AU 25th Summit in June: Africans Called for Repatriation, Industrialization and Integration

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

I just received this important communique a few minutes ago (3:00 AM, June 4, 2015) and wanted to make sure you're aware of it.

The World African Diaspora Union, WADU, will be participating in the upcoming African Union Summit Conference, which will take place in South Africa commencing on June 15.  The primary focus will be to enable people of African descent/heritage to repatriate to Africa.  


My personal hero, Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has long been in favor of enhancing the opportunities for African Americans and those of other parts of the diaspora - Jamaica, Trinidad, Canada, etc. - to return to their homeland and bring their skills, talents and abilities with them.  

I think it's wonderful that this will be the focus - but in view of the recent murder of two African women who had successfully repatriated to Ghana, only to be murdered by native Ghanaians because of a land dispute, a good portion of the emphasis of this conference should, of necessity, be focused on native Africans and their response and responsibility in welcoming their returning long lost brothers and sisters.  Similar circumstances of resentment have also reared their ugly heads in South Africa as well.  It can't be ignored - and must be addressed ahead of time with a positive campaign of reunity as well as repatriation as a theme.  

While we all have the idyllic dream of returning to our homeland, in much the same manner europeans have been able to do so by going home to Italy, France, Germany, etc., there has been a great deal of colonizing, brainwashing, victimizing, traumatizing, suffered on both sides - from the standpoint of Africans being invaded, colonized, and forced from their own homelands; to those of us who were stolen, transported, sold, and forced into free labor, rape, lynching, etc.

There needs to be an aggressive, but positive, education and public relations program launched and directed at the brothers and sisters of Africa who have had little to no interaction with Blacks of African Heritage, and only view them as getting privileges they themselves have not had access to.  This may cut down on the friction that can arise when there is a clash of culture, traditions and lifestyles.  *(SEE EXCERPT FROM ARTICLE BELOW: "Ex-Detroit activist, 75, and her sister slain in Ghana"   - TWO WOMEN MURDERED IN GHANA OVER LAND DISPUTE)

In addition, perhaps the repatriation efforts should likewise focus on those Africans who went abroad to study, but never returned - having distinguished themselves in America, England, France, and other countries, but, because of "leadership" that felt threatened by them, weren't respected in their own home.  There are millions of such individuals who have settled in, but would love to return home to help their people, but dare not do so for fear that corrupt leadership would incarcerate them from bringing modern technology and information to their communities - many of which are still existing without plumbing, electricity, transportation, etc.

It will be interesting to see how - or if - they grapple with these issues during the upcoming summit in Johannesburg.

The following is the press release and an outline of the focus of the upcoming conference:


Africa: 25th African Union Summit to hold in South Africa

The Twenty Fifth (25th) Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the Heads of State and Government of the African Union is scheduled to take place on Sunday 14 and Monday 15 June 2015 at the Sandton Convention Center, Johannesburg. The opening session of the Summit will feature welcome remarks by H.E. Mr. Robert Mugabe, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and Chairperson of the African Union... Full Report -

                         WORLD   AFRIKAN   DIASPORA   UNION
WADU, P.O.B. 115073, Atlanta, Ga. 30310-0095/ Center for Culture 176-03 Jamaica Ave, Queens, NY11432-5503       GA-404-822-2049/ http://www.wadupam.org/ wadupam@aol.com / NY-718-523-3312/ 6/2/2015                      
Africans Called for Repatriation, Industrialization and Integration at AU Summit in June
NY – “We have a right to return Home to Africa” declared Attorney Empress Marina Blake because "A Jew will not convict a Jew on the word of a Nazi" Blake emphasized at the African Union - WADU Africa Day forum focused on Women and Youth Empowerment on May 22, 2015. The WADU Commissioner was addressing the need for African leaders to use African Liberation Day to legitim ize and expedite the process for former enslaved Africans to repatriate to Africa without colonial restrictions. The participants noted that unnecessary restrictions are blocking the mobilization of Africans in the Diaspora from using their enormous skills, education and capital necessary for the advancement of Africa.
In addition to the participation of the African Union Ambassador Tete Antonio, other presenters at the African Union Center in New York included Dr. B. Chitunya-Wilson, Dr. Georgina Falu, Attorney Empress Marina Blake, and Ms. Binta Terrier. The presenters collectively called for Africans to organize a robust economic development agenda to unify and advance Africa as part the 2063 AU agenda. The global Africa Day activities throughout the month of May culminating on May 25 are annual events to promote the long and great struggles for African liberation, resulting in the establishment of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), now African Union (AU).
The Africa Day gathering in New York, and elsewhere were also on the eve of the African Union Summit in early June 2015, and also during the centennial year of Marcus Garvey calling for a Government to protect African people. Garvey’s work continued with President Kwame Nkrumah who liberated Africa and was the key architect of the OAU, for a Union Government. The Africa Day in the month of May also coincided with the President of WADU participating in a pan African conference in Ghana with Black mayors and other Diaspora leaders to promote the Garvey- Nkrumah legacy for Africans in the Diaspora to help in the rebuilding of Africa as a Union. Other key leaders of the Diaspora and WADU at the meeting in Ghana were Dr. Julius Garvey and Dr. Shelby Lewis.
Leaders such as the late President Moumar Khaddafi also pushed for the creation of a Union government, influencing the transformation of the OAU into the African Union by 2002. Recently, Dr. Joseph Chilenga, the head of the African Union ECOSOCC, firmly reiterated the call for a Government after the Afro-phobic attacks by some South Africans on other Africans. Further, the President Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, reinforces the call for the expeditious integration of Africa as Kenya and other parts of Africa are bridled in crises as a consequence of the “war on terror”. Similar calls for a United States of Africa have been made by President Mugabe who is now the head of the African Union. Mugabe has declared the need for a “second liberation” for African people as he pushes a “Cape to Cairo” Africa trade and industrial ization zone.
WADU supports the urgent call for the Union of African people from the time of the Most Honorable Marcus Garvey as the sacred will of our African Ancestors from time immemorial. Therefore, WADU intends to promote the following at the June 2015 Summit: 1. Promote the immediate push for a United States of Africa during the United Nations Decade of Development of People of African Descent, with the integration of the key Diaspora nations such as Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Trinidad, and Jamaica; 2. Help to launch a WADU Women Project with sisters of Africa and the Diaspora to promote peace, health, education, justice, investment and Africa empowerment, as part of the AU 2015 theme; and 3. Continue to promote the economic “Legacy Projects”, focusing on Black youth to help shape new economic models for Africa n people. 
Dr. B. Chitunya will lead the WADU delegation to South Africa with Minister P.D. Menelik Harris to support President Mugabe’s Pan African initiatives to strengthen the African Union as a powerful instrument and government for African people. Both served in the liberation of Africa and have consistently supported Pan Africanism as the way forward. For more information or the support WADU and its mission, please contact us at http://www.wadupam.org/ or wadupam@aol.com.

