By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

NACA in NY, Day 2.  Just wanted to give you a miracle update.  One of NACA's many - but a true testament to how NACA can make the "impossible" happen - A gentleman in his late fifties had become unemployed as a result of market forces in NYC, but had managed to keep up his payments of $2200.00 in monthly payments on his co-op unit in Brooklyn.  He had used a combination of his savings and his unemployment check. 

Eventually the savings had run out, and then finally, his unemployment benefits has been exhausted as well - and since he could not get an extension - thanks to certain forces in Congress - faced the real proposition of losing his home - to put it mildly.  He was actually facing foreclosure, and had turned to several locally based community organizations for assistance. 

Well meaning as they were, they weren't able to assist him, except to postpone what appeared to be the inevitable.  When he heard about NACA coming to New York, he came in total desperation.  After nearly a year of trying, he had finally gotten a job in his field, but was on a 60 day probationary period.  He had tried to get the foreclosure forestalled, and it now looked that he was going to employed, but homeless.

He came with a crowd of other people looking to save their homes, and seeing NACA as their last hope - but holding out no faith that anything concrete could be done - with a stricken look on his face as if he was in pain; braced to hear more bad news; and so tense that he was physically holding his breath - a sign of stress and fear that usually happens when we're facing what might be the the final death knell to his home. 

He was optimistically pessimistic - hoping that NACA could help him, but sure that his problems were so serious that no one could.  There was a look of quiet desperation in his eyes, as he sat through the orientation - probably thinking, "surely this is a waste of my time, I don't need this, I just need help NOW!"  And went into the main room, where at least a hundred other likewise desperate souls all looking to save their homes were seated.

He probably thought that the crowd of people were so many that he wouldn't get the attention that he needed, or that NACA would run out of time - that was Friday, Day 1 of NACA.  When he started talking to one of the many thousand skilled counselors in NACA's Charlotte, NC counseling centers, he began feel as though things were hopeless, and began to vent that no one cared what he was going through!  "I might as well give up - maybe I can get a room when I get my first real paycheck."

Enter NACA Home Save counselor, Pamela Lyons, who has witnessed this sort of panic before.  She listened to him patiently while he ranted and raved, and talked about all the things that he had been through over the past several months - with empathy and concern.  And once he had finished, and observed that no security guards had come to drag him off, and that she was still standing there, smiling, talking him through the whole process, he began to calm down somewhat.

She went through his paperwork, helped him talk to the banks; looked at what his assets currently were, and the arrears on his co-op.  She worked with him, the banks, and the servicers - and by Day 2, Saturday, had worked out a solution that not only left him smiling, but amazed and fairly dancing with joy:  The interest rate on the proprietary mortgage had been reduced from a high rate to just 2%, bringing his monthly payments down considerably.  But wonder of wonders, Ms. Lyons and the bank worked it out so that the client would only have to pay $1.00 PER MONTH ON HIS MORTGAGE FOR THE NEXT SIX MONTHS, giving him a chance to get back on his feet and realize an income cushion before resuming payments!!!   He looked at her in shock, awe, disbelief, joy, all rolled into one. 

NACA and Pam Lyons, and the banking team, who were present and ready to work with people facing foreclosure, under water mortgages, arrears due to job loss and other circumstances, had saved another home!  As mentioned in my blog, NACA is a HUD approved organization that provides FREE FORECLOSURE PREVENTION and MORTGAGE RESTRUCTION or REDUCTION SERVICE via their HOME SAVE program.  They are national in scope and have saved hundreds of thousands of homes throughout the US - especially since the combined economic downturn and mortgage backed securites forced millions of Americans to lose their homes.  They go throughout the US and provide hands on service and the opportunity to meet face to face with the banks that hold the mortgage, and work out solutions and access most other organizations don't have. 

On the other side of the room, families who had given up hope of owning their own home and getting out from under over priced rents in substandard dwellings, were likewise leaving with happy looks on their faces. 

What about the rest of you?  Are you sitting on your own private mortgage powerkeg - one that's getting ready to blow up in your face? 

Well this is Day 3 of NACA - Sunday, June 22.  Shouldn't you be taking advantage of their services?  Why continue to suffer, when you can succeed, with their help, in getting a workable solution to your mortgage problems?  It may not be getting your mortgage reduced to $1.00 per month, but NACA will work with you to produce a workable solution to your own mortgage issues.

And for first time homebuyers - why continue to pay someone else's mortgage, when you can own your own home and benefit from the joys of ownership and tax benefits as well?  NACA has the best mortgage in the world FREE COUNSELING, FREE DOWN PAYMENT, FREE CLOSING COSTS, INTEREST RATE 1% BELOW PRIME.  They are the gold standard in mortgages.  What are you waiting for?

It's Day 3 - NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD & DC - COME AND GET YOUR MIRACLE.  NACA is in Brooklyn, NY at the Marriott, Brooklyn Bridge - til Tuesday, June 24.  It's a national organization, so no matter where you live in the US, NACA can help you.

Go online and make your reservation - www.naca.com, or just show up -
Let this be the beginning of the end of your worries, and the beginning of better, brighter, happier days ahead.

Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson


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