at great risk. Both intelligence professionals and State Department diplomats have protested the order.

Trump clearly revels in this chaos. He proves to his voters that he’ll fulfill his campaign promises, despite opposition. He shows them that he’s getting things done. He postures strong on securing Americans against foreign terrorists. He defines his opponents as bleeding heart liberals, more concerned about rights than security, more internationalist than nationalist. He views this all as a win.

Trump’s act is based on a lie: that America is not careful in vetting those refugees from battle zones that seek refuge in our country from violence or persecution. In fact, our vetting is already among the most stringent in the world. Trump told the Christian Broadcasting Network that Christians would be given preference over other religious groups, asserting falsely that under Obama, “If you were a Muslim you could come in, but if you were a Christian, it was almost impossible.” In fact, last year we admitted virtually as many Christian refugees as Muslims, despite the fact that far more Muslims are at risk and seeking refuge. But this president has shown that he’s prepared to act on the basis of “alternative facts” when he so chooses.

The real problem is that the unintended consequences are likely to be far more dangerous than doing nothing. For ISIS and al-Qaida, the order is gift. It feeds their argument that the Muslim world is facing a war on Islam led by the Great Satan (the U.S.) intent on persecuting Muslims.

The anger and hatred generated will make it more difficult for moderate Muslim leaders to cooperate with the U.S. At home, a Muslim community under siege — and faced with rising hate crimes — is likely to become more closed, not less, and less cooperative, not more. If we will not respect their rights and security, they will be less likely to be concerned for ours.

Across the world, the order reveals an America that is frightened, not strong, and insular, not expansive. Trump has just mocked his own argument that our allies should bear a fair share of the defense burden, for he’s made it clear the U.S. will not do its part in offering refuge to the displaced — many of them driven from their homes by wars that we started or continue. And America’s claim to be a champion of human rights has just been weakened by our own actions once more.

The irony here is that Trump gets the threat wrong. Seven countries were singled out for special prohibition — a ban on all travelers, not just refugees for 90 days, visa or no visa. Not one person from those countries has killed any Americans in a terrorist attack inside the U.S. The perpetrators of American terrorist attacks in Boston, San Bernardino, Calif., Fort Hood in Texas, and Orlando, Fla. — did not come from the countries banned, and all were radicalized homegrown individuals.

Similarly, the hijackers of 9/11 did not come from the countries that are banned. They came from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Lebanon, none of which are on the list.
There must be some other reason than terrorist threat for the selection. It may not simply be coincidental that the countries listed for bans are those where Trump’s company does no business, while the nations from which the 9/11 attackers came — and yet are exempted — are places where Trump has done or tried to do business.

Democrats have said they would try to get the order rescinded for its trampling of human rights, its lack of preparation and confused definitions. The real question is whether Republicans embrace this action or make their opposition known. Trump is happy to mock Democrats. His aides know that he has to learn to work with Republicans who control majorities in both houses of Congress.

Thus far, Republicans such as Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake have risked Trump’s wrath by objecting to the order. It is revealing that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell chose to duck — saying the courts would decide whether the order is constitutional — while House Speaker Paul Ryan chose to embrace the order rather than criticize it. These are not profiles in courage.

 FEBRUARY 15 - 17. 2017


Join Rev. Jesse Jackson at the 20th Annual
Wall Street Project Economic Summit 

“Celebrating 20 years: Strengthening and Redefining Inclusion and Equality in the Corporate Marketplace”
Wednesday, February 15 — Friday, February 17, 2017

Register for the 2017 Summit Today: 

Also, speaking at this year's event are our Honorary Co-chairs: 
• The Honorable Charles E. Schumer, U. S. Senator, New York
• The Honorable Gregory W. Meeks, U.S. Representative D-NY 5th District
• The Honorable Charles Rangel, U.S. Representative D-NY 13thDistrict
• The Honorable Scott M. Stringer, Comptroller, City of New York
• The Honorable Kurt Summers, Treasurer, City of Chicago, Illinois

