Hillary Sweeps the East Coast: From Connecticut to Maryland - But there's still much to be done

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

Well, now that New York's Primary of April 19th and the Pennsylvania Primary of April 26th are finally behind us, I think it rather safe to say that we now have a new imperative - that of rolling up our sleeves and getting behind those who emerged victorious from all the sound and the fury:

Hillary Clinton is the front runner for the Democratic Party handily winning in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and Maryland - Rhode Island went for Bernie.


The disappointments (at least for me) were these:  Dwight Evans defeated Chaka Fattah and is now the candidate for Congress representing Philadelphia's 2nd Congressional District; and Donna Edwards lost her bid to become the first ever African American woman US Senator from Maryland (you'd think that the Chocolate City could get its act together enough to have put that one across, wouldn't you?  It's too bad you don't have Charlie Barron doing your campaign, he'd probably keep you on the ballot and have a massive WRITE IN vote campaign - now that the middle folks are out of the way - that could very well work in her favor - but it takes coordination, cooperation, courage and creativity to pull it off - but I think you folks can do it; if you really want to). { IJS to the Black Women 4 Positive Change - it has been done, you know}

The good news for Baltimore is that Catherine E. Pugh is poised to be the next mayor of Baltimore - so I guess at least Kudos are in order in that regard. 

What's disturbing also is that most of the states - except for the sane ones, went lock step for T-Rump, which makes one wonder how much intelligent consideration went into their decision - or whether or not they feel that he will be a good president; or are there more red neck racists in the US than we actually realized?  I say that, because as far as I'm convened, only red-necked racists would actually vote for T-Rump - which then says a lot about the mental state of our country right about now - read that to mean: BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID!!!

To those of my brothers and sisters who had backed Bernie in the recently held primaries, and lost, it's time to bury the proverbial hatchet and begin getting it together to make sure Hillary Clinton has all our support.  You can help with this by canvassing all the high schools and colleges and finding those students who are just turning 18 years old and making sure they get a voter registration card along with their birthday card, which  you can then hand deliver to the local Bureau of Voter Registration.

That's across the nation  - the divisiveness is over and it's time to back the clear choice.  And for those who think you can opt out of participating - you have to realize that it was because of the absence of support drink 2010 and 2014 that President Obama was hampered in his mission - and we can't afford to fall any further  behind.  This does not mean that we are not going to be about the business of empowering ourselves and each other; it means that we don't need to be fighting on every front at the same time.  We've got too much to do to get back the years the locust (aka REPUGLYCONS) have eaten to allow ourselves to continue this game of distancing ourselves.

Thus far Hillary has the following states that are supporting her: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska,  Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania,  South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia - 24 States thus far.

Trump has 23 states (I'm not giving him any real estate on my Blog page - so google it if you want details).

The Democratic National Convention, which is set to be held in Philadelphia, PA in July of this year, will be the proving ground for all the negotiations and fence mending that has to go on to emerge as a solid party - that is if the Democrats are to roundly and soundly defeat the T-Rump machine in November.  There is no margin for error in this hyped up campaign.  The very lives of all Americans are at stake - whether they know or understand it or not.

For those who have taken an amused approach to the T-Rump candidacy, just remember, he really does not have to care about you, or do right by you and has been getting away with that premise for decades - and it won't change if we slip up and allow him to make it to the White house - why do you think the Repuglycons themselves are afraid?  They know the deal - and it's not pretty - in fact, it's down right frightening for all concerned.

Now moving right along let me congratulate Dwight Evans upon being the heir apparent to the seat of the Second Congressioinal District from Philadelphia.  And may I also so say, may the spirit of the great patron saint of Black Congressmen ADAM CLAYTON POWELL JR go with him - it appears to me that Philadelphia could use a major dose of audacity and chutzpah to get things done in their behalf.  From what I've read and heard, he may just be the man for the job.  

Katie McGinty also got the Democratic nod to become for US Senate - running against Toomey - so we've really got a lot of work ahead of us - 

Kathleen "Katie: McGinty for U.S. Senate 

The other thing to do now is for voters who experienced difficulties at the polls (especially those in the Philadelphia and greater Pennsylvania area) is to start filing complaints now about the problems you had - so they will be resolved by Novembr 8, when the general election is set to take place.

For instance, those in the Mt. Airy area found that their polling place that had been at SEPTA's Stenton Station Depot for decades, had been moved to another location, making it more difficult for seniors, commuters, and local residents to get there.  This had done without notification to the residents, so that those who routinely voted before they went to work by getting to the SEPTA train a half hour earlier, were not able to vote - Seniors who were accustomed to walking 1/2 block to the polling place had to walk more than a quarter of a mile up hill in the rain to vote.  Many did not go at all.  They want the polling place reinstated to its original location, where it has been for nearly 50 years; as well as moving the other district to the same locale, thus making it easier to vote, providing more parking places, and easier entry and exit.  They will be meeting with the Committee of 70 to have this rectified before the November 8 election.  

Other issues centered around loss of power in some of the ballot machines; and machines not correctly recording selection made once the person punched it - i.e., the selection did not light up; in another issue there was no information for the other candidate on the machine and it took nearly an hour for someone to come and rectify the problem, causing a line and a backlog of voters.  

While no one is saying it was a Repuglycon conspiracy to deter voters, many of the Senior Citizens who were the Original Civil Rights Activists who  worked  and risked their lives to make sure Philadelphian Blacks had the right to vote vowed to they would not be discouraged by technical difficulties and they would be on high alert to make sure that this did not go unnoticed and uncertified.

There are approximately 6 months until the General Election; and three more months until the Democratic National Convention;   and you can be sure things are going to get even crazier - it will take us all to stay on point, stay on message, stick together, and empower ourselves and each other to make sure we don't end with a red faced, red neck dictator standing in the oval office subjugating us all to his bombacity and ignorance.

We are all responsible for what happens to us and for us in the future.  We have to work harder, work smarter, and most of all, WE HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER!!

Now that you know What are you going to do about it? 

Stay Blessed &


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