Response to article on "What is the State of Black America" and Why We can't allow Pundits to Derail This Election : HILLARY still the best choice!

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

I received this emailed opinion piece from William Reed is publisher of “Who’s Who in Black Corporate America," earlier today, and I was struck by the content - and the obvious attempt at divide and conquer by trying to put forth a candidate that doesn't truly reflect our interests, as opposed to HILLARY CLINTON.  He couched it in terms of some punditry that was supposed to convince you (me?) that we should make a U-turn and back someone else.  

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There are so many things wrong with that on so many levels - but I will quote a time honored lesson that you may or may not have heard coming up:  DON'T CHANGE HORSES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREAM.  We are less than 50 days away from the Presidential and local congressional elections - this is not the time to shoot ourselves in the foot and allow someone to pull us away from victory. 

This is my response to William Reed.  His article is below mine.  

Stay Blessed 


Hi William :
I totally concur that all is not well in Black America
I also agree that we need reparations!!
But I don't agree with the ersatz "Green Party" or the throwback to Jill Stein.  I will go on record, as I have in the past, and say that I'm solidly backing HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT -and it has absolutely nothing to do with "pollyanna-ish" behaviors or focus, either.  I am a pragmatic realist/idealist - and track records are what I look at.  Not some "Jill-come-lately" that someone pulled out of a hat. Hillary's track record and positive, progressive, powerful, and solid.  

In the main, there are things that we, as Black people (that's "Black with a capital B,"  should and could - actually must - be doing that is not in the hands of the President, regardless of who and which party it turns out to be.  

We seem to be collectively clueless when it comes to what we need to be doing for ourselves, by ourselves - while others come to this country prepared to deal with the situation head on. When we were "post-slavery" we knew this country was not going to provide decent educations for our children - so we provided them ourselves - we didn't have government subsidies - and, although it would be nice to have them now, we need to have long ago started our own educational systems for our children - the way East Indians, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, and Jews do for theirs - both culturally and academically far above what is offered in the regular so called "free" public education. It's not "free" because it's costing our people more and more to be ignorant each and every day.

We needed to have - and still need to start and develop our own vocational and entrepreneurial training programs - especially now that they have been taken out of the school systems, and have been exported to countries outside the US and of course the Black community.  While computers are great, and STEM programs are great, there are those who aren't going to excel in those realms, but have talents, skills and abilities that are necessary in other realms.
The "negroland" appellation is offensive on so many levels - but I understand where you're coming from.  We have definitely lost ground in a great many areas - especially that of raising our children to take us to the next step.  We have not only been mis-educated, but dis-educated.  

We do more time "studying" the problems of Black people and holding seminars with litanies of all the things that are bad and that whites have done to us, than actually pooling our resources and solving the problems.  I for one and not only tired of attending these forums and hearing the same old thing, I'm tired of coming away with nothing concrete other than a hand full of pamphlets, slogans and tee shirts.  With the money we spend to attend these workshops and forums, we could have purchased several homes, buildings, and schools to actually begin our own reparations.  By the way, that's what other groups are doing - specifically Latino brothers and sisters, East Indians - and we all know that the Jews are way ahead of us on that path.

I think reparations is essential, but while we're waiting, we should be re-inculcating some of the things we learned from Garvey, DuBois, Booker T.Washington, Carter G. Woodson, and others - who had it right from the beginning.  Had we followed their lead we wouldn't be talking about "reparations" now, we'd be at the table, or they would have been coming to us to negotiate business deals.   We somehow missed those essential "trust" and "insight" genes - the genes that other groups have used to keep ten steps ahead, even when they didn't totally agree with each other.

Of course, I am not overlooking the obvious - the tremendous weight of racist retaliation leveled against us via lynchings, jim crowism, segregation, police brutality, and other egregious acts that also served as physical, graphic deterrents to our success.  I do not overlook the fact that whenever we actually successfully built our own autonomous societies, and went on our own way, taking care of our families and communities, these racist m-f's would come in and destroy what we built - cases in point are both the Oklahoma Ruin of 1889 - where they stole millions of lands from Blacks and Indians who were peacefully living and thriving together; and Little Africa - also known as Black Wall Street, one of 67 All Black Towns in Oklahoma - which was targeted for destruction by jealous ignorant whites because of how successfully the Black businesses were thriving and growing and re-investing in their communities.  

Lest you think that we don't do things for ourselves - just wanted to clarify it for you.  Negroland is probably more evident among the so called Black executives who think they have made its so much that they don't have to reach  back and help others who are mired in the muck of racist overkill  - via TV, the mis-education system,  under-employment, the prison, military system - the industrial part has been dismantled and sent over seas so that we now have to compete on an even grander scale.

I just returned from the 46th Annual Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Caucus Weekend.  They have a tough row to hoe because of the fact that they are the hole in the doughnut - they are surrounded by racist repuglycons who do everything they possibly can to undermine and stall what they are trying to accomplish for their constituents.  The workshops and braintrusts were brilliant; but  implementation requires they have a majority status.
The Congressional Black Caucus is only as powerful as their voters - constituents.  They are under the gun on a daily basis, because the Black (and white) voters failed to return a majority Democratic congress to give Obama the backing he needed, and the power they needed to back him.  Don't tell half truths. There is a lot of great leadership there - but there are 46 Black men and women who are outnumbered by repuglycons - so please make sure you tell the whole story in your analysis.

I am supporting HILLARY CLINTON - not Stein not T-Rump.  And I don't want some ersatz candidate pulling away from her votes the way Nader did to Gore.

So let me make it plain to you - stop mucking around and get a serious reality check - reparations are not off the table - they should have been the province of the First Black President of the US - and would have been had we done our job and made sure he had what he needed to get the job done.  While I would like it to be a concern or priority for this election, I don't see it as being dead in the water, if we do what we need to do going forward.

