Love and Happy Birthday to My Darling Daughter Kira

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

My first born, Number 1, Numero Uno child is celebrating her birthday today, and I'm celebrating her.  I always tell people that I contributed three beautiful children to this world, and I did a wonderful job, because each one is their own person, and each one is beautiful.  I do good work when it comes to kids. 

My Beautiful Daughter Kira and Me - she designed the Mother's Day Card from a photo she had taken of us -

But Kira is the one who has been with me through thick and thin.  The first born gets the benefits of all the early parental mistakes and paranoia - the bad cooking, the over protectiveness, and all the things that they are subjected to when we start out to hone our parenting skills.

Kira was an only child for six years before she was rescued by her younger brother, Rais, and later by her baby sister, Adiya - but somehow she managed to survive.  Not only that, she turned out beautifully! She is now a wife and mother, is taking all that stuff she was subjected to, being brought up by me, and practicing it on her own two handsome sons.

She's the kid I can't hide anything from because she's seen me in all my goof ups, and what few triumphs I may have had along the way.  

And she was the "go to" person when her younger sibs were trying to get around a rule in the house.  For years she was the unofficial "Momi number two" of the family.  My back up.  I know she was glad to get off to college to be relieved of that responsibility - though, of course, those bonds are as strong as ever between them.  She has always been a natural born leader.  A teeny little dynamo!

She was the reason why I, a natural born night owl, would get up and do a nine-to-five daily to make sure she had the best education, and other advantages possible.  But it was definitely worth it.  I still remember how proud I was of her when she graduated from Hampton University. 

I am the world's number one bragging parent - I think I've mentioned that before.  But it's easy when you have something to brag about.  Being a Libra with an Aries Mom, meant you had to keep up - keep up she did, and now she's ahead of the game.

I am so proud of her accomplishments - Computer graphics design specialist; program planning and proposal developer - but even beyond that  she has great taste in clothes, and even greater taste in men - she picked a wonderful hubby and lifemate in Handsome Hugh IV.   

(NOTE:  All the men in my family are designated as "Handsome" - not just because they look good, but because they have wonderful character traits. And so far they've lived up to the accolades.)

She moves through the world like a Libran - elegant, gracious, aware, loving, fun, adventurous,  charming, artistic, creative; a social activist and sports enthusiast!  

If there's something she doesn't know how do do,  she'll learn it - she tackles some of the most amazing stuff - takes it on as a challenge, masters it, then teaches her kids - young men in the making - how to do the same.  

I am so proud of my number one child and happy to be celebrating being her mother. 

So Happy Birthday, Ki!!  

Much Love and Blessings 


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