By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

I debated whether or not I was going to do a Birthday Post this year, and had almost decided against it - but then I thought - Really!!??  You can't be serious - why would you do something so silly?"

So, I'm happily celebrating another year on the planet.  Another year when I get to hug my kids and my grandkids and hang out with my friends.  Another year when I get involved with the community, and hopefully help make a difference in someone's life - including my own.  Another year of writing, taking pictures, and meeting wonderful new people.  

Actually, I was just kidding myself - Birthdays are a gift from God, the Living Spirit Almighty - and are to be celebrated always.  He gave them to you so that you can celebrate and enjoy life, love, health, joy and happiness.  Each year is a marker that should bring an increase in those wonderful qualities.  If they don't, check yourself to make sure you're on the right path.

When I was a kid, March 21st was the First Day of Spring - and I used to dress up in my best spring outfit to celebrate it -  I was so cute with my patent leather Mary Janes and ribbons in my hair!  However, the meteorologists have changed that by moving Spring to March 20th.  That does not, however, stop me from celebrating Spring and all the beautiful things that come with it - blossoms, birds singing, greenery.  

And while I've had the privilege of being the only Aries in my immediate family for eons, I have now been joined by my Handsome Grandson, Jaden, who will turn 14 on March 22.  And he's every bit as smart and active and creative as his Grandmom.  We celebrated our birthdays jointly last year, but now that he's a truly bonafide Teenager, he's made plans to hang with his crew.  Which is cool, because it will be at least 7 years before they can even come close to hanging with me and my crew.

As I was saying, and I'll make it short - I love birthdays - yours and mine!  I love the fact that God is not through with us, and we're still here with a mighty work to do.   To prove that, he keeps giving us Birthdays - and we get to say "Yay!  I'm still here, still standing and still celebrating!! And I'm also  happy to celebrate my family and friends as they celebrate their day of days.

One snafu in the whole scheme though, is that I have realized that, while I'm great in planning and executing birthday celebrations for my friends, I'm lousy when it comes to doing it for my self.  The last three were disasters - One at the Sugar Bar - it poured buckets for hours - no one showed up - even with the great Bob Tate as host; another (I was 9 at the time) we were planning a birthday sleep over at my home in Oklahoma City - Mom had made the most beautiful cake, all kinds of goodies, and all my friends were coming for the weekend - I went to bed happy - woke up to 6 feet of snow!!! 
The most recent one and the last time I ever tried to give myself a party was at Sylvia's Restaurant in Harlem - we had a special DJ, of course all of Sylvia's wonderful food and condiments, and everything was set up at Sylva's Also - again, it poured buckets; only my kids and two very good friends showed up.  Got the message - That was the last time I gave myself a party.  

Now that doesn't mean I don't party - or that I don't celebrate - it means that I make it spontaneous, or let my friends do the honors - I stick to setting up events for them.  

Also as an Aries - who starts the Zodiac and the Sign, I reserve the right to celebrate throughout  the entire sign of Aries from now until the last day - which is even more fun because I get to celebrate with my fellow Aries Brothers and Sisters.  

A shout out to all you who were born under the sign of Aries the Ram - you are indeed a rare and special breed.  

And, of course, 
Happy Birthday to my Handsome Grandson Jaden!! Love you muchly! Proud of You, too!  

Stay Blessed & 

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