By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

It was on August 5, quite some time ago - I'll never forget it as long as I live - and I plan to live a long time - that I met the most handsome, engaging, powerful Black man (in the making) - he had soulful brown eyes, and a smile that made you light up in side - all the character traits befitting a SUN KING -

Of course I'm speaking of my handsome son, Rais Wilson (One Sun Lion Ra), whose birthday is today, August 5.  Apart from the fact that he now stands about 6'3", has a gorgeous beard, a much deeper voice, and muscles popping out all over the place - he's still as beautiful as he was the day he was born.


He's the second Leo in my life - and the most important - because he's the son I always wanted.  He's tall, talented, creative and funny, musical and athletic, like his dad, Lou Wilson (PBUH); and kind of brash, intellectual,  and prideful like me - but even with all those traits, he's very much his own person.  

My Dad, Warner Hale Dulan, Sr., was the first Leo in my life.  He taught me about pride, self comportment, loyalty, courage, and a host of wonderful things that I hope I've instilled in my handsome son as well.  The long discourses we used to have when he was coming up were based on the debates Dad and I used to have when I got it into my head that I wanted to do something - regardless of the consequences.  

And, while Daddy was amused with me and my fervor; I was always amazed at Ra!  I used to call my dad and recount some conversation or other with him that had just transpired.  I would ask him if I put him through all that, and he would laugh and say, "Now you see what it's like!" 

Leos are very special people.

Basically they are either born knowing they're great; or they're working on greatness - but great is in there somewhere - it's in their genes.  Intrepid is also part of their make up - they are dauntless when it comes to pursuing a goal or a concept.   

And lest I forget, there is that ever present LEO PRIDE!  Well, actually, it's self confidence - not just pride.  And it's seen him through thick, thin, ups, downs, good, bad, indifferent - and has brought him through to keep moving forward.  

There are so many wonderful things to look back on and remember and treasure - and so many more to look forward to as well.

My wish and prayer for you, Handsome Wilson, is that all the great and wonderful things that are inside of you now manifest, and that you succeed beyond even your own wildest dreams - whether it's family, money, fame, fortune, creative expression - or all of the above - that it's all established unto you right here and right now.

Happy Birthday 
Stay Blessed & 


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