URGENT ISSUE: Support Letters Urgently Needed For the Set Top Box Being Opened to African American Independent Broadcasters and TV Productions

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

Hope this finds you well and in good health.

I'm writing to ask your support and assistance in composing a letter to Ms. Peggy Dodson, the founder and CEO of UBCTV (Urban  Broadcasting TV) who has been in the trenches trying to ensure that the FCC prevails in its efforts to open the Cable and Satellite TV Set Top Boxes to African American and minority independent broadcasting companies.  This will make it possible to have programming more representative and reflective of African American culture as readily available to the viewing public as are HBO, ShowTime, and other major outlets that currently dominate the scene.

Peggy will be meeting with the FCC tomorrow, July 7, 2016, in Washington. DC, where she all be giving testimony before a committee there.   The more support she can garner from those professionally involved in the media, the better.

However, it is of equally vital importance that she hear from those who are consumers as well - because this will affect and enhance what is currently being made available to a broad range of viewing audiences.  

Peggy Dodson is the founder and CEO of Urban Broadcasting TV Network - UBCTV - based in New York City.  She has already made quite an impact in her capacity to provide outletS to formerly overlooked local programs, events and issues; and will be able to link up with other Local Area Black Broadcasters to expand and enrich the vast landscape of television.

Interestingly enough, the FCC and President Obama, along with other Black producers are totally in favor of this option being made available.  However, the opponents appear to be coming from none other than the Congressional Black Caucus, and some misinformed activists.  This is not the place to cast aspersions on them, but to bolster her position.  

Time is of the essence.  The FCC hearing is tomorrow, Thursday, July 7, 2016.  Your voices need to be heard.  Please direct your letters and commentaries to:

Peggy Dodson, CEO
Urban Broadcasting TV Network

If you wish to have your commentaries shared on my upcoming blog post, please forward a copy to me as well, and I will be happy to do so:

Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Thank you for your attention, cooperation and support.



Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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