By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

If this seems to be coming at the last minute, it is. But it can't be helped, because that's when I got this information and I'm dispatching it out to you as quickly and efficiently as I can.

For those of you who still have overly high mortgages, whose property values are under water, who are facing foreclosure even as we speak and are thinking about walking away, or filing bankruptcy, help is not only on the way it is here: NACA IS IN NEW YORK CITY NOVEMBER 17 THROUGH 21 AT 7 EAST 34TH STREET on the llth floor.

Those of you who missed out on their marathon home save back in December of 2009, and still need help, don't miss this; those of you who have been lead a merry chase by the lenders, investors, bankers, loan sharks and other charlatans of the real estate gotcha game, get your paperwork together and get over there.

Not only is this epochmaking, but, Bruce Marks, founder and CEO of NACA decided that it might be too difficult for New Yorkers to make it to the Home Save in Edison, New Jersey, at the Edison Convention Center (which also kicks off on the 17th). He wanted the Apple to be able to take full advantage of the program, and the opportunity to save their homes, so he and his staff moved "heaven and earth" practically to find a centralized location, close to transportation, easily reached, regardless of which borough or community you come from.

So this has been put together specifically and especially for New Yorkers - don't miss out and wait until the last minute, like so many did in 2009. You can walk in at any time between 8:00AM to 8;00PM - bring all your doc, including pay stubs, W-2's, loan docs, communication with the lender, if any.

Past recipients have received reductions of between $200 and $1500 in monthly payments, and interest rates reduced to as low as 2%. Bankers will be there to make instant decisions; and your mortgage will be RESTRUCTURED, as opposed to just a temporary "modification."

If this does not apply to or interest you, please pass it on to someone who needs it - don't sit on it - we are the village, we have to keep each other informed, updated, and safe. And what better way than to make sure than none of us lose our homes, and maintain the integrity of our communities.

Per Bruce Marks, "I'm a New Yorker, and it's important to me that my fellow New Yorkers have affordable, decent homes to live in."

NACA is HUD certified, and in the past three years have saved over two hundred fifty thousand homes (250,000+), nationally.

If you need additional info, check out www.naca.com.

Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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