By Gloria Dulan-Wilson
Does somebody really have to tell these idiots that denying water to human beings in inhumane, unhealthy and should be a punishable crime  because it is also a heath and safety hazard?    Well I guess so, because they
have been 
depriving the
people of 
of water for
How insipid
how inhumane!!

The newly 
elected mayor 
should be impeached
immediately and
replaced with a real
human being.
The people should have
taken over the water plant
long ago.

This petition has to be
circulated - but more
than that, President
Obama has to step in and
put a stop to megalomaniacal
behavior that would put
people's lives at

While you're signing the 
petition, sign one to replace
the mayor so that the 
real healing of Detroit can
Stay Blessed & 




Sign the petition: Declare a public health emergency in Detroit

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department is shutting off water at thousands of Detroit residences each week, even if their account debt was incurred by previous owners. That means families don't have water to drink, wash their hands or flush their toilets in their own homes.
This is a clear violation of the human right to water, and without access to water, lack of sanitation poses serious health concerns.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services can do something about it. By declaring a public health emergency, the federal government can step in to turn the water back on for all Detroit residents.
Sign the petition to President Obama and Health Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell: Declare a public health emergency and turn the water back on in Detroit!
Petition text:
Thousands of Detroit families don't have running water in their homes. This is an embarrassment for our country, a violation of basic human rights, and a serious threat to public health. Please declare a public health emergency in Detroit, end the shutoffs, and turn the water back on.
Daily Kos
Democracy for America
Food and Water Watch
People's Water Board
RH Reality Check
Working Families Organization


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