Our Winnie Mandela Has Made Her Transition to the Realm of Ancestor Angels


By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

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It is with great sadness that learn of the passing of the wonderful and heroic daughter of the South African revolution Sister WINNIE MANDELA - may her spirt and example always be with us. 
A heroine and leader in her own right she sacrificed and stood for the people of South Africa throughout her husband, Nelson Mandela's 27 year imprisonment on Robben Island, carrying the fight for freedom and the leadership of the ANC. What a wonderful spirit!! - what a wonderful woman!!. 
I had the privilege, pleasure and the blessing of meeting her on two occasions - thanks to the good offices of Susan Taylor who brought her to the US for the Essence Awards in the 80s. She was so sweet and gracious and soft spoken - but insightful and wise. You couldn't help but love her immediately. 

The second time was for the grand opening of the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem,  commemorating Brother Malcolm X - after her divorce from Nelson Mandela. She was still as sweet and good natured; but she warned African Americans about losing their place in  their own community, and urged them to take more acton to protect their community from incursions- a warning that appears to have fallen on deaf ears.  
There is a special place in my heart for her. She loved her people and served them in her own way. 
Long live the spirit of WINNIE MANDELA - Now a part of the Ancestor/Angels - Nelson, Hugh Masakela, Willie Kgostsile, Cobbs, Alfred Moleah, - they are all there together watching over us as we continue to birth a United Continent of Africa 

Today is now an official day of Mourning - at least it is for me 

My love and condolences to the brothers and sisters of South Africa in particular, Africans and African Americans in the Diaspora,  the Caribbean and world wide
Stay Blessed &

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