Highlights of the three-day Summit 
  • The Wall Street Project & Black Enterprise Luncheon Diversity Report Card The 20- year Report Card will be presented. Earl G. "Butch" Graves, president and CEO, Black Enterprise and CNBC Contributor Contessa Brewer will Emcee as guests hear from keynote speaker Joset Wright-Lacey, President, National Minority Supplier Diversity COuncil (NMSDC) and honor Emmett T. Vaughn, Director of the Office of Diverse Business, Exelon Corporation and Dennis Carey, Vice Chariman, Co-Leader of the Board Services Practice, Korn Ferry
  • Wall Street Project PUSH Tech 2020 an evening of live demonstrations from companies developing great technology in New York City and the tristate area. Co-Founders of Silicon Harlem, Clayton Banks and Bruce Lincoln will facilitate.
  • Education Day a day long program for middle and high school students to introduce them to opportunities and careers in finance, retail, entrepreneurship, and technology.
  • Financial Education: This panel will feature speakers such as Mr. Om Kindu, Chair and CEO, InSpirAve, Nan J. Morrison, president and CEO, Council for Economic Education and Mr. Theodore R. “Ted” Daniels, Founder & President Society for Financial Education and Professional Development as well as address the question ‘what are the new financial challenges and opportunities for minorities and women in this highly connected globalized economy?’ 
  • The Next Generation of Athlete Dealmakers: Many athletes are often unprepared for their financial futures and are not always provided with appropriate guidance regarding investments, planning and financial security. Janet Derrick, Certified NFL Financial Advisor, Adrienne Lawrence, ESPN Legal Analyst, and Troy Vincent, NFL Executive Vice President Football Operations as well as others will explore productive paths for sports figures as entrepreneurs, corporate executives, philanthropists, and community leaders during this discussion. 
  • Generational Diversity: Hip Hop and Millennials: Participants will discuss next steps and lucrative possibilities in innovation and global inclusion. 
  • International Investment Forum: This forum will be comprised of panelists from various countries (Business leaders and Government officials) who will outline/discuss investment opportunities in their respective countries, states, companies, etc. 
  • Diversity Report Card Call to Action: Moderated by Earl G. (Butch) Graves, Jr., President & CEO, Black Enterprise and Sabrina Philson, Principal, Epsilon Advisors, LLC will feature panelists such as Dr. Randal D. Pinkett, President and CEO, BCT Partners.
  • New Trends & Emerging Alternatives in Asset Management: Wealth is growing in female and minority hands, why not wealth management?  Few woman and minority headed firms meet the minimum requirements in assets, years and track records to get substantive institutional investment. Panel will discuss the challenges and the opportunities going forward.
  • Media and Advertising: Moderated by Rick Hancock, CEO, President, and Co-Founder, MyMobileLyfe and featuring Kay Lucas, CEO, Media Sense, Carol H. Williams, Carol H. Williams Advertising, and Hermene Hartman, Publisher, N’DIGO
  • Healthcare: This panel will help frame the issues of ACA that will inform the public deliberation for improvements in the Affordable Healthcare Act. 
  • Rainbow Push Coalition and Citizenship Education Fund 20th Annual Wall Street Project Scholarship GalaFeaturing a one-on-one with Award-winning journalist Ed Gordon and President and Founder, Rainbow PUSH Coalition Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr discussing the 20-year retrospective of the Wall Street Project. 
  • Urban Policy – Elected Officials Public/Private Partnerships: the participants in this conversation will develop a protocol for determining the key elements to assess P3s in a public deliberation process. 
  • Diversity and Inclusion- Law Firms: Moderated by Ms. Tricia “C.K.” Hoffler, Esq., Partner, Edmond, Lindsay & Hoffler with panelists Mr. Alphonso E. Tindall, Jr., Partner, Schiff Hardin LLP; Ms. Barbara R. Arnwine, Esq. Founder and President, Transformative Justice Coalition and Mr. Benjamin Crump, Partner, Parks and Crump, Attorneys at Law. 
  • Wall Street Project Business Luncheon: Honoring Raymond J. “Ray” McGuire, Global Head of Corporate Investment Banking, Citi and Sharon Y. Bowen, Commissioner, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

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