GDW EVENT ALERT EXTRA!!: THE SHORTS PROJECT & THE AFTERMATH SAGA Featuring Black Actors and Artists in Philly - Come Out and Support Them

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

It's befitting that this is "LOVE MY SON WEEK" - because I am the proud mom of a very handsome and talented son, Rais "Ra" Wilson.  Talented, articulate, creative, tall - of course, I already said "handsome," humorous, among other wonderful attributes (I could go on but that would take up the entire blog).  His talents have led him to comedic and dramatic roles, after trying his hand in the realm of musical performances (and he's good at that as well), he's involved in two events on Saturday March 11, along with some very talented, creative, intelligent, articulate sons (and daughters) from some very fine Philadelphia families.  

So, whether you come out to see my handsome son (and I hope you will), or to support the other handsome sons (and beautiful daughters) on Saturday, March 11 (which also happens to be my Brother Syl Dulan's birthday - my mother's handsome son)  these talented people are putting forth their best to keep you entertained.  So come out and enjoy yourselves.  The hows are listed below - C U There - GDW


Saturday, March 11, 2017 - a day rich in activity from the realm of performing artists - some of Philadelphia's finest home grown Black Actors and Actresses will be sharing their work at PHILLYCAM - 699 Ranstead Street, and you won't want to miss it! 

Of course I am that "Bragging Parent," because my own handsome son, Ra Wilson, is a part of this effort - but there is much pride and adulation to go around as Philadelphia's local talent comes to the forefront.  Underwritten by City Councilman Oh's Black Film Advisory Committee, this will prove to be a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  

THE SHORTS will be screening from 1:00 to 4:00PM!!

And, of course, after that, you definitely want to make a day of it and get over to the performance Garage, for "Aftermath" - The Play, as well (see below).  


Rais is in this as well as the second of the trilogy tomorrow- please try and make it. 


My how time flies - it seems like it was only yesterday that ATERMATH, the brilliant play by Bethel Bates, was having it's opening debut at the Performance Garage.  The first of a trilogy depicting the life of a VietNam veteran after having returned home from the war, shell shocked and disoriented.  Set in the 60's and based on a real life story, it is poignant and  well portrayed.  

Saturday, March 11, the second of the three part saga will be performed at the Performance Garage  and you won't want to miss it - and the nuanced performances by a brilliant local Philadelphia based cast -including yours truly's son, Ra Wilson, who portrays a vet who has chosen self medication through alcohol to drown out his memories and pain, while trying to give sage advice to his peers.

The Performance Garage's Address1515 Brandywine St, Philadelphia, PA 19130; Phone(215) 569-4060 Curtain goes up at 6:00 PM 

Rais is in this play - it's the 2nd of a trilogy
Please come out and support him. 
Stay Blessed
Gloria ☺👍🏾

Looking forward to seeing you there - 
we have to support our own!


Stay Blessed & 


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