By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

So many of us receive these notifications in our mail, and just dismiss them as junk, or ignore them completely.  And then we wonder how it is that we ended up with T-rump for president.  Well, I'm here to tell you that it is going to require all of us working together, doing our part on EVERY LEVEL - petitions, donations, picketing, protests, vocalizing and voting to make sure that not another repuglycon gets elected, seated, or ratified - and it's going to take us doing what we have to do each and every day from now on to make that happen.

Senator Chuck Schumer is getting ready to stage a filibuster on the floor - and we'd better be backing him all the way.  My headlines and statements have been reflective of the kind of candidate the repuglycons are looking to put in the supreme court - and let me tell you, from the silliness we've all witnessed in the hearings - what Trevor Noah on Comedy Central appropriately called "dicking around," it is clear that they have no intention of asking him the hard questions - they're just going to joke and play until time for a vote, put their little racist "mf" in and go about their business of continuing to try to overthrow the government of the US - via a russian puppet-megalomaniac in the WhiteHouse, an ignoramus in the Board of Education, Stepin Fetchit's baby brother in HUD, and Pinocchio's offspring as the front man for all the lies not fit for human intellect.  

This may be addressed to me, but it is also for YOU and any one else who is concerned about saving this country.  So make a copy and email it to friends and relatives and associates, and then complete one yourself and send it in.  The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is leading the charge - and we had better step up to the plate - we don't want to be found wanting when we had the opportunity to change the tide - do we?

Gloria --

Senator Chuck Schumer has announced that he will filibuster Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

When President Obama's nominees to the Court came up for a vote, each was able earn more than 60 votes in support. By leading this filibuster, the Democratic leader in the Senate is demanding that Neil Gorsuch meet the same threshold.

Will you add your name to say you’re standing with Senator Schumer in this fight?

More than ever, we need to show Senate Democrats we have their back.

Thank You,

P.S. Once you’ve added your name, tell us -- what’s your reason for opposing Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee? His ruling to deny women birth control in Hobby Lobby? The time he sided with a company who fired a truck driver for not freezing to death with his cargo? Or the time he ruled it was ok to fire a worker for taking time to recover from cancer? Let us know > >

A quick note on contributions, Gloria:

Donald Trump and the GOP have announced six-figure ad buys against Democratic Senators who are standing up to his Supreme Court nominee. With 99% of our donations coming from grassroots democrats giving $200 or less, we really mean it when we say we’re counting on your support.

Please consider making a contribution of any amount today. We need your help in this fight.


Gloria --

We’re more than halfway through President Trump’s first 100 days in office, and Senate Democrats have fought every fight to stop his radical agenda.

It’s because nevertheless, Democratic Senators persist to go to the mat every day for our core values, from confronting any Republican attempt to rubberstamp Trump’s extreme policies to filibustering his far-right Supreme Court nominee.

A recent victory speaks volumes about our efforts: grassroots pressure forced Republicans to abandon their vote on Obamacare repeal -- thousands made it possible by helping blast our “gut punch” of an ad that exposed its dangerous consequences to swing-state voters.

And now, on the heels of this momentum, the biggest test of the cycle is here: the first FEC quarterly deadline that will show everyone how ready we are to keep our Senate Democrats fighting.

We’re setting an aggressive goal of $450,000 by Friday, Gloria. Will you chip in $1 towards our Democratic Resistance Fund before the FEC deadline?

Democrats aren’t backing down from tough fights. But with each act of resistance, you can bet GOP special interests are targeting the Senate -- already, Donald Trump is on the campaign trail asking billionaires to deliver a filibuster-proof majority (not to mention the six-figure ad blitzes against Democrats that he asks his supporters to fund).

That means we need to start our groundwork early to defend 25 Democrats in the 2018 midterms, including 10 defending their seats in Trump states.

Finishing the FEC quarter strong is our first step. It’s also our opportunity to send a loud message about how committed we are to fighting back in the Trump era.

Can we count on you to step up, Gloria? Chip in $1 toward our Democratic Resistance Fund to show you’re standing with the Senators holding our best, last line of defense:


Thanks for being part of this,

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Stay Blessed  &

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