Do not piss off (or on) NEW YORKERS.

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

I've said this again and again, and apparently the ersatz Mayor Bloomberg did not get the message: Do not piss off (or on) NEW YORKERS!

We're a pretty tolerant bunch as it goes. True, we're a mishmosh of people and cultures from all over the world, dedicated to the proposition of living the "good life" in good ole New York City. We got more accents than Carter's got Liver Pills, but we understand each other, and manage to communicate with and interact with and work with each other on a daily basis.

We have more than our share of haves and have nots amongst us; we may be somewhat envious of the "haves", but we "have nots" have managed to live side by side with them in peaceful coexistence. The line of demarcation between us and them is pretty thin. In other words, try as they might, there is no true gated society in New York City. We walk where we please, play where we please. And though we may not have had the monumentally successful financial benefits of Wall Street, we can and do go there and hang in the vicinity on a regular basis. So Zucotti Park is no sacred ground to us. It's part of New York and so are we!!

What's not a part of New York is the gestapo like police department that has been assembled by Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly to oppress righteous New Yorkers who are fed up with Wall Street and that oversize Sacred Cow they have erected in the middle of Broad Street to symbolize their bullishness. It is now bullshit - and has been since Bush, Bloomberg, Madoff (who made off with billions of our dollars), and those members of the Bush Administration - the worst administration ever in the US (even the pre-depression era administration wasn't this bad), have tried to make us think that their money is more important than the lives and well being of WE, THE PEOPLE.

It was WE, THE PEOPLE, who Occupied Wall Street, not some dangerous subversives. WE, THE PEOPLE, finally got fed up with the banks and their bogus bail outs; lenders who try to hold us to a standard of FICO scores, and CREDIT RATINGS, while both their credit and credibility have been in the sewer for at least the last three+ years.

WE, THE PEOPLE are denied access to funds, denied decent housing, are set out on the streets, while the real estate industry, the brainchild of this triumvirate, continues to grind and grind and ever more escalate prices and costs right under our very noses.

As in the old movie "NETWORK", WE THE PEOPLE ARE MAD AS HELL AND AREN'T GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE. Short of throwing our TV sets out of the windows, under the threat of even more ignominious behavior from the so called financial powers that be, they determined that it was time to become visible, and to put some faces with the emails. Wall Street was continuing to profit from their misery, so perhaps, if they could see that there were actually real human beings at the bottom lines of those stats, maybe, just maybe, they could sit down together and revamp the way things are done, so they are more inclusive and considerate of the humans who really are the driving force of this economy.

So to the park they went. Perhaps it was originally just a march, a peaceful protest with the hopes that within a few days they would have things resolved, and everything would be back to normal. However, as we all know, that is not what happened. Instead, Mayor Bloomberg, who I have always maintained really hates New York - if he didn't he would not have lied to the citizens, would not have broken his word in reference to term limits, and would not have thrown up those ridiculous barriers in the middle of the street to stop New Yorker's flow -- gets on TV and his first response is that this is "not good for tourism."

President Obama, who has long been an advocate of government of, by, and for WE THE PEOPLE, has early on endorsed the demonstrations. If people don't stand up and make themselves visible to the meanstream press, they just keep grinding out the same old swill. It was WE THE PEOPLE who saw the value and the humanity in his approach and concern for an America that works for everybody. The fat cats, the lobbyists, and certain elected officials and their financial backers have had it too good for long, and don't want to see the Obama Principles applied in the US, especially not in their cash cow Wall Street. They have been systematically pushing New Yorkers out of their homes and jobs for decades (since 9/11). They certainly did not expect New Yorkers to push back.

Well, here we are! While we learned a thing or two from Wisconsin, we were wrestling with some home grown problems, like a mayor who openly flaunts the fact that he really does not care what New Yorkers want, unless they make more money than he does. He will fire teachers, he will change transit routes and costs; he will block programs, he will sit on funds until he gets his way. And he will callously say, through is actions: I got more money than you and I'm not afraid to use it (against you).

Now what mayor in his right mind, or heart, puts tourists before his constituents?? It took two or three days for his advisors to get him to come out with a more conciliatory tone and say they could occupy the park as long as they were peaceful. Really!

In the meantime, I knew, as did everyone else who was fluent in Bloomology, that he was fishing around for an out, for a way to undermine and thwart what the demonstrators were doing. And as OWS type demonstrations cropped up throughout the US, he became more and more determined to get them out. How dare New Yorkers defy him! How dare they challenge the worst thing to happen to New York City since Robert Moses tried to mow us down and riddle us with highways to no where? How many neighborhoods were ground into the dust under the onslaught of Moses? How many of those crass, glass Bloomberg towers are standing where real communities used to exist? - most of them, by the way, over priced and half empty,and won't last nearly as long as the original architecture they replaced. They stand as monuments to greed and disdain for the everyday working New Yorker, and a mockery to good architectural practice (by the way, what's up with the Landmark Commission, are they paying attention to any of this?)

