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By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

I have a blogger friend who goes by the name of JShep - and I love what she posts!  From time to time I will extrapolate it and share it with you, because, thus far, she's not on FaceBook - 

I just recently read this and took a break from another article to share this with you.  I hope it brings both insight and action.  This was originally written in 2007 - and in the context of today's issues we've got a lot to do before lunch - and definitely a lot to do before 2016 Election.  We'd better get busy - we already blew 2014 elections which should have been used to change the tide; we're definitely looking at treason on the part of the repuglycons who think they can thwart President Obama and get away with it because we didn't do what we were supposed to do in voting their sorry asses (yes I said it - asses) out of office.  
This is not as much President Obama's fight as it is ours - because we are the real targets - they are racists and we handed them the noose by which we can all be hanged.  You may not like what I'm saying, but you know - individually and collectively - that I'm telling the truth.  
The ray of hope is that we are now being roused out of our torpor by such issues as Ferguson, Staten Island, Ohio, Los Angeles, Florida, North Carolina and the growing evidence of rampant racist injustice around us.  Enough to galvanize us to stand together.  
There are some stirring questions that we must needs answer and begin to build a movement and a base around - immediately, if not sooner,

This is the text of the message I received - read and respond:

Subject: Part XX-126....A Message From 'Your's Truly'....Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Speaking In NY Today..

