So Much For Original Ray's Pizza - GDW Does an Extreme Pizza Makeover !


By Gloria Dulan-Wilson
     Hello All:

     This is done a little tongue in cheek, but I was really annoyed Saturday evening when a friend of mine from California and I decided to purchase a couple of slices each from Famous Original Ray's Pizza on 7th Ave.  It's a popular place - both with the locals and the tourists.  And I've always maintained that Californians know nothing about pizzas - I've tasted theirs and there's no comparison.   
So imagine to my amazement and embarrassment when we go in to purchase a couple of slices from Famous Original Ray's and it looks like this you see pictured here below.  What would you do if you had been out all day, dead bone tired, had just gotten comfortable and you opened the box to this?  


A sister friend of mine from California, Shyra, and I stopped by Ray's Pizza on 7th Ave, near 54th street to pick up a couple
of slices of Pizza before returning to the Sheraton Hotel in Manhattan.  They advertised a special slice with 2 toppings for $4.75 each.  However, they failed to mention that it would be toppings they had already put on the slice, not the toppings of my choice - I ended up with a slice that had some ziti, ground beef, and ricotta cheese on it.  They put it in the oven while we paid for it - two slices at $5.75 each.    We walked the less than 500 feet back to the hotel.  Went up to the room and prepared to enjoy the pizza.  It was so cold, it nearly had icicles on it, and we couldn't  enjoy eating  it.  I almost threw it away, butI had already paid $12 for those slices, and my Mom Ruby Love had raised me to never waste food - and we were absolutely too tired to get dressed and take the offensive slices back to Rays
 - so what do you do when this happens?  Throw it out? Nah! Give it away? No way!  

I do an extreme Ray's Pizza Slice Makeover!!!

1) In a large frying pan add some sliced  green onions and olive oil and cook over medium hi  heat 

2) Add sliced mushrooms - stir fry for a few minutes

3) Add some left over sliced fried or baked chicken (optional)  Black Olives (optional) and after stir frying for a few minutes remove from pan onto a paper towel;  and add 1 cap of olive oil to the pan and let heat for 1 minute

4) Place the offensive slice of Ray's under done cold pizza  in to the pan, and lower heat to medium low

5) On top of the slice arrange the sautéed  vegetables and some sliced  mozzarella cheese (or the cheese of your preference).   Sprinkle with garlic powder, red peppers, oregano, parsley etc.
Place lid  on pan and let cook slowly for 4-6 minutes or until cheese melts

6) Remove from pan and enjoy!!  At least, that's what I did !  Better than the Original 
Later for Ray's


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