Happy 76th Birthday Anniversary to Lou Wilson - The Love of My Life

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:


Well, this is October 25, 2017 - and Lou Wilson, the love of my life, would have celebrated his 76th Birthday!  As always, I procrastinated writing this - Lou has been walking through my mind for the last few weeks  - flash backing on things we used to do, or what he would say in certain situations.  I had to laugh at myself a couple of times.  Lest you think I'm living in the past - I'm not  It's just that we used to do so many zany things, and I'm suddenly relegated into a quasi sedentary life - something i'm totally unaccustomed to, and it's totally different from what I thought I'd be doing at this stage of my life.

This is one of our favorite pictures together - we were in Philly and it was just before the concert at the Dell East

In fact, we both thought we'd be sitting on the front porch of our home (to be) in Philadelphia, playing with grandkids, gardening, having jam sessions, and house parties.     We had made so many plans about where we would be and what we would be doing at this point in our lives - just goes to show that you never know.  

There was a point where I very nearly joined him with the Ancestor/Angels as the result of a blood clot on my lungs - but God, the Living Spirit Almighty said I  still had unfinished business - so I'm still here.  Mind you, I'm not complaining- but sometime there are things that I wish I could just share with him - good, bad, ugly, indifferent - we rolled like that, you know.

I just received my Emeritus Medallion from Lincoln University, and had a grand time with my classmates.  Lou would have been so proud!  We both loved and revered education and lifelong learning. He did not complete his college education - and only needed two classes to do so; but with his kind of genius, he didn't need to.  He was way ahead of the learning curve.   Lou loved Lincoln, and had made friends with several of my classmates from there - Vaughn Thomas, Patrick Henry, Willie Kgositsile,  Gil Scott-Heron, Randy Cain, among others.  He loved music, and, had he lived,  would probably have become a professor in ethnomusicology - perhaps at Lincoln U!!  Who knows?

This is the first time I have not called our kids - Ki, Ra, Di and Vic -  to remind them that their Dad's birthday is today.  I was really trying to take the day in stride - but   still  tears flowing. Each of them has inherited a bit of his talent, personality , humor, wit, compassion and wisdom. Our grandkids as well have that keen wit, love of music and desire to make a difference - make a mark on the world.  I am so proud of them - and know he is too.   If they get one-quarter of the talent he passed on through his DNA, they are going to be awesome!!! 

 His  brothers, Ric, Carlos and Wolf  treasure the times they spent together from boyhood in Panama, to manhood in Brooklyn, and  to evolving into one of the most magnificent music group on the planet  - MANDRILL!

Thank goodness there is so much of his music to listen to and share and enjoy.  He left a monumental body of work - because he exuded music from his pores. 

As each year passes,  I am more at peace with his having joined the Ancestor/Angels.   I can be a lot more philosophical about his making his transition early (of course I know it's God's plan and will not ours);  and  I can now at least listen to his music without falling to pieces - okay, well almost without falling to pieces.  

When you listen to Mandrill,  remember Lou is the genius behind  the lyrics and the music - wrote, composed 90% of the work.  Lou was always walking around humming, tapping on things to beat out a rhythm, making notes from quotes that inspired him.  No song was left to chance - each had a message.    Each one a masterpiece - whether it made the charts or not.   He loved music from everyone culture - and found something of value in it all.  He was  an artist and an intellectual.   He loved music and people from all cultures, and made friends with people from all walks of life.    We had a musical house, and anything and everything could be transformed into a musical instrument once it found its way into his hands. 

Symphonic Revolution was/is one of my favorites  - it was composed and orchestrated by Lou for Carlos' voice - this is the link from YouTube - Lou (for those of you who don't know) is that tall, good looking drink of water in the blue dashiki - Carlos, his younger brother, is singing lead vocals - Lou and Ric are singing back up - they are all doing the instrumentals:


That's Lou in the yellow dashiki - he was the spokesperson for the group - in addition to creative genius.

The last live concert they gave in New York was at B.B. Kings - August 11, 2011 - which happened to have been my dad, Warner Dulan, Sr.'s Birthday.  I was sitting down front right at the edge of the stage playing glass, forks and anything else I could get my hands on - it was a great concert - packed house - sold out crowd.  They loved it!!   After that they played the Dell East in Philadelphia, and held back the rain. That's Lou on the congas in the white hat; Carlos on Flute, Ric sax - what a jam!!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41RyAuxaC50  Image result for jitu weusi

Just a footnote and a Birthday shout out to JITU WEUSI - who is there with Lou among the Ancestor/Angels -  They were life long friends, Jitu was 5 years older than Lou, but they happened to have the same birthdate - October 25th. Lou rented a room from Jitu's mom while he was in college at Long Island University.  Jitu and Lou grew up together in Brooklyn - but attended different schools - Lou and his brothers graduated from Boys high.  
Jitu was the first person I turned to when Lou made his transition - and he tried to comfort me, despite the fact that he himself was suffering from a terminal illness.   They are paying a tribute to Jitu tonight in Brooklyn at his club, For My Sweet.  I just want to let everybody know that I treasure my friendship with Jitu  - and though I won't be able to attend, he has a special place in the heart of our family.  

Happy Birthday Lou -  
Image result for lou wilson - mandrill

 I love and miss you very much!  Give my greetings to Mom and Dad Wilson; my parents  Ruby and Warner Dulan,  Gil Scott Heron, Prince, Alonzo,  JiTu Weusi, and all our wonderful  friends.  

Stay Blessed &
Much Love from  your

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