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By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

 After so much bad, sad news - thought I might lighten things up a bit - just received this from a fellow Blogger, Ernst Perodin - and thought you'd enjoy seeing what a dollar can do - or rather, what you can do with a dollar - well, maybe not you - but what this amazing guy can do with a dollar, anyway!!!

Check it out:

 He folds money, and he lives in a garbage truck.

Won Park is a master of origami with United States One Dollar Bills, and he lives in a converted garbage truck.

Be sure to scroll to the end of this e-mail to view photos of his truck!  

He is also called a "money folder."  Bending, twisting, and folding paper currency, he creates life-like shapes in stunning detail.
Can you imagine the look on a waitress' face if you were to leave a tip on her table that looks like this? 


One Dollar Fish
Description: Description: cid:part1.F836B1FA.24AC386E@cinci.rr.com

One Dollar Butterfly
Description: Description: cid:part2.ED009A89.F43493C8@cinci.rr.com

One Dollar Camera
Description: Description: cid:part3.0C6B7F71.45C63C02@cinci.rr.com

Two Dollars Battle Tank
Description: Description: cid:part4.75C574B0.028CE81D@cinci.rr.com

Two Dollars Chinese Dragon
Description: Description: cid:part5.C2D5C3E3.496F7ACE@cinci.rr.com

One Dollar Crab
Description: Description: cid:part6.7E3847AF.BAE2CDEE@cinci.rr.com

One Dollar Dolphin
Description: Description: cid:part7.9EB774F5.5258F3A6@cinci.rr.com

Two Dollars Jacket
Description: Description: cid:part8.46164E86.EC3B0DC5@cinci.rr.com

Two Dollars Spider
Description: Description: cid:part9.D1FA95D1.94FA084C@cinci.rr.com

One Dollar Scorpion 
Description: Description: cid:part10.4B738263.EA9409F9@cinci.rr.com

One Dollar Bat
Description: Description: cid:part11.35D826FD.1C65AAD3@cinci.rr.com

One Dollar Toilet Bowl
Description: Description: cid:part12.124832DA.295B49AE@cinci.rr.comDescription: Description: cid:part13.2438275C.CB22D6C1@cinci.rr.com

One Dollar Penguin
Description: Description: cid:part14.73EA85CF.43AC29B4@cinci.rr.com

One Dollar Shark
Description: Description: cid:part15.C78C46CF.7C41F754@cinci.rr.com

One Dollar Jet
Description: Description: cid:part16.995BBE4A.93526A3B@cinci.rr.com

One Dollar Hammer Head Shark
Description: Description: cid:part17.8982D46B.5ACD6034@cinci.rr.com

This is wild!

He lives in a converted garbage truck!  And, you have to check out his place. Would really love to know who his architect is!

Description: Description: cid:part18.A5DBDEB7.4EE75A30@cinci.rr.com

Description: Description: cid:part19.1A9252DF.320B04DA@cinci.rr.com

Description: Description: cid:part20.BCD5AB13.BF28A98A@cinci.rr.com

Description: Description: cid:part21.4D8CB9CA.F0295F53@cinci.rr.com

Description: Description: cid:part22.CCF28B0E.022B6791@cinci.rr.com

Description: Description: cid:part23.11FCDF84.FB700287@cinci.rr.com

Description: Description: cid:part24.84B10497.6A527E01@cinci.rr.com

Description: Description: cid:part25.3A36B205.5193B301@cinci.rr.com

Description: Description: cid:part26.06431F2F.94F6AD9A@cinci.rr.com

Description: Description: cid:part27.C56729D3.4BA7BC97@cinci.rr.com

Description: Description: https://ipmcdn.avast.com/images/2016/icons/icon-envelope-tick-round-orange-v1.png  Virus-free. www.avast.com

Isn't it fantastic how many amazing people there are in the world doing Amazing things every day?  WE never run out of them - We just have to be open to their existence in our lives.

Stay Blessed &

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