Britain's Historical Involvement in the Transatlantic Traffic of Enslaved Afrikans (TTEA)

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

I just came across this and think you should all be aware of the following resolution that has just evolved in Great Britain.  Instead of giving you a long overview, I will simply say - as I have always said - the genesis of African misery and enslavement started with the Brits - who later morphed into Americans - they are as guilty of slavery, and more importantly colonization and destabilization of Africa, as the US, if not more so.  Which is why I find it particularly pathetic when I see so many of our people - especially of the Caribbean - genuflecting and going bonkers over the so called "royals."  

I am posting this for your education, information, illumination and activation.  Stay Blessed & ECLECTICALLY BLACK - This was originally posted in BLACK HISTORY OUR STORY BY Melvin Melle Mel Robinson:



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