Right now my focus - and the focus of everybody must be making sure that we don't get played and end up with a dictator in the white house with an orange face and a comb over hair style.
HILLARY CLINTON's track record out matches all of those who are on the ballot - and anyone who doesn't realize that is either stuck on stupid, or just a poser.
Stay Blessed

This is the content of the letter to which I responded - if you agree with my response, please send me a shout out!
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Black Press Business/Economic Feature by William Reed                            

Week of September 8, 2016

What is the State of Blacks’ America?

According to black Democrats and pundits: “All is well in Negroland” as they collectively lashed out at Donald Trump for saying African Americans “had nothing to lose” by voting for him.  Blacks’ leadership cadres’ feelings were hurt; so in a rare display of unity, black elites in unison engaged in aggressive deceptions, glorifying mediocrity to the masses.

In contrast, from themes such as “Distress Signal” to “Crisis,” over the past 40 years National Urban League has publically documented and presented the plight of blacks in America.  And, at no time has “all been well.”     The Urban League’s “State of Black America” reports are annual documents that statistically demonstrate blacks’ political leadership’s substantial failures.   In the 2016 report on racial equality, black Americans are just about 72 percent equal to whites.  To come up with this number his year’s report looked at five categories: economics, education, health, social justice and civic engagement.  The measurement shows blacks’ status not on par with white Americans.  Median Black income is just two-thirds that of whites, the black education equality index came in at 76 percent, health at 80 percent, social justice at 61 percent and civic engagement at 104 percent.   (African Americans tend to be overrepresented in civic engagement because a higher proportion works in the military and public-sector jobs.)

All seems to be well with the Congressional Black Caucus too.  There are 46 members in the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) in the One Hundred-Fourteenth Congress.  The CBC’s Foundation’s (CBCF) 46th Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) occurs September 14th – 18th in Washington, DC.  The ALC claims to be “the leading policy conference on issues impacting African Americans.”  But, the nation’s foremost thought leaders, legislators, and concerned citizens exploring economic development, civil and social justice, and public health and education issues from an African-American perspective has dropped reparations from their forums.   Actually, the CBCPAC, a 527 political group of CBC members, have endorsed Hillary Clinton in spite of her opposition to reparations.  (Actually BERNIE SANDERS opposed reparations).

Democratic Party programs, platforms and preferences regularly take priority over Blacks’ issues.  The Democrats give short shrift to blacks and their issues.  This “failure in leadership” regarding Blacks is manifested in ways ranging from racial disparities in wealth, poverty rates, housing patterns, educational opportunities, unemployment rates, urban apocalypse and incarceration rates.  A growing number of blacks claim that current racial inequalities in the U.S. have their roots in this country’s centuries of cultural, economic, physical, legal, and political discrimination based on race.  And, these inequities can only be surmounted through significant remedies.

Based on Pollyannaish politics, most Blacks are expected to give the overwhelming majority their 2016 votes to Hillary Clinton despite her lack of a plan, discussion or agenda for blacks’ betterment.  Black voters accept second-class treatment from politicians.  The situation prompts note of Margo Jefferson’s “Negroland” memoir and study about the black bourgeoisie.  The book is an examination of the black upper-class’ ways of being and performing and illustrates that African Americans are missing competent leadership.

Do the masses of African Americans think “all is well” in their lives and living and accept and agree to continue Democrats’ disbelief that whites won’t pay reparations?   Black Democrats’ continuing reception of this nation’s refusals to provide justice in the form of reparations flies in the face of most African Americans’ desire and endeavors for equity and fair treatment.

All is not well among America’s blacks.  Blacks need some remedy for injustices done us.  In my opinion, and that of Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, reparations are owed to African Americans because of crimes of slavery and ongoing acts of subjugation and supremacy.  Reparations would benefit by providing the environment in which African-American talent could rise to its potential.  Paying descendants of slaves their just due and improving their opportunities can dramatically increase wealth generation.  The Green Party shows that reparations is a reasonable campaign issue and has it as a part of its party platform. (DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE- SHE WOULD GET IN AND SIT ON THIS TILL HELL FROZE OVER - THESE ARE THE SAME DO-NOTHINGS WHO GAVE YOU RALPH NADER - A MALCONTENT WHITE GUY WHO MANIPULATED BLACKS WITH NO INTENTION OF EVER FULFILLING HIS PROMISES!! ) For far too long, blacks have accepted second-class status in American society, as well as in its politics.  When will African Americans demand more from elected officials – black and white?
William Reed is publisher of “Who’s Who in Black Corporate America”

As I stated previously - we already know that all is not well among America's Blacks - and we do need remedies - but I also believe in the saying, "if no one else will save you, save yourself."  We have the power do do so.  We are a great and mighty people or we would not have made it this far. But we're still studying long and wrong- and not implementing what we do know for our own self reparations.  We operate from a position of dependency - instead of independency - we could have long ago pooled our intelligence, resources, funds, and started the momentum for the "bandwagon effect," where they now try to catch up with an already moving machine.  

Nothing beats failure like success - and it runs in our race (paraphrasing George Frasier), and if we let it be, it will be contagious (like Marcus Garvey who rallied 12 million Black people without a radio, cell phone, TV, or $6 million dollar jet plane).  Mr. Reed would do well to get those of his Blacks in Corporate America to work toward the underwriting of these reparations programs,  using their influence, knowhow, investment savvy, and connections, instead of trying to foist Stein - a straw dog -  on us - which is the epitome of divide and conquer; and which would almost guarantee that not only would we not have reparations, but would usher in an even more repressive and oppressive regime under the worst thing to happen to the US since Nazi Germany.



Stay Blessed &



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