MWBE CONNECT NY - The First of it's kind MWBE APP to provide procurement opportunities Launched in New York

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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Well, some good news is emerging from the realm of Minority Owned Businesses in New York City according to The Terrie Williams Agency <tmwms@terriewilliams.com> .

And I have to say this is wonderful news.  As one who has headed or worked with several Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE), I can attest to the fact that every trick in the book has been designed to avoid the compliance of providing 35% participation in contracts that involve Federal and State Funds in New York City.  

Even though former Governor David Paterson passed the 35% participation law state wide nearly 10 years ago, little has been done to move the needle closer to compliance - including expanding the outreach to MWBEs by major prime contractors who head major construction jobs in the City; or considering MWBEs as prime contractors in their own right.

Kudos to the two ladies who spearheaded the development of this App MWBE CONNECT NY - Tunisha W.Walker and Safeena Mecklai - of the firm Capalino+Company.  I am sure the Minority and Women vendors are applauding this nuance.

Hopefully there will be opportunities to adapt this app to other states where MWBE contracts are a factor.   But in the interim, it will make a vast difference in the way business is conducted and contracted in New York City.

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MWBE CONNECT NY App will simplify procurement process for minority/women-owned businesses
MWBE Connect NY is now available in the App Store and Google Play stores. Visit www.mwbeconnectny.com to learn more.

NEW YORK, NY (January 27, 2017)- Capalino+Company, New York City's top government relations and strategic consulting firm, announced the launch of its MWBE Connect NY app that will help identify procurement opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs. Though the City have made some improvements in the last couple of years as a result of governmental leadership, in 2016, only 4.8% of city contracts were awarded to MWBEs. In order to help MWBEs access the $16 billion in awards earmarked by the City for minority and women business owners over the next 10 years - MWBE Connect NY provides unprecedented access to innovative bid matching technology developed by Capalino+Company.

                  Tunisha W. Walker
                Senior Vice President
              Safeena Mecklai
         Associate Vice President

"One of the biggest issues facing MWBEs is an inability to find contracts that match their capabilities," said Tunisha W. Walker, Senior Vice President and head of the MWBE Consulting Group at Capalino+Company. "MWBEs spend hours searching various portals and agency sites for opportunities that match their business' services. They do not have a central location to go to that lists all available City and State RFPs in an easily searchable way. Instead they are forced to conduct a scattered search through multiple websites for opportunities to expand their business. For MWBEs, this current system can be overwhelming." Walker continued.

Walker, along with Associate Vice President Safeena Mecklai, created the "first-of-its-kind" mobile application to help MWBEs in New York find and apply for contractual opportunities that align with their businesses' current scope of services. Walker has a proven track record of addressing the problems faced by MWBEs statewide. Her experience of working with elected officials to address the needs of minority communities--through her time in the NYS legislature as the Executive Director for the NYS Senate Conference of Black Senators--is noteworthy. Walker combined with Mecklai's expertise in digital strategy, community organizing and navigating government relations, make this dynamic duo uniquely adept at addressing the issues of women and minority entrepreneurs.
"We wanted to make sure that MWBEs have the tools to find RFPs in a convenient way," said Mecklai. "We have heard the same story over and over again: it is hard to find contracts, MWBEs have to look to multiple sites for information, and the information is often presented in a confusing way. This process is to too time consuming for them. This app helps to alleviate that burden."

The MWBE Connect NY app connects users to RFPs and opportunities that match exactly their capabilities, desired geographic coverage and contract size. The app employs an RFP matching algorithm to align users with procurement opportunities in New York City and State, information about the certification process, and MWBE-specific events. Once users build a company profile based on how they self-identify their business (e.g. industry, capabilities, contract size, etc.) they receive a curated list of RFP matches rated by how well they align with the size, scope and abilities of their business. Subscribers may then use a contract engagement tool to begin the application submission process. The app is also a comprehensive information hub that provides users with resources regarding City and State MWBE legislation.
 "As a premier government relations firm dedicated to helping companies achieve long-term success in New York City and State, Capalino+Company hopes to support the efforts of the City and State to achieve their goals of diversifying business in New York. In many ways, MWBE Connect NY is a natural extension of the overall mission of Capalino+Company." said James F. Capalino, CEO of Capalino+Company.

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New app aims to help minority-owned businesses win 
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MWBE Connect NY aims to help MWBEs decode RFPs and navigate through New York's bureaucratic thicket   By: Matthew Flamm  (click here to read article)

About Capalino+Company:
Capalino+Company is New York City's leading lobbying and strategic consulting firm providing a set of services aimed at helping companies, institutions and not-for-profits succeed in New York City. With a team of experienced professionals with decades of success in their fields,  Capalino helps our clients resolve issues with city agencies, secure land use approvals, raise public sector funds, work with communities and deploy effective corporate social responsibility programs to improve its reputation, leading to long-term sustainable success. For more information, please visit  

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