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Hello All:

Just received this letter from Governor Tom Wolf that needs to be shared with you immediately - June 30 will be here before you  know it, and things that he's put on the table to make life better are in jeopardy, if we don't get behind him with our voices and our support.


And I know it can be done - there's enough griping, complaining and meetings and discussions about it from the negative side; let's channel that into some pro-active support to make it an actual reality.  

In listening to the candidates prior to the primary mayoral campaign, it became clear that a great many of the problems Philadelphia faces can be solved in Harrisburg - including a constitutional amendment to make it possible to tax corporations on a different level from residential homes.  Many have been hit with the draconian tax increases based on assessments that have absolutely nothing to do with Philadelphian's income, standard of living or even the property values.  In fact, it appears that the assessments were based on New York City property values, not Philadelphia's.  As a result, people have been losing their homes to auctions and are being forced out while the city attempts to balance it's flagging budget on the backs of hard working residents whose incomes haven't increased for decades. 

The governor is looking to put an end to this - but I can't be done by standing on the sidelines and waiting and watching to see what's going to happen.  Make your voices heard - put the GOP on notice that "their ain't no more days like that" in Philly or in Pennsylvania.  They've got their strong holds, but it's up to the people to put them on notice that their personal interests and greed will not supercede the needs of the people - party affiliation has to be put by the wayside in favor of what's necessary for the ongoing survival and well being of the communities throughout the state who are still struggling under four years of Corbett. 

I'm sharing a copy of the letter from Governor Wolf.  Read it through, then reprint, or email and share with your friends, neighbors, families, organizations, church, alumni, and whatever other affiliations you have.  You've elected Wolf for change, but you're needed to make sure the change you want comes to pass.


On Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 12:02 PM, Tom Wolf <info@wolfforpa.com> wrote:


    I know I can be a bit of a policy wonk and be a bit long winded -- but the details of my budget proposal are important, so I wanted to take a moment to talk you through it.
     When I crafted this proposal, I knew we wouldn't be able to solve the challenges facing Pennsylvania by doing the same thing Harrisburg has been doing for years -- the time has come for bold reform.
     I have traveled across the Commonwealth and listened to parents, educators, and members of the community since becoming governor.
     The message I've heard has remained the same: Pennsylvanians want a government that's responsive to their concerns, and not stuck in the same way of thinking that's led to struggling schools, a stagnant economy, and a two billion dollar deficit in Harrisburg.
     Pennsylvanians want high-quality public schools; they want the oil and gas companies to pay their fair share; and they want an end to continual hikes in property taxes many homeowners simply can't afford.
     There are some in Harrisburg who are siding with the special interests and want to keep the status quo. They want to continue to let the oil and gas companies off the hook, even if it means that our kids are put at a disadvantage.
     The budget I have proposed increases the state's share of funding for education to 50 percent, puts $1 billion back into Pennsylvania classrooms, and cuts property taxes in half for the average homeowner while eliminating them altogether for many seniors.
     And here's how school districts plan to spend that money:
  • 197 districts will maintain or expand high-quality early childhood education or pre-kindergarten and full-day kindergarten programs
  • 98 districts will reduce class sizes in elementary schools
  • 87 districts will hire personnel and restore programs such as guidance counselors, librarians, and extra-curricular programs designed to enhance learning
Now to how my budget helps pay for all of this.
     Last year the value of natural gas severed in our state was nearly $11 billion, up from $4 billion in 2011 -- and demand is expected to only increase.
     And despite record production, Pennsylvania is the only major gas-producing state in the country without a tax on natural gas. Even Texas, Oklahoma, and West Virginia have a severance tax to help fund education and other key priorities.
     While these states currently have lower corporate income tax rates than Pennsylvania, my proposal would also cut that rate in half, eliminate the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax, and close the Delaware Loophole to make our tax system both competitive and fair.
      It's simply bogus rhetoric from the oil and gas lobby for them to say they can't pay a 5 percent severance tax without dire consequences for the industry.
     June 30 is when the state is supposed to deliver a budget, and I'm working hard to make sure we fund our schools and reduce the burden on working families, seniors, and homeowners for a change.
     I know the special interests aren't going to make this month easy -- they're going to try to confuse Pennsylvanians in hopes that we stay on the same path as before.
     But some in the legislature have a choice. They can decide to be for more profits for oil and gas companies -- or they can decide to help make a child's life in Pennsylvania brighter by funding schools.     Take a moment to forward this long email to a friend and talk to them about the chance we have to take Pennsylvania down a bold, new path towards schools that teach, jobs that pay, and government that works.
Thank you,
Tom Wolf
The Big Oil & Gas lobby has already gone on the airwaves with television ads falsely attacking Governor Wolf's budget -- chip in $5 or more to help fight back."

Paid for by Tom Wolf for Governor
Contributions or gifts to Tom Wolf for Governor are not tax deductible.

Now that you know, what are you going to do about it?  
Share this information, contact your legislators as well as your neighbors, family, friends, associates, etc. and back this budget.

Stay Blessed & 


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