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This is the year we have to get it right regardless of who's in the majority - Repuglycons or Democrats - in the interest of making that happen, there are several key petitions that are being circulated that are pivotal to the overturn of egregious transgressions over the rights of US Citizens.  One of those is to overturn the CITIZENS UNITED law enacted by the "subprime court"   -  (they stopped being "supreme" a long time ago).

Please read and sign the petition - pass it on to your friends and relatives and associates - this is where WE THE PEOPLE can make our voices heard. 


On Sat, Jan 17, 2015 at 4:25 PM, Jay Henderson, Democracy for America <info@democracyforamerica.com> wrote:

Five years ago, our country suffered one of the most damaging blows ever dealt to our democracy, when the Supreme Court handed down the awful Citizens United decision.

Since this devastating decision came down, major corporations, the Koch brothers, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have poured untold millions into races up and down the ballot. As a result, the 2014 midterms turned out to be the most expensive election in history.

That's why Citizens United has got to go. And that's why, for the last 5 years, Democracy for America members across the country have been fighting back.

In 2012, DFA partnered with Senator Bernie Sanders to support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. Nearly 85,000 DFA members added their name to that petition.

Now we're taking the fight directly to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce -- which has flooded politics with dark money in the aftermath of Citizens United -- and we need your help.

On Wednesday, January 21 -- the fifth anniversary of the Citizens United decision -- we're joining more than one hundred organizations from across the country to deliver 5 MILLION signatures to the Chamber's headquarters in Washington, DC.

Together with our allies, we will send a clear message that our democracy can't be bought and that those who try will be exposed and opposed.

Before Wednesday's historic petition delivery, will you help DFA reach 100,000 signatures in support of Sen. Bernie Sanders' constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United? Click here to add your name now.

At Democracy for America, we've made significant progress along with our allies in fighting the corruption of Citizens United:
  • In more than 600 cities and in 16 states, DFA members have helped lead several campaigns to go on the record against Citizens United -- like DFA activist Michelle Sutter's incredible work in California to pass the Overturn Citizens United Act.
  • We've helped successfully elect strong progressives, like Senators Al Franken and Tammy Baldwin, who -- along with 53 other Senators last year -- stood strong in favor of a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.
  • Because we need a Democrat in the White House to take back the Supreme Court and reverse Citizens United, with the support of 87.6% of DFA members, we joined with MoveOn to build a movement that can convince Elizabeth Warren to run for president. Today, DFA and MoveOn kicked off the Run Warren Run campaign in New Hampshire, days after opening up operations in Iowa.
With 80% of Americans opposing Citizens United, it's clear that people across the political spectrum are sick of money corrupting politics and want Citizens United to be reversed. On Wednesday, we'll take one big step toward realizing that vision.

Add your name in support of Senator Bernie Sanders' constitutional amendment to repeal Citizens United -- and help DFA reach the 100,000 mark before Wednesday's delivery!

Thank you for fighting back with us.  

- Jay

Jay Henderson, Campaign Manager
Democracy for America

P.S. We've also got some late-breaking news! Sen. Bernie Sanders will join us on Wednesday at 8pm ET for a DFA Live conference call following Tuesday's State of the Union speech by President Obama. We'll discuss several issues -- including the fight to overturn Citizens United -- and Sen. Sanders will answer your questions live. Want to talk with Bernie? Sign up now for Wednesday’s special DFA Live call with Bernie Sanders.
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