By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

Well, it's official - this is Adiya's day of days - October 30 - just one day shy of Halloween - and I did it on purpose, so that she would not have to grow up being a 'halloween' baby.

Adiya is the youngest of my three children - and, being the "baby," got the benefit of the wisdom and pampering from her older sibs, as well as being appropriately spoiled by her doting Dad, Lou.  From birth she was/is "special, precious and smart."  

The fact that she and Lou were both Scorpios - with birthdays five days apart, may have had something to do with the special bond these two shared.  She had him awestruck from the day she emerged and wrapped those tiny little fingers around his. 

Our favorite nickname for her is "Ms. Thing" and she's been that since birth - long before it came into popular use - because she did everything her way.  She talked early - could say her own name at the age of 6 months; walked early - by 9 months; could snap her fingers when she was just barely a year old.  And has always been a bright, fun loving, adventuresome kid.

Adiya has now evolved into an even more fun loving, people loving young woman. She inherited the wit, wisdom and humor of her dad (and the charm of her Mom - ahem!)  Her insight was/is way beyond her age.   And like most Scorpios, she doesn't quit until she gets what she wants done - whether it's a design concept; a trip or journey; or learning something new.  She's in it to make it happen.  

When Mandrill was on tour, or had shows on the East Coast, Adiya would drop everything to tour with Lou and help him out backstage with wardrobe selections, or whatever else he needed done - she has a flair for style and staging (got it from yours truly, of course).  And of course,  during their performances, she was on the sidelines videotaping the shows for him, or just keeping rhythm to the music.

Like her Dad, she has the kind of face breaking smile and presence that lights up a room when and where she enters. She's the one who inherited his dimples - which no one knew even existed because of his beard.   And like her Dad, she has the capacity to size things up pretty quickly without saying a word - Scorpions are like that you know - laid back on the surface, but keenly aware of what's happening underneath.

One of the guys in her class described her as the girl with the "Asian" eyes who steps like she's walking on diamonds.  (I've always remembered that and thought it high praise coming from a college student - I also silently thanked the six years of ballet lessons she took for helping her maintain her queenly poise and posture).  

Me, Ki, and Di!

She loves education and educating - and loves children, and has been working as a child development specialist for the past three years. Her rationale is that it's to make up for all the hard times she gave her teachers when she was growing up.  I think it's also because my side of the family are primarily educators, professors, principals and it runs in the blood.  Lou and I both instilled the love of learning in our kids - and they, in turn, pass it on - naturally. She's a designer; and is musically and artistically talented.  She loves her culture and is a beautiful, proud, Black woman of the world!

Out of our three, Adiya is the only one who attended and graduated from my Alma Mater, Lincoln University - class of 2003, where she, like me, has made some wonderful lifelong friends.

She's also a very private person - again like most Scorps -- they want to know all your secrets, but don't try to get any of theirs - fuhgeddaboudit!!  They're masters at keeping secrets.  But, if they love you, they're loyal for life - no matter what!  

Like her Mom (uh, that's me) she can be the Maverick of the family - a bit on the persnickety side (as my Mom would say); not willing to settle for less than what she wants, no matter how long it takes!  Of course, with time, we all find that flexibility is better than rigidity - and that perfection is not only over rated, it's kind of boring! (took me a while, too)

What stands out more than anything about Adiya is her sweetness and her empathy for others.  She literally senses when something is not going right with a friend, and is ready to come to the rescue - whether it's first aid, commiseration, a kind word of encouragement; or some sisterly hand holding through rough times. 

You can't pressure her, but if she makes a promise - like her Dad and her Granddads, she is true to her word.

I'm so proud of my "Baby Chile" and so proud to be her mom - as you have already surmised from the previous posts for my other two wonderful offspring (Kira and Rais), I am the ultimate bragging parent - and with good reason.  I'm three for three in producing wonderful kids; I've made my contribution to society by bringing these awesome beings into the world.  

In our family, birthdays are very special events.  It's the day you finally emerged into the realm that will in turn be your sphere of influence for the next few decades - and your soul force goes forth ahead of you to attract all those people, things, events to you to bless you and make the path for your life. You are in turn a sphere of influence for others.  And such is Adiya - "Ms. Thing" S.I. Wilson.

So, I celebrate my dear, darling daughter - on this her Birthday -  Today, October 30th - with so many more wonderful blessings and adventures in store now and moving forward into the future - as I always say:


Stay Blessed &


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