He is the mayor who literally bragged, while the rest of us were coming up empty in our bank accounts, and were losing jobs right and left - to have started with $5 billion dollars as mayor and now have more than $20 billion (or some ridiculous figure). And we all queried then, how did that happen? How did he make so much money while we, who may even be working two or three jobs to make ends meet, are barely going home with enough to cover our overinflated, chopped up, substandard, rental apartments, or our highly mortgaged homes?

Now mind you, I love money and comfort as much as Bloomberg, and those Wall Streeters who have gotten away with big undeserved bonuses. I think it's wonderful to wake up knowing that you have a ton of money in the bank and everything is hunkey-dorey! Wow -give me that! But if I am walking on the backs of people who have lost their homes, their livelihoods, and in some cases their health, to make it happen, then what the hell am I? A Vampire, a blood sucker, Dracula's little sister!! Maybe that's why those TV series about Vampires are so popular. Maybe that's why they try to build their characters so thoroughly; so that the public will have sympathy and acceptance for the very real vampires that are in the government now. They are full of them in the Republican party, and Wall Street likewise has more than its share. If you are worshipping them, it's less likely you're going to go against them when they are trying to undermine you. You can't see the reality for the fantasy.

But digress: Had Wall Street simply resolved to return 40% of its illgotten gains back into the New York Community via community based organizations (don't give it to the Bloombergers, we may never see it), people would have taken a less dim view of their actions. Had they worked out a way for people to have truly affordable homes, in this maisma of foreclosures; we would have at least thought they had a heart.

But, predictably, Bloomberg kept searching until he found a judge he could buy, and then through a carefully scripted scenario, had him decree the OWS could stay in the park, but could have no comforts. With that the panzer movement was on, and with gestapo like precision that would make any German occupation look like amateur hour (and make Hitler very proud indeed), our New York's Finest became New York's most despicable. They moved in on unarmed, American Citizens - New Yorkers, WE THE PEOPLE! And then tried to do it under the cover of darkness. And tried to keep the media from witnessing their guilt - from showing that they had degenerated into something that no longer "serves and protects", but those who attacks and ejects, and apparently, rather liked what they were doing!

The meanstream Post (owned by Murdock, one of Bloomberg's cronies) called WE THE PEOPLE "bums" - so I do wonder why New Yorkers are even continuing to purchase a paper that looks down on US in such a hostile manner. The Daily News was more sympathetic; the New York Times was fairly objective. But the world, having witnessed this debacle from New York, one of the most liberal cities in the US, was shocked and dismayed.

As for we New Yorkers, WE THE PEOPLE, and those who have and continue to OCCUPY WALL STREET, as well as those who have set up encampments in their own cities to return the government into the hands of the people, quite frankly, we're P.O'd, and are even more determined to return our local and national governments to the people, not some bureaucratic, megalomaniac who thinks his "s-t" don't stink; not some one who thinks money is more important than people.

A friend of mine recently sent me this link to a YouTube broadcast of Keith Olbermann's Special Comment On Michael Bloomberg, that even further emphasises where I am coming from. The link in below. Check it out for yourselves. Mr. Olbermann no doubt expresses what many have been saying under their breaths for quite some time -so you may want to play it several times to get your angst out. Then, after that, it's time to get down to the real serious business of making sure that New York City never again has the kind of martinet, or megalomaniacal, or off kilter leadership (and I use the word advisedly, because what we've really had is a lack of real leaders), ever again.



There is nothing more compelling than an Idea that has reached it's primacy. And the idea is that there is nothing, and no one, too big to fail; nothing bigger thanWE, THE PEOPLE, and WE THE PEOPLE COME FIRST, THINGS COME SECOND.
With that said, we are also saying: Watch Out Bloomie, New Yorkers are really mad as hell and aren't taking it any more. New York City belongs to US, not you and your cronies. You don't have enough dollars to buy all the judges, or buy off all of we the people - oh, wait a minute, maybe you do. There are 8 million people in New York City; you've got how much now - $16 billion? Hmmmmmm???? Nah! Not enough.

Oh, well, as Olbermann says in his clip, keep on being the overbearing martinet you are, because it only fuels our resolve even more - and those clones you have in other states as well will learn the hard lesson that WE, THE PEOPLE, really do stand for each other together, and we're taking New York City back.

This is not a threat it's a PROMISE!!

To all my fellow New Yorkers
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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