Happy Birthday to my Baby Chile - Adiya

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

Today, October 30, is my baby chile - Adiya - Birthday!!!


She is the youngest of my three - which she says is no honor because she had to work as hard as everybody else.  But truth be told, she did get a fair amount of pampering - especially from her big sister, Kira.

Adiya was awake, aware, and alert from the day she was born.  Out of the three, she was the most determined to know what was going on - her curiosity knew no bounds.  She was the kid you couldn't hide anything from.  

If there was something that caught her eye that we deemed might be harmful to her as a baby, we'd put it in a high cabinet or shelf, out of her reach -but she'd find a way to get to it anyway!!  

There was a point where we thought that she could literally climb walls.  

She has grown up to be an elegant, graceful, beautiful woman - and I am so proud of her and all of her accomplishments.

She has that ready smile that just brightens up a room and the atmosphere, no matter where she is or what's going on.  She's creative and talented - loves to design clothes - got that from me; cook unusual dishes - also from me - and unusual hair styles - now that she learned to do on her own.

She loves working with children, and it appears they love her back.  

Having a family where three of the major family members all have their birthdays in October is both interesting and challenging - Kira is October 7; Lou would have been October 25; and Adiya's is today, October 30 - I had to do my homework on Librans and Scorpios - and believe me, theres a lot to learn.   I call Kira and Adiya the Book-Ends, with Lou in the middle of the October Birthdays, and Kira and Adiya being the beginning and the end.

Me with my "Book Ends" - Kira and Adiya 

(By the way - there is a total of 17 family members born in the month of October when you combine my and Lou's family - that's almost a birthday every other day - except for the fact that the only Scorpios were Lou and Adiya).

Being a fellow Scorpion made her the apple of her Dad's eye.  They were so alike in so many ways - they had their own mutual admiration society.    She inherited his dimples, which were hidden securely under his beard, and his sense of humor -though she can't tell jokes the way he did, she has a serious funny bone!!

Although Adiya was a lot better at keeping secrets than her dad - they had their secret codes.   I've always teased her that she was the custom made kid - but she exemplifies the Scorpio woman from the highest, most positive aspects - Scorpio is the only sign that has 3 levels of evolution - Scorpion, Snake and Eagle - 

Adiya represents the Eagle = She soars above issues, problems, challenges - she's ethical, insightful, principled, and fun loving.  The total package.  

As a bragging parent, of course, I reserve the right to extol the virtues of  my kids, whether they like it or not - and I often do.  Now that they're adults, of course, and living their own lives, I'm even more pleased with how they turned out.

Ms. Thing, as we call her, has morphed into this absolute beauty,  poised, self assured, elegant and genteel.   

So please join me in wishing her the happiest of birthdays - 

Happy Birthday Adiya

LuvU Muchly


Stay Blessed

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