Stand Up for the Student in the South Carolina School Assault

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

We've all been horrified and traumatized by the vision of a burly white racist cop dragging a young Black teen aged girl out of her classroom by force, knocking her over, knocking over furniture, handcuffing her because she didn't participate in a classroom activity.

We have all been partially gratified by the fact that the officer was fired.  But that does not go far enough.  We should demand the immediate dismissal of all the administrators and educators who had a hand in this horrific debacle.  

Don't just write letters of disgust! They have to go!!!  And the parents of the young girl who was assaulted has to sue each and every one of the administrators, the officer, the board of education and anyone and everyone involved in this horrible event.  

No student - no human being - no young lady should have ever been treated that way.  It was not enough that her classmate, who stood up for her, and who took the video was arrested; it was the fact that the feckless teacher in the classroom did not stand as a voice of reason - it was clear that the officer's behavior was not only excessive, but maniacal. It was as though he brought a fair amount of built up hate into the room with him in the actions he took against that young child.

If he has that amount of animosity - and it might well be reflective of that South Carolina police force - how can one be sure that he or other officers assigned to those schools might not resort to guns the next time???   They all need to be screened for psychotic tendencies and eliminated if there is the slightest bit of indication of animosity towards Black people.

By the way, there was a video of two negroes (they weren't Black) - one a police officer from Milwaukee and the other a field reporter from NYC, who  were commenting on the protest march that took place in Manhattan against that and other acts of brutality and outright murder of Black youth at the hands of the racist police throughout the US.

I can see that the brainwashing runs deep - and there are still some inbred Uncle Toms who are now being given the spotlight - please make sure that you counter their statements so that your children and neighbors are not persuaded that the are correct,when they are patently paid by the white substructure and are nothing more than melanites and mouthpieces - tools for the whites who want to cover up their crap by making it appear that there are legitimate reasons for their evil.  

The bottom line in the case of that school administration and those so called educators is this :  TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH!

This is the article from COLORofCHANGE.org


On Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 8:27 PM, Arisha Michelle Hatch, ColorOfChange.org <info@colorofchange.org> wrote:
BREAKING: Officer Fields was fired, but the school officials and policies that supported him remain.
Click here to demand an investigation of Spring Valley High officials and new policies to limit the role of police in Richland schools.
Take Action
Dear Gloria, 
Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott has fired Officer Ben Fields.1 In the past 24 hours, nearly 90,000 ColorOfChange members took action demanding local officials hold Officer Fields fully accountable, and today your powerful voices were heard — in part.
While Fields' firing was absolutely necessary, he is not alone in shouldering the blame for this incident. From start to finish, there was a total breakdown in common sense and compassion for the student who he brutalized. Even Sheriff Lott has questioned whether the officer should have ever been called into the classroom.2 The educators who involved a police officer in this minor disciplinary issue and the policy makers who have failed to limit the role of police in schools must also be held accountable.
Join us in urging Richland School District 2 authorities to investigate the school officials who called Officer Fields and to strictly limit the role of police in their schools.
During today's press conference, it was revealed that school officials issued statements in support of Officer Fields after videos of his violent attack went viral.3 It's shameful. Any school official who found Officer Fields' behavior acceptable shouldn't be educating our children. This type of discriminatory police violence has no place in Richland County schools and local leadership must do everything in their power to stop it. As long as policies allow educators to bring in police for any minor school issue we can expect to see more and more tragic cases like this one. Richland School District 2 Superintendent Debbie Ham has said she will work to strengthen police "training efforts in the school," but we need more than that.4
ColorOfChange members know all too well that the police violence caught on camera at Spring Valley High is part of a much larger crisis of criminalization targeting Black students. In the past few years, the number of police in schools has skyrocketed and the result has been devastating. Known as the "school to prison pipeline," kids are now much more likely to be suspended, expelled and arrested for the type of issues that years ago would have landed a student in the principal's office.5 Black girls — who face dehumanizing racial and gender stereotypes — are 6 times more likely than white girls to be suspended, most commonly for subjective issues such as "having a bad attitude."6 Police should play no role in the everyday education and disciplining of students.
Click here to demand systemic reforms to the role of police in Richland County School District 2, such as prohibiting police from responding to anything but the most serious school safety concerns.
Thank you,
— Arisha, Rashad, Scott, Lyla and the rest of the ColorOfChange team.
1. "South Carolina Officer Fired for Throwing High School Student, Sheriff Says," Slate 10-28-2015
2. "S.C. sheriff fires officer who threw student across a classroom," Washington Post 10-28-2015
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Now that you know, what are you going to do about it?

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