Part XX-125...Wednesday, November 28, 2007...Black History Repeats Everyday...24/7...Black to the Future...Bring Back Black...Black At Ya...Black Power...It's A Black Thang....Is You Is...Or Is You Ain't 
         What Shall Be Done?...................
             WHAT'S WORKING?  WHAT'S NOT?  ACHIEVING WORKABLE   RESULTS.....    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    
Message To You From Me...Plus...Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Speaking in NY Today
Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,
'Knowin' that you can't read fast...I is writing slow'...an ole saying that my family use to say.
We are so Blessed to be Alive Another Day.  If you're reading this...Holla for a brand new day.  I'll get right to the point(s).  Towards the end of this year, I'll be shifting gears.  I won't be sending out the emails to all of you, as I have for over 4 years.  I 'know' that I have provided New Information and Historical Facts.  I've learned so much along the way...and I know 'You' have too...because We All Don't Know Everything.  There are Many of us very Knowledgable about Many things...and that's a Good thing.  There are Many of Us...who are Learning things we may not have known...but Should have known.  I know that's the case for me.
We...African American Black People are in Trouble.  There's Stuff going on, as you are aware of, that's 'Not Right'...'Nor Just'.  A couple of days ago, I was speaking with my Mother (a very Wise Black Woman) about the 'murders' of Black Males and a few other things.  She said...'Black people are going to have to fix their Own Problems'.  Now, you may have thought so already...may not have thought that'...but it was the 'way' she spoke it that kind of 'grabbed me'...and I've thought about it and what that entails.  Now I've been leaning that way, any way, but...it also makes it more 'Necessary'.  You know...Our Parents (those of you Baby Boomers and a little older and a little younger) know that somewhere along the line...We dropped the ball...Didn't reach up to grab the baton...Didn't try hard enough, etc.  Not all of us...but 'just look at Our Communities...Economic Picture..School System...Ownership...Politics...etc.  We...You..I...Us have to Unite.  Others Do.  As I said before in recent email.  Our House(s) is falling down and in need of repair.  We need to "FIX It'...and 'Paint It'.  We don't have to 'back out' because we can't agree on the Color to be painted.  It Needs to be painted.  We Also need Carpenters...Painters that are Experienced...but we Need to 'Teach and Instruct' the young people how to Build and Repair Our House(s).
I want a Family Meeting....Right Away...in this city.  I want it with Members of the African American Black Family to Discuss...Resolve...Plan for 'Living' Arrangements.  We've Had Too Many Black Males Murdered and Incarcerated..Employment Arrangements..Ownership Arrangements...
Educational Arrangements...Safety Arrangements...Politic Arrangements...etc.  If there are to be, and I really hope they would, any Politicians, Pastors, Business Owners, etc to come...you leave your 'Title' outside to talk.  It's not about that right now.  This would be 'Black Man and Woman to Black Man and Woman...and How we will Survive.  However...when we get to that part of it...then put 'That Hat On'...because we'll Need to Talk to you...and have your Undivided Attention....and look forward to....Results.
Here are a few things to think about.....
-    What are the Statistics on Employment for Black People at various companies?
-    Why aren't there Black Owned and Operated Hotels and Motels in every Community?
-    Why are there Meeting Places and Rooms available in every Community
-    Why aren't there more Black Teachers in the Schools?
-    Why are the Public Schools being Closed and Torn down in Black communities?
-    Why is there always Promises for new Construction and Shopping Malls in Communities, but few, if any Black Men and Women hired to Work?
-    Why is it so Difficult to Communicate/Meet With Elected Politicians/Officials/Representatives/Servants, or have them Show UP and Speak Up..after they are elected? 
-    Why is it that White people can get 'bills passed, issues addressed, changes' quickly...but more often Black People can't or have such a Hassle trying to?
-    What kind of 'Emergency Plan' do we have in place?
-    How can we have 'Food and Shelter' for those people unable to Afford it?
-    Who is Providing Information and Real Services for our Seniors? 
-    Why are there so many White people over Social Agencies with Black People as recipients?
-    How is it that Black People can be on a job for years, doing the work, and along comes somebody White...that they have to train...or becomes their Supervisor?  What immediate recourse is there?
-    Why are there so many Black Males Incarcerated?
-    Why does 'One' Judge determine 'sentencing' and 'whether to hear a case'...when the Evidence proves otherwise?
-    Why aren't there more Black Men and Women going into Nursing/Medicine?  Where are they in the hospitals?
-    Why aren't there Courses given in the Schools to Prepare young people, as it was before?
These are just some of the Issues.  Even if we start getting Answers...One at a Time...these need to be Addressed.  Of course there may be other Issues and Concerns that 'You Have'.
This is Our Country.  These Are our People.  These Are Our Children.  These Are Our TAx Dollars that have and do pay for...the Schools...Teachers...Elected Servants...Police...Firemen...Street Repair...Judges.  
We as African American Black People have too much vested.  
Our Ancestors and Parents Paid the Price.  
We're Not Going to the Back of the Bus.  
We're Not Stepping Aside for 'Others' to move in the front of the line.  
We're Not going to Stand by...while Others work...and We Don't.  
We're Not Going to Continue to Have Our Sons and Daughters Murdered and Brutalized.  
We Can't Have Our Children 'DisRespect' Us as Parents...GrandParents...Elders...Sisters and BRothers....nor will we Allow Others to.  
We Can't have being Afraid to...Leave Our Houses...Go Out After Dark...Being Robbed or Burglarized...Home Invasions...Scams...Red Lining...ForeClosures, etc.  
Black Women have said..'I've got to get home before dark'.  Oh No...This Can't Continue.  We Have To See To It!!!!!!!  If Not You...If Not Us...Then Who...Will Do What Has To BE Done?
This is one thing that really 'irked' and 'irks' me.  A couple of years before my Grandmother,  who was 89 years old, passed away, I had driven her somewhere for her to take care of some business.  This young white boy about 25 or so...called my grandmother by her first name...when he started talking to her.  I had to 'check' him real quick on that.  He started to tell me...he does that and she don't mind..and I said...'Don't Do That'...and I Do Mind.  Another time recently...I drove my Aunt, who is my grandmother's sister, to a specialist...and the young white girl calls her up...and starts addressing her by her first name.  Well...she went on in with her...but I had to go to the desk and request that they not do that, because she was an elderly person and needed Respect.  What are 'Young People' being taught...plus..it also should come from the 'Head' People at a company about certain Manners, Respect and Good Customer Service.
Regarding the emails that I have sent out over the years...as I have said before there are Many of You that 'Never Respond' one way or the other...about Anything.  I don't know if you're getting these...reading these...want these or what.  You know if you haven't responded.  I'm not speaking to the people who have responded to questions...or commented...or communicated with me off line.  I feel these Issues and Information concerns us All.  Maybe 'it's all good'....with you...and I hope it is.  But...one day...it just might 'happen to You or Your's.  So it 'Behooves' Us as a People...to be Concerned, Care and Work at making it better....By Any Means Necessary.
I am inserting a piece that I wrote in March 2005 as an entry at Kim Dulaney's (Writer/Author) Black History website..Kim would ask a question regarding Black People/Events/HIstory each day and asked for responses.....
Dropped, Robbed, Had and Sentenced
 I also thought about Our Mental Health. With the tides (1. tides of discontent and/or 2. A time and a season) of an ever changing landscape, in which we live, it is Crucial for Us/We, the Survivors, Descendants, Tax Payers, Loved Ones, Psychiatrists/Psychologists (Drs Alvin Poussaint, Julia & Nathan Hare, Richard King, Frances Cress Welsing, Na'im Akbar, and others), Doctors, Pastors and Others to try to Prevent, Our Black Men, Women and Youth from slipping through the ‘cracks’ and ‘open pits’ that Exist. They have been “Devoured” and are being ‘Swallowed up, right here in our Communities and throughout USA. How many Men and Women do you see walking the streets..swinging at the air..with a look of Scowl..talking to themselves, etc. Those who have ‘given up’ and ‘called it quits’ on Life, excused themselves from their Responsibilities and Obligations, committing ‘Black on Black’ crime and ‘Suicide, abandoned their Children and Families, not taking their medication, etc..and not Realizing...They were “Dropped, Robbed, Had and Sentenced”.

