New York Beacon's Walter Smith Opens a Can on Herman Cain

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

You know, I heard the rather acerbic, insipid remarks Cain, who is an ersatz presidential candidate hopeless, has been making in reference to President Barack Obama.

He is yet the clearest example of what we mean when we speak of the ability of the meanstream whites to use divide and conquer to keep Black people off balance and fighting each other. Actually, divide and conquer does not work with Black people at all. Black is not just a color, it's a quality of consciousness, a state of mind and being that belongs to those of us who have truly evolved from slavery, servile mentalities, and the need to please and appease our oppressors. In point of fact, the people who fall prey to the tactics of divide and conquer are negroes, who feel that their existence is not relevant with out the approval and acknowledgement of mainstream whites.
Such an individual is Herman Cain. And of course, who better to set against President Obama, a Black man, than one who has had a slight measure of success in the realm of the meanstream, and can speak negro-ese so eloquently and authoritatively. The meanstreamers speak of how "articulate" he is - and that means a great deal to the rest of our negrified sychophants who have not totally mastered the lingo, or who have mastered it so well they walk around sounding like dictionaries and encyclopedias. They will not doubt NOT be reading my blog, nor will they be reading the New York Beacon or any of the other relevant Black newspapers that we work so hard to write for and publish every week.

So, even though I know you Black people, as well as myself, try very hard not to put ourselves in the company of the UnGodly, I am asking you to make an exception, and forward a copy of this treatise from Walter Smith, publisher of the New York Beacon, to them. It might just wake some of them up. Of course, please forward it to your colleagues, family members and friends as well. I know it's like preaching to the choir, but they may know some of those miscreants as well.

We've got to keep the consciousness focused on the truth, and focused on making sure that nothing and no one is able to prevent Barack Obama from doing what he is trying to do to save this country from Rep-ugh-blicans, and bring it back (forward???) to the level of humanity that speaks to the needs and well being of all of us.

I am including Walter's article below, but feel free to chime in with your own message to the negro, Herman Cain. Now if you happen to be "pro-Cain" - and you're reading my Blog, then all is not lost, and there's hope for you yet. Take a deep breath, you're just waking up to the fact that you've been took, you've been had, you've been "hoodwinked" - but if you just calm down a moment, it will all become perfectly clear - Cain is a contrivance who has had the opportunity to realize a little wealth and has now got the vapors - and has had all this go to his head.

Once you compose yourself and have absorbed the veracity of Mr. Smith's statements; I urge to not run in hide, but take the information you've just learned and share it with others of your ilk who need to hear the truth, and take the chains off their brains as well.

Your sharing this statement, which is published below, with them may well be deemed an act of heroism, and could make up for the time when you yourself were brainwashed as well. Now is the time to take that next step and begin the process of refuting the hostile commentaries made in reference to Barack Obama.

Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

by Walter Smith, Publisher New York Beacon

The greeting on your web site says, "we are looking forward to hearing from you", but I'm not sure you will be looking forward to hearing from me, Mr. Cain.

I saw on the Internet that you called the President a liar. I deplore what you are doing and the things you are saying about the President in order to gain favor with these greedy, thieving, selfish, Republicans. How dare you call President Obama a liar. You are a pathetic, obviously brainwashed black man who has lost his way and his mind. You have had opportunity and a smattering of privilege in America that has made you forget your roots. I despise people like you and Clarence Thomas, and you both have Georgia roots.

What is it with you black men from the south who grow up in an oppressed environment and end up siding with the oppressor? The recent case of Troy Davis in Georgia is an excellent example of the present day oppression and legal lynching that still takes place in that state and in this country. The political party that you praise so highly is presently enacting laws to suppress the black vote, the student vote, and many elderly voters across this entire country. Yet, you choose to stand with people who display such obscene and un-American behavior. You would throw black people (including the President of the U.S.) and others under the bus to curry favor with these non-caring and hedonistic people.

You were there when your Republican cohorts cheered about the death penalty which disproportionately affects black men and women in this country - some of whom have been proven to be innocent. You should be ashamed to stand with these people and yet, you appear to be proud of such an association.

Yes, President Obama does believe in fairness and sharing the responsibility of the tax burden, it is not socialism nor is it class warfare, and he is not a liar for saying it. That kind of rhetoric from you and those with whom you identify is nothing more than a weak defense for the greedy and despicable philosophy that you choose to embrace.

You had the unmitigated gall to tell Wolf Blitzer on CNN that two thirds of African-American people are brainwashed and incapable of thinking for themselves. You are surely touched in the head. The millions of us who are capable of thinking for ourselves - we know who is really brainwashed - you - brainwashed whiter than snow.

Do you really think those people with whom you stand on the debating platform really respect you and see you as their equal? They as well as others see you as a joke and a person who is engaging in buffoonery. A Republican majority House and Senate would never pass your "so called" 999 plan. They would never deem it in their best interest. Besides, there are many who believe your plan is a coded message from Satan. If you flip the numbers they become the 666 plan.

You will never be President of this country, and I thank God for that. I must say, you certainly live up to your last name. Just as Cain in the Bible so blatantly slew his brother, you are equally willing to do the same politically and economically to millions of black and middle class citizens of this country. Such behavior is extremely ugly, and need I remind you, Mr. Cain, that God does not like ugly.

P. S. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm having a nice day, I would tell you what I really think about you.


As I Mentioned Earlier, Walter published this in the New York Beacon. If you live here in NYC, you should be able to pick it up on the newstand. If not, you can definitely make a copy of this statement from my Blog and pass it on. The more you swat these lies when they spring up, the fewer lies you have to contend with later on, the more opportunity truth has to get through despite the efforts from so many meanstream media and newspapers to distort it.

Together we can make sure that Obama has an even greater landslide and mandate.
Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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