 *Ex-Detroit activist, 75, and her sister slain in Ghana
Niraj Warikoo, Detroit Free Press11:20 a.m. EDT May 8, 2015

DFP Ghana sisters.JPG
(Photo: Family photo)

Inspired by the social movements at the time, Jeannette Salters of Detroit got involved in the early 1970s with African-American and feminist causes, helping lead a black women's group.That led her to discover her roots in west Africa, where she eventually settled in Ghana, changing her name to Mamelena Diop. Her journey to Africa was part of a movement of Detroiters who sought to reclaim their ancestral roots during a revival of black nationalist movements.

Diop loved it there, say friends and family. But this week, her body, along with that of her sister, Nzinga Janna, was found near their home in Ghana in what may been killings in a dispute over land. She was 75 and her sister was 60 at the time of death, according to reports in a Ghanian online news site and family members. Two men have been arrested, according to the Ghanian news report and family members.

"I feel terrible about what happened," said her son, Greg Salters of Detroit. "It's a tragedy. Words can't even explain how I feel about my mom being taken away from her home, murdered and put in a shallow grave 300 feet from her home."

Salters said his mother and aunt were killed by people who wanted land she had legally acquired from the government in Ghana.

"Some locals decided they wanted to take the land from them," he said. "My mom went to court over that" and won.

"I guess the locals decided they were going to take matters into their own hands," he said. "And they decided to abduct and murder them."

report on MyJoyOnline.Com said the sisters "had gone missing and a search in their room Tuesday afternoon revealed blood on the floor and a bloodstained cudgel, believed to have been used to hit them."

Her dogs had been poisoned several weeks ago, said family members and the media report.

The report said the dispute also may have been over who has the authority to be a chief, with others trying to say that the sisters could not legally be chiefs. But family members in metro Detroit say that story doesn't add up since the sisters could not be chiefs in that area because they were women."
FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION log onto www.ghanaweb.com.  
Funeral services were held for the two slain women on June 3rd. My profound condolences to their families, friends, loved ones as well as the people of Ghana. May this horrific act lead to much more peaceful interactions in the future.
There is also much to celebrate in the upcoming 25th Annual AU Summit - and these tragedies should, by no means, overshadow those opportunities.  I, for one, am so glad that they are now under the leadership of the great Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe, who has stood his ground and stood for his people in the face of white racist colonizers, who had tried to Black farmers from farming their own lands.  Mugabe has consistently put his constituents first, despite the negative campaigns in the meanstream media trying to paint him as a dictator.  Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia after interloper Cecil Rhodes - has thrived and survived under Mugabe's leadership, while neighboring countries, that did not take principled stands, found themselves continuing to be under the yoke of eurocentric/american duplicity, exploitation, and denigration.  
His example has been one that has demonstrated to other African leaders - finally!! - that Africa can be for Africans without white dictation or intervention.  Perhaps under his leadership, Africa can begin to forge ahead and become the UNITED CONTINENT OF AFRICA - with each country intradependent, working together, building, growing and developing our MotherLand into the wonderful oasis we've all dreamed she could (and should) be.

 As our great visionary and leader, Marcus Garvey said: "Africa for the Africans - at home and abroad!" and  "Rise up you mighty race, you can accomplish what you WILL!!"
We look forward to this being a successful, peaceful, constructive Summit.
Stay Blessed &
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