By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

2018 is a pivotal year.  It is the year of the mid-term elections, giving us critical opportunity to vote out certain knuckleheads in Congress, and elect those who will be more aligned with programs and legislation of benefit to us.  This is not just important to support those in your own city and state, but to be aware of, and support those in neighboring states and communities as well.  I.e., we have to know what's going on inside the communities and poltical districts across the USA.  

On Tuesday, June 25, Ben Jealous is running for the Governor of Maryland - it's a pivotal position - one he has a good chance of winning, if we get out and vote on Tuesday, January 25.  Now you know that I can't vote in Maryland - but you and I have relatives who can - and we have to make sure they know that we are watching and encouraging them to do their job - get up off it and vote - if not - they have no one to blame but themselves.  

I am sure many of you have received letters from other elected officials urging you to urge your friends - and I have had the honor of receiving one from Kamala Harris - which I am sharing with you now.

Stay Blessed &

From: Kamala Harris (via DFA)
Subject: Give me a chance to explain?

Gloria --
I am writing you today because progressive champion Ben Jealous is running for governor in Maryland and he needs your help right now.

I endorsed Ben because of his unique and courageous leadership -- and my friends at Democracy for America enthusiastically endorsed Ben as well, on the day he launched his campaign in 2017. That’s why we’re reaching out to you together today.

Ben’s critical primary election is this Tuesday, June 26, and he is in urgent need of resources to get out the vote in this final weekend. I’ll explain more below, but can you pitch in $3 or more to Ben’s campaign right now to ensure his grassroots team wins the primary on Tuesday?

Let me tell you a little about Ben Jealous: He’s a civil rights leader and organizer who has spent his life bringing people together to advance progressive causes.

At just 35, he was named the youngest National President and CEO of the NAACP in history -- guiding them through an unprecedented era of growth.

Under his leadership, the NAACP developed progressive plans to help end mass incarceration and expand civil rights and helped to pass numerous landmark pieces of legislation during President Obama’s first term in office.

And as a community organizer, Ben helped lead successful campaigns to abolish the death penalty for children, stop Mississippi’s governor from turning a historically Black university into a prison, and pass federal legislation against prison rape.

Now he’s running to become Maryland’s next governor -- and he needs our help:
Your contribution of $3 could be the difference between victory or defeat for Ben Jealous in Tuesday’s primary. Add it before it’s too late.

As you know, every single day we see the damage being done to millions of people by the Trump Administration and its allies in local and state government.

From attempts to take away our health care to the human rights abuses happening on our southern border, we know that these midterm elections are about the future of our nation and a referendum on what kind of people we want.

More than ever, we need leaders in state government with courage and tenacity to fight for our families and our progressive values. That’s why my friends at DFA and I endorsed Ben, just like we endorsed Stacey Abrams in her historic run to become governor of Georgia.

You can help Ben Jealous make history, just like we helped Stacey Abrams make history one month ago. Your contribution of $3 could be the difference between victory or defeat on Tuesday. Add it before it’s too late.

Ben has a great chance to win his primary on Tuesday and I know if enough of us step up today, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop us.

Thanks for all you do.

- Kamala
Paid for by Democracy for America, http://www.democracyforamerica.com and not authorized by any candidate. Contributions to Democracy for America are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.\


Stay Blessed & 



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