By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

I just started a group on MSNBC Speak Out Site for ECLECTICALLY BLACK PEOPLE - to lodge our opinions in reference to issues governing repuglycon attacks against President Obama, Voting Rights,  Race, the 2014 Election, and a myriad of other concerns that don't seem to be getting a lot of currency in the Black community.  

I am asking that you join the group and comment whenever you come across issues and news items that are of concern to us as Eclectically Black People - that is, Black people regardless of whether you're from Africa, the Caribbean, the US, South America, Asia, Europe, France, Russia, etc.  Or if you are of mixed heritage.  Eclectically Black people represent the culmination of the highest and best of who we are as a people - and our opinions are important.  

But please, despite the fact that the repuglycons are a bunch of thugs and mean us no good, keep the language clean while saying what you feel.  It's an open forum for us - so much of the commentary has been dominated by hostile repuglycon teabaggers - or obscured by other groups that may or may not represent our concerns and opinions.  

Hopefully this will provide us the avenue to express who we are and what we think in a manner that will have greater impact on the meanstream media.


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I will be adding a "logo" in the near future, but hope you will log on and use this as an additional vehicle for communicating your interest, concerns, disagreements (w/o being disagreeable), suggestions, etc. We need to be heard and adhered to.

Stay Blessed & 




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