By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

(AGES 20 – 70-something.)

Casting call for multi-generational African American females (ages 20 to
70-something) for book-based, issues-related, web-series talk show pilot.
Seeking African American women who are smart, love books, are personable,
comfortable with discussion, and possess good on-camera presence. All ages.

Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Gloria Dulan-Wilson


  1.  RESUME:
    Professional Summary
    Seasoned writer, publicist, public speaker, educator/counselor, with extensive experience in the public and corporate sectors, Gloria Dulan-Wilson has a broad knowledge of mass media, with expertise in reaching out to the African American and minority communities, in New York, Northern New Jersey, Philadelphia, Oklahoma, and Los Angeles - as well as contacts in Africa and the Caribbean.

    She has significant contacts with various levels of the community - from elected officials to community organizations, and business leaders - she is a strong, knowledgeable community relations representative, who was recently recognized for her community involvement by the Burlington/Camden Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity as African American Woman of Achievement, along with ten other community oriented women.

    As public speaker and spokesperson for regional and national associations, Ms. Wilson has addressed issues on affordable housing, foreclosure prevention; predatory lending practices; as well as child development, education, health and nutrition, community development, the impact of the media images on African American self esteem and behavior; and other issues of importance.

    She recently completed a spokesperson video for SEPTA for Seniors - providing information in how to navigate the South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Association's various transportation systems.

    Coming from a long line of educators, Ms. Wilson has always maintained a personal library of her own, as well as ensuring her children (and now grandchildren) have and read books on a broad variety of topics - from technological to inspirational.

    She has developed and conducted training seminars, chaired community meetings and focus groups. 
    As a blogger, writer and publicist, Ms. Wilson specializes in social commentary, edutainment, feature writing for a variety of news publications; as well as program planning and proposal writing for community based organizations; composing newsletters, brochures; scripts for radio, television and video training tapes.

    She recently revised and edited Dr. Richard "Dick" Barnett's book, THE ATHLETE NEGRO: The Awakening,"  a work of fiction centered around the coming together of sports figures to pool their resources for the benefit of the Black community; including insertion of graphic, titles, and dialogue.

     In her capacity as a journalist and feature writer, she's interviewed such personages as Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Woodie King, Jr., Sylvia Woods of Sylvia's Queen of Soul Food (Harlem), the late Jack Kemp, Congressmembers: Charles Rangel, Gregory Meek, Maxine Waters, Diane Watson, Ron Dellums, among others; and the soon to be First Lady Michelle Obama (2007); and African heads of state, including President Jerry John Rawlings - former President of Ghana, and former President of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete, and Winnie Mandela, among others.

    She is a member of an elite Writer's Guild/East Harlem Screen Writer's Workshop. She possesses both creative and journalistic writing talents: from prose and poetry to one-on-one in depth interviews, and cutting edge commentaries. Her writing style is incisive, yet candid and down to earth.  ###




Hello All:

The foregoing was an audition for a talk show forum for Black women and books - The final choice was to have been made in December - however, not having heard from anyone by now, I guess I didn't make the cut.

So, I have decided, rather than allowing a perfectly good self produced, self taped video to go to waste, that I would re-release it on Facebook.  For most of you who only know me with my zillions of hats, this is probably your first time seeing me without one.  I used to say that only my friends and relatives who really knew me would recognize me regardless of what I was wearing.

Anyway, the video link is above in blue.  And that's me in my room with a picture of a book on Michelle Obama over my right shoulder, and Joel Osteen over my left. Books you cannot see included Rev. Al Sharpton's "The Rejected Stone," and The Radical and the Republican (about Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln).

Enjoy and 
Stay Blessed &

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