In the Beginning of the unwilling “Middle Passage”, We were ‘Had’ by some African Traitors, ‘Robbed’ of our Freedom, ‘Dropped’ into the waters, ‘Dropped’ in America and ‘Sentenced’ to not ever seeing our African Families left behind.
Mental Shock - Mental Torture - Only the Strong Survived

Dropped off at Plantations, We ‘Had’ to work from sun up to sun down, thus being ‘Robbed’ of our Free Will to Escape (though some did), and ‘Sentenced’ to Inhumane Conditions.
Mental Shock - Mental Torture - Only the Strong Survived

Men being ‘Robbed’ of their Manhood, Women ‘Had” by Massa, couples were ‘Robbed’ of a true Romance and Matrimony...’Sentenced’ to Guilt and Shame.
Mental Shock - Mental Torture - Only the Strong Survived

As grown Men ‘Dropped’ to their knees, Women crying out..”Lord Help Me Please”, while they ‘Had’ to let go while being ‘Robbed’ of their Child..’Sentenced’ to a life of Misery.
Mental Shock - Mental Torture - Only the Strong Survived

Fast Forward to Today...through the years of Racism, Discrimination, Segregation, Jim Crow Era, Last hired/first fired, Assimilation, Integration, Lynchings, Cross Burnings, Black Wall Street, Rosewood, Church Bombings, Protests/Rallies, Dog Bites, Affirmative Action, Riots, Racial Profiling, Police Brutality, Driving While Black, Downsizing, Out Sourcing, Red  Lining, Voter Fraud/Suppression, Health Problems, No Health Insurance, HIV/Aids, Black College Closures,Foreclosures, etc. 
Mental Shock - Mental Torture - Only the Strong Survive

Over 20 years ago, (WMD’S}Weapons of Mass Destruction a.k.a. ‘Guns’ and ‘Crack Cocaine’were “Dropped” in the Black Neighborhoods to try to wipe us out. (Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a Great Warrior, waged a fierce battle to expose those responsible for unloading the genocidal Crack Destroyer) We were “Robbed” of Our Brightest Stars, like a Thief in the night. Our ‘Potentials’ (young men and women who could, would and should have been the next Dr Ben Carson, Mary McCloud Bethune, Shirley Chisolm, Marva Collins, Mayor Harold Washington, Ossie Davis, etc.) were “Had” by careless shooters, drive by shootings, crack addicted Mothers, etc. Drug Sales have escalated Gang Wars in neighborhoods, that have become Fortresses. 15..20..25 Year..Unfair Mandatory Drug “ Sentencing” has ‘Robbed’ the Life out of Our People. Grieving Parents/Relatives/Friends have been”Robbed” of their Loved Ones and “Sentenced” to a Life of Heart Break and Ache.
Mental Shock - Mental Torture - Only the Strong Survive
We have to draw a line in the sand. Life is too Precious. We All have to Do Something. Children need their Parents. The Parents need their children. We All Need Each Other. We Need Jobs, Affordable Housing, Health Coverage, Good Educational System . Seniors can not be taken Advantage of or be Afraid to walk the streets. All of this is and has been “Stressful and Unwarranted” thus Breaking the Mind and Spirit. 

We Can’t Give Up on the Homeless, the Schizophrenic, the Bipolar, the Foster Care Children, Single Mothers with their children, boarded up houses, Lifeless men and women. There’s still Drugs Infecting our communities . The Residue of the Crack Epidemic (WMD) is still present in the “Village”. 
While working in Los Angeles at one of the four Homeless Missions on skidrow, there were so many Black Homeless Men and Women, living in the Shelters, Living on the streets in cardboard boxes, Unclean, Some Turned Out, digging in trash cans for food, Given UP...it was pitiful. They had fallen through the ‘cracks’. They were Educated, Had Families, Fathers, Doctors, previously had good paying jobs, Veterans of Viet Nam, Home Owners, etc. More than likely...you have or had a family member ‘down and out’. We have skid rows in every inner city. But Remember..Therefore but the Grace of God go I.

Time is of the Essence!!! We Are Fam-I-Ly!! What about our 40 Acres and a Mule? REPARATIONS DUE!!!     -END
Now that you know, what are you going to do about it?
Stay Blessed & 


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