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It's bad enough when outside forces try to destabilize Africa - but when it's coming from her own inner turmoil, via internecine wars over religious differences that would be the equivalent of the so called crusades, then it's time to do a reality check.  

Nigeria, Africa's largest country, faces destabilization and destruction at the hands of zealots who apparently have no concern for human lives; but are determined to extend their fanatic beliefs over the entire country or kill everyone in the effort.   They are known by the aggregate name of Boko Haram.  But many believe that they are backed by the Muslims who make up a large portion of the country - in terms of religious belief systems.

The world was appalled when Boko Haram kidnapped 300 young girls two years ago from their families and forced them to convert to Islam and do their will. There was outrage and consternation throughout the world as futile attempts were made to rescue the women from these scurrilous warmongers.  

However, over the past two years, little in the way of news or other reports have made the media - and during that period Boko Haram has escalated.  With a new president in Nigeria, President Mohammadu Buhari, who is himself, ostensibly Muslim, there had been some expectation that many of the hostilities would have subsided in deference to their  being of similar faiths.  Or at the very least, the fact that he is a retired general in the Nigerian army, would have been able to muster the armed forces there in shape to combat the continuous onslaught.  But so far, no far. 

In desperation, it appears, the Wilberforce Initiative, is calling on President Obama to help them do what they cannot do on their own.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Of course Nigeria does not want a civil war on her hands - which could possibly be the case with the country divided between Muslim and Christian belief systems - both of which have been imposed on them from hostile outside forces - Nigeria had its own belief systems, which still exist, but have largely been marginalized.  Sadly, neither of these two belief systems adequately address the needs of the people, and are actually more self serving than anything else.  

However, in the case of Boko Haram, and their agents:  Any group of people who can willingly take the lives of their own people, watch them starve, defile their women, deserve to be curtailed in like manner - as depraved animals who have no longer any relation to humanity.

Whether or not America or the UN will step in and converge on Nigeria remains to be seen.  In the interim, Nigeria has to face her own schizophrenia in this matter - and it's not going to be easy. 

While the letter is asking for a special envoy, it would probably make better sense to ask for deployment of armed forces to train, back up and assist Nigeria's impotent army.  There has been speculation that the very security of the country may be compromised by members of the army who are also Muslim, and are therefore prone to share classified information to Boko Haram out of a distorted sense of loyalty.  

The United States Constitution has a policy of separation of church and state; freedom of religion, among other things.  Nigeria, on the other hand, is shared governmentally by Christian and Muslim Presidents - each alternating four years.  Because of the conflict among the religions, people are put upon by insipid rivalries and death threats to be obedient to laws that dogmatic, inhumane, and insipid.  This could lead to the downfall of the country unless the people themselves form their own resistance en masse - and they might as well - because the consequences of acquiescence is apparently death any way.  "Better to die standing on their feet, then kneeling on their knees" ( to paraphrase James Brown).

What's even more pitiable is that we, here in the US, are working hard to get back to our ancestral roots, to honor Africa, and to somehow be a part of her return to greatness and sovereignty, and we have people working just as hard from the inside to divide, conquer and destroy her.  At this juncture, the most we can do here is pray for Nigeria in particular, and Africa in general.  The more we try to reveal the level of brainwashing that has brought them to this level, the more recalcitrant we find some of the major groups, and so-called leaders to make the necessary changes that would place Africa on the pathway to becoming a world power, as opposed to being constantly and continuously exploited, internally and externally.  

Even with the US lending her resources, Nigeria,  and the AFRICAN UNION (OAU) will have to come together to ensure that the containment does not escalate into a full scale conflagration similar to what happened in Libya and Egypt.  

The President's response is sure to be well deliberated and interesting - I look forward to how he will handle this.  He is a very wise Black man.  


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Nigerians are a relatively peaceful people - torn by religions that threaten to destroy their country


Dear Mr. President:
We write with great urgency regarding the dire crisis continuing to unfold in the northeastern and central region of Nigeria, much of it as the direct result of Boko Haram.  Just yesterday, in the Washington Post, Kevin Sieff noted, "Thousands of Boko Haram victims are on the verge of starvation in northeastern Nigeria." Six people, on average, are dying every day from malnutrition. According to Medicins Sans Frontieres, "on certain days more than 30 people were dying due to hunger and illness," and that 66 percent of the children they screened were emaciated.
This is in addition to a recent Refugees International report which quoted a top UN official as saying, "Nigeria is our biggest failure." Another chief UN humanitarian official described the Lake Chad region as the "world's most neglected humanitarian crisis."
Should Nigeria further fracture it would also constitute one of the greatest security threats in West Africa. The Global Terrorism Index now considers Boko Haram the most lethal terrorist organization in the world with the Fulani militants ofNigeria's Middle Belt the fourth deadliest. Our own research indicates that in just the first four months of this year, there was a 190% increase in people killed by Fulani militants.
Earlier this year, we, along with others from the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative, traveled to Nigeria and witnessed first-hand what is taking place. We met with over 500 people, drove through entire villages burned to the ground, visited with families forced to live in caves to elude terrorists, and heard firsthand testimony of communities surviving by eating grass. We have continued to liaise with those affected on the ground, diaspora groups, Congressional offices and State Department officials, and just released a report, "Nigeria: Fractured and Forgotten."
The crisis in Nigeria and the surrounding countries is larger than Boko Haram and cannot continue unaddressed. We are grateful you and your Administration have already designated Boko Haram as an FTO and offered significant assistance toNigeria. However, given that this is the world's most neglected humanitarian crisis and one of the most significant security threats in West Africa, we believe what is needed is a Special Envoy for Nigeria and the Lake Chad region.

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BOKO HARAM - Menace to: African society, unity, life, peace, intelligence, Africa

A Special Envoy for Nigeria and the Lake Chad region directly reporting to Assistant Secretary of State Linda Thomas-Greenfieldcould relate to Boko Haram, terrorism, IDP's, refugees, psycho-social care, etc. It is our firm belief that the United States and other Western nations have a vested interest in confronting one of the worst humanitarian crises of our day. The appointment of a Special Envoy would send a strong signal and further strengthen American leadership.
We urge you and your Administration to act quickly and appoint a Special Envoy for Nigeria and the Lake Chad region.
Thank you for your consideration.
Randel Everett
President, 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative   
Frank R. Wolf
Distinguished Senior Fellow
The full report with recommendations can be accessed at www.standwithnigeria.org 

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