MID-TERM ELECTION 2017: Job Well Done = It shows that when we stick together we win!! So Let's keep doing it again and again and AGAIN!!

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

This week has seen overwhelming victories from the Democratic party - nearly one year to the day that we lost to the machinations of the Russians, the T-Rump machine, and the plus ultra right wingnuts who successfully conspired to subvert the vote and over throw country by putting an ersatz president in position - an obvious ploy to undermine the successes of the previous one (Barack Obama), who had set the bar of presidency so high, that the plunge into the abyss of hate, hurt and evil has been palpable to say the least - (wow! That was a mouthful, wasn't it?)

This is seen as the beginning of the rebuking of the T-rump era - with women, Black and white,  playing a major role and sending a clear message to the pussy-grabbing pedophile.  Not only did we turn out in major numbers, but we put people in place in key areas, putting everyone on notice that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned; and when we're not happy, we get even and get the job done.

That said, we are pledge to keep the momentum going and keep the pressure on - not resting on our laurels, as so many did after the election of President Obama, but moving this even further so that the elections of 2018 will see major regime changes in the Senate and Congress, as well as those up for local elections around the country.

That said,  I just want to make sure that you did not miss the monumental impact of this past November 7th's election returns.  With all that transpired prior to the day of days, including the book bomb by Donna Brazile (what the heck was that about?), Black people showed that we know how to rally in the clinches and come out punching

And come back we did! With whopping, overwhelming successes all over the map:  


Jonathan McCallum, Mayor of  Statesboro, GA

Booker Gainor, Mayor of Cairo, GA

Mary Parham-Copelan, Mayor of Milledgeville, GA

Mazahir Salih is the first Sudanese-American elected to Iowa City Council 

Joyce Craig became the first female mayor of New Hampshire 

Sheila Oliver - First African American Lieutenant Governor in the history of New Jersey,  (and a Lincoln Lioness - Hail! Hail! Lincoln), heralding in the defeat of the nefarious gov. Christie and those of his ilk - which hopefully will begin the reversal of the damage done under the eight years of his abusive reign of error.  Hopefully she and Governor-elect Phil Murray can stem the tide of raging mediocrity that has been visited on the state. 

Frank Gilliam, Jr. is now officially the mayor-elect of Atlantic City, NJ - hopefully this will bring a welcome change for the residents as well as for the casinos in AC.  

Ravinder Bhalla is the first Sikh mayor of Hoboken, NJ (my old stomping grounds and go-to party area) - breaking all kind of barriers after a spate of xenophobic hostilities from the T-rump camp.

Additionally, both Allentown and Camden elected Democrats for mayor 
 - Pawlowski and Moran respectively 

I am so happy to announce that Bill de Blasio retained his seat as Mayor of New York - despite the machinations of T-rump's cohorts - extending the chance to re-humanize New York City, still suffering under the influence of 12 years of Bloomie abuse.   

Eric Adams, first Black Borough President of Brooklyn, has been reelected in a landslide endorsement of all the wonderful programs he has inaugurated since his election in 2013.  

Laurie Cumbo, the ultimate City Council Representative (and new mom) has been reelected as well, after proving that love coupled with knowledge, purpose, creativity, and discipline are what truly work in capturing the hearts and minds of the people.  

Mattieu Eugene, first Haitian-born American to serve on the NY City Council was also re-elected.

Alicka Ampry-Samuels, Reuben Diaz, Bill Perkins, Gale Brewer,  Scott Stringer,  and Tish James (Public Advocate) were all winners, as well.  

Andrea Jenkins elected to City council of Minneapolis

Melvin Carter is now the First African American Mayor of St. Paul, MN


Wilmot Collins, a refuge from the Liberian Civil War, became the First Black mayor of Helena Montana in the history of the state.


Vi Lyles elected the first African American female mayor of Charlotte, NC.  Epic when you consider all the state tried to do to eclipse the votes and the rights of the people in that area. 


Larry Krasner wins as DA in Philadelphia, with the endorsement of Michael Coard, and the sound backing of a unified community, defeating Beth Grossman, who would have been an extension of the T-rump vipers.    


Brendan Barber, Mayor of Georgetown, SC


Justin Fairfax is now the first Lt. Governor of Virginia, the first African American to win in a statewide election since  L Douglass Wilder served as their first African American Governor.
Two Latina sisters elected to Virginia House of Delegates - Ayala and Guzman

Before I close this blog, though, I want to send a clear message to my brothers and sisters in ATLANTA, GA - you now have to double-triple down and make sure that KEISHA LANCE-BOTTOMS has all she needs to become the NEXT MAYOR OF ATLANTA, GA - keep the momentum going. There is no margin for errors.  Get out your vote vans to transport people to the polls.  Find out where all your seniors are who are in convalescent homes and help them vote early. Make sure all your high school and college aged students are registered and prepared to vote.  Make sure all the machines are working. Double down on all the phone calls. Make sure everybody knows that the opponent is a T-rump repuglycon - not a pseudo independent - as she claims to be. Make it plain.

Stay Blessed & 
Gloria Dulan-Wilson


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