By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

Merry Christmas/Kwanzaa Kizuri/Happy New Year!!!!

Christmas Scene From Afro Brasileiros & African Americans

Well, I guess by now most of the gifts have been unwrapped - toys have been shared with the little people, hugs all around and we are all in the midst of our Christmas/Kwanzaa Celebration.  Kwanzaa Kizuri means Beautiful Kwanzaa in Swahili. 

This Christmas I'm in Ashburn, Virginia - just outside of Washington, DC, visiting with my daughter,  Kira; her hubby Hugh IV; and their two handsome sons, Hugh V and Jaden, enjoying a wonderful Christmas/Kwanzaa vacation.

But I wanted to take time out to extend my greetings to each and every one of you - and know that you and yours are enjoying each other and the wonderful blessings of peace, happiness, prosperity, love, joy, and fulfillment.  

There are so many things to be grateful for in this season - so many people to extend my appreciation to this year - my Brothers Warner Jr. and Silas Sylvester; my sister Brenda Nell; my beautiful children: Kira, Rais, and Adiya.  My wonderful grand people - Hugh V, Jaden, Akili, Jazahra, and Kijani!

All of my classmates and alumni from Lincoln University, my Oklahoma Homies; my New York family and friends; my Philadelphia  friends, compatriots and family; my African and Brazilian and Japanese friends and family - and wonderful people the world over.

May the coming year bring  you prosperity, happiness, peace, poise, prosperity, love, joy, success, fun, strength, creativity, fulfillment, energy, and victory after victory after victory!  May all your wonderful dreams and goals  bear fruit; may your enemies be vanquished, and your friends be multiplied; and all of us who seek love in our lives be it and find it.

Last year I shared this wonderful little Christmas animation and song with you, written my my late husband, Lou Wilson - I'm sharing it again - please enjoy it and share it with your little people:



-->By Gloria Dulan-Wilson (December 23, 2013)
Hello All:  

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful, blessed, loving, prosperous, happy Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hannukah, and any other special holiday you may be celebrating this time of year.

I'm sharing a wonderful Christmas Song written by Lou Wilson (Love of My Life) last year.  He had asked me to share it with the children as a gift.  It's the last song he ever recorded before he made his transition to the Ancestors;  and he sent it to me on Christmas Eve, 2012.  

It's a bright beautiful cheery song about the blessings of the season and its meaning.  I hope you enjoy it, and that you'll share it with your children, grand children, nieces, nephews, etc. 

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to all my friends, family and loved ones and to tell you all how grateful I am for you in my life.  Have a blessed, happy, loving, prosperous, funfilled Christmas and an even more wonderful New Year.

Stay Blessed & 
Glo Wilson

PS:  The little kids singing in the background are our Grand Nieces and Nephew - Aren't they cute? GDW

Ricardo Wilson uploaded a video

Sunny the Snowman

  • 1 year ago
HAPPY HOLIDAYS from MANDRILL. Please CLICK & PLAY or DOWNLOAD our new video, "SUNNY THE SNOWMAN," as a GIFT to YOU. Feel free to SHARE THIS GIFT with friends &…

Christmas Song (Sunny The Snow man)
by Lou Wilson 

Christmas  Morn is here again
Somebody left some toys for them
The Children rush to go outside and play
Fluffy the little snowflakes falling round
Sunny the snowman gettin' down
Some of the kids slide down the hill on a sleigh
Having fun
Christmas Day!
Ooooh ooooh !
Playing with toys!
Christmas joy!
                            ( Get down Sunny!)
Shiny new bikes with training wheels
To learn to ride is a very big deal
Joyous laughter fills the city streets
Lots of kids are still inside
Manipulating virtual rides
Building a transformer machine
Having Fun
Christmas Day
Playing with  toys
Christmas Joy
                   (Go sunny!!)
Seasons come
And seasons go
But there's something so special abour Christmas
People Smiling
If only for a while
Voices caroling
Tree lights blinking bright
Well into the night
Christmas is a time to give
Spread the love and joy that we all need to live
Let the children lead the way
Sheath the sword and He will s
I forgive
      (music solo - sax/strings, horns, etc.)
I wish Christmas happened evrery day
Don't want christmas to ever go away
I wish Christmas happened every day
Don't want Christmas every go away (c) MandrillMusic  ###
We're on the brink of 2015 - As Joel Osteen says, this coming year will be your best, brightest and most wonderful year ever!!
Stay Blessed & 
Gloria Dulan-